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High school teacher gets 30 days for rape of student, who later committed suicide

Stacey Rambold mug shot

Stacey Rambold mug shot

This story took my breath away multiple times:

  • Stacey Dean Rambold of Montana was sentenced to only 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old girl, who committed suicide when she was 16.
  • Rambold was terminated from a sex offender treatment program.
  • The judge said the girl was “older than her chronological age” and “as much in control of the situation.”

Former Senior High teacher gets 30 days for rape of student, on

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Un-Believable!Omg!The judge sounds like he perhaps personally enjoys viewing that sort of thing during his leisure time…or I would certainly think he would have taken this situation much more seriously!!! In the first place the girl was a minor;underage.Secondly,rape is a CRIME,not something you grin about and pass a 30 day sentence!Thirdly,the girl took her life because she couldn’t cope with the mental distress.At that point,he also became a murderer.He will receive justice!


OMG! OMG! And again OMG! What was this judge thinking? I really feel for this girl’s family.


Apparently there’s a huge uproar over this, as there should be. I hope that judge is fired and this guy has to serve his full sentence. Disgusting!


I thought I read elsewhere in Love Fraud that sociopaths frequently become judges?

There’s a terrible disconnect with the concept of “rape” and the law. If rape were simply an assault, it would be punished as such. It’s not…. it’s a violation of a person’s sexual sanctity and leaves the person feeling “defiled.” So the laws of many states at least get that part right by stiffer penalties for rape than assault, but it’s all downhill from there!

Some states insist that in order for a rape to be committed, force must be present. But this controverts the concept of statutory rape, because it is a rape in which force need not be present. Also date rape, rape by fraud, and rape by coercion are forms of rape in which force need not be present.

Judges like this one fail to comprehend the true harm in rape. Our legal system is grossly at fault when a judge cannot understand that a 14 year old child has not yet reached the age of “consent” and therefore is not capable of the “knowing consent” that is required when lawful sexual intercourse takes place.

BTW- I recently read that Ted Bundy was attempting to become a Judge.


Excellent points, jm.

This case underscores how little regard our penal code has for the issue of “knowing consent” when engaging in sexual contact. Conducting sexual penetration without “knowing consent” is rape.

A child of 14, regardless of their mindset, has yet to reach the age of consent, and is therefore being “raped” by sexual intercourse. That same lack of knowing consent in present in rape by coercion, rape by fraud, and many forms of date rape. Because the offender does not commit assault, many judges take these types of sexual violation very lightly. They simply don’t recognize the defilement in violating a person’s sexual sanctity. Assault adds to crime, but an offense exists with or without the assault.

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