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Three high school boys charged in sex assault of Audrie Pott, who later committed suicide : Lovefraud.com – sociopaths, psychopaths, antisocials, con artists, bigamists

Three high school boys charged in sex assault of Audrie Pott, who later committed suicide

Audrie Pott

Audrie Pott, in a photo released by her family.

Sheriff’s officers in Santa Clara County, California, arrested three high school students for allegedly sexually assaulting a classmate, Audrie Pott. The 15-year-old girl had passed out after drinking too much at a party. Photos of the assault went viral, and eight days after the incident Pott hanged herself.

According to the Mercury News:

The audacity of the boys to share the horrifying images in Audrie’s case was the critical piece of evidence that led to their arrests on Thursday, authorities say, a stunning example of how cyberbullying can lead to tragedy and provide a digital trail for police.

Audrie Pott suicide: Grim picture of Saratoga teen’s final online cries of despair, on MercuryNews.com.

3 teens arrested for assault after girl’s suicide, on News.Yahoo.com.

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I shudder to think what it must be like to be a parent of a school-age child nowadays!Between school violence,including bullying and sexting,to actually violating the rights of a girl who has had too much to drink and even worse,proudly circulating pictures as proof of what they’ve ‘accomplished’ to everyone….it’s just incomprehensible!Surely these guys don’t think this kind of behavior makes them “mucho macho”!What it does is make’em ‘little demons’!

I find it very disturbing that the boys’ lawyers are trying to cover over what the boys did,which is criminal in itself,by trying to say Audri committed suicide simply because she was ‘troubled’!That is injustice!Her facebook page tells the story!!! Life has simply lost it’s value in today’s society.Audri was 15 yrs old.She hadn’t even started living yet.She was so fresh looking;beautiful.Think of all her parents will miss out on!And people are to regard those boys as “innocent”?! I don’t think so!!!

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