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High school teacher pleads guilty to sex with boys

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst of California pleaded guilty to having sex with three of her students, ages 17, 16 and 14. She became pregnant by the 17-year-old and had a baby in June.

High school teacher pleads guilty to having sex with three students, on


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So what is sexually attractive about a 14 (or 16/17) year old boy if you’re a fully grown 28 year old woman? Is it just the power trip, or is the element of danger and risk also a factor? I mean you can’t really be a grownup and look at 14 year old and think, “Yummy!”.

I really just don’t get it. There’s a ton of these women getting caught in the last few years. They’re really just stupid about it too. It never seems to enter their minds that kids 1) brag, and 2) can’t keep secrets.

It’s probably a combination of factors.I’ve always wondered if these women were narcissists that needed to feel they could still be sexually attractive to boys and young men.Just another attempt to prove the world revolves around them and what they’re doing! 🙁

These teachers also forget about the girlfriends that they have replaced! I recently saw a movie about this kind of situation on Lifetime,called “Dirty Teacher”.Only it didn’t end with a baby;it ended with murder and her arrest.


Hmmm, the article says that at the outset, Miss Whitehurst claimed she’d only made [one] serious mistake. But “When the news broke… two more students… came forward claiming to have had sex with her.” And earlier in the article, it says

Another 35 charges were dismissed.

Gee, does that mean she slept with the whole frigging class? And the rest just wouldn’t rat on her?

As to why she’d want to do it, humans do so many utterly bizarre things in the sexual arena that I’m not the least bit surprised at anything so comparatively ordinary as a twenty-three-year-old (which she was at the time) lusting after a fourteen-year-old. Some fourteen-year-olds are quite well developed, after all. The main question is why she’d be stupid enough to take the risk.

I remember hearing once (true or not) that women’s sex drive peaks at age thirty-five, while men’s sex drive peaks at only seventeen! If that’s really the case, maybe the ideal relationship is between a 17-year-old boy and a 35-year-old woman, when they’re both horny as hell and can’t get enough of one another!

We act as if the particular customs and strictures we have around sex and marriage in our postindustrial society were some kind of human “norm.” But it isn’t. On the contrary, we live in conditions about as far removed as it’s possible to get from those we first evolved to survive in. For one thing the requirements of extended education for a productive adulthood in our society mean that we have been increasingly treating young people as “children” for years after they become sexually mature. I imagine we’d have an easier time if puberty were delayed until the age of eighteen, say. But in thousands of years our biology has never caught up with the way we live, so everything we do today is a compromise. I need hardly say that teenage sex is far from the only sphere of life where this applies.

I once heard about a primitive tribe somewhere in the world (I can’t remember where, so if anyone knows I’ll be glad to have my memory refreshed) with an interesting marriage custom. Members of this tribe would typically contract two marriages in their lifetime. An older man would usually marry a younger girl, somewhere in her teens. Not that there’s anything unusual about that in human cultures. As we know, it’s been common in many human societies for quite a young girl to marry an older man, who has had time to accumulate enough assets to provide for a wife and any children they might have. But it would mean the man could be expected to die while his wife was still young, bearing in mind that life expectancy in some primitive tribes didn’t extend much beyond the forties. Now here’s the less usual part. At this point the man’s widow might be in her early thirties, and would then be expected to marry a young boy, also in his teens. In both cases the older, “mature” spouse was expected to act as mentor to the younger spouse, coaching him or her in the appropriate duties of a wife or husband, how to treat one’s partner, how to parent the children and so forth. In time of course the older wife would die herself, and her now-mature husband would be free to marry a young girl, continuing the cycle. I guess there’s something to be said for such an arrangement.

Perhaps Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst should have been born into a culture like that instead of our own. Why did she do what she did? A flip answer would be that she presumably chose her profession because she enjoyed teaching, and perhaps she had a yen to teach these kids more than just the traditional “three R’s.” A better answer… Well, for one thing a teacher’s job involves sitting or standing day after day in front of the same classes of students—teenagers in this case—for months on end, watching them, talking to them, listening to them. If one or more of those students is sexually attractive, it’s easy to see how a fantasy about sex with a student could easily grow into a fixation, fired by this constant daily stimulation.

Then too, when we first become sexually mature, we’re young teenagers ourselves. Our first romantic fantasies usually focus on one of our peers, who of course are also teenagers at the time. Those early impressions can be highly formative and stick with some people for a long time. It doesn’t seem farfetched to me to suppose that adults who are especially attracted to teenagers may be acting out some fantasy about a teenage lover that they’ve been nursing since their earliest adolescent years and never quite “moved past,” especially if it was an unrequited love at the time.

And yes, I dare say some of them could be narcissists. Still, I wouldn’t overlook a major reason why some adults would seek out immature lovers: that’s to say, insecurity. To anyone who is insecure or lacks confidence in their attractions, an inexperienced lover doesn’t have the background to criticize or compare a person’s sexual performance unfavorably with that of others. Young boys especially are very likely “raring to go” if they’re offered sex with a halfway attractive female, and perhaps Miss Whitehurst got a rush out of that.

sounds like she was checking the produce out!


I was just mentioning the other day to a friend that boys seem more “mature” now than I remember in HS and I did some research — since the late 1700s, the age of sexual maturity in boys has decreased 2.5 months per decade. Thus, even in the 30 years since I was 13, the age sexual maturity in boys has decreased almost a year.

Not to dismiss the teacher’s behavior, but even 14 year-old boys are not what they used to be.

As a teacher myself, I can only imagine that this is a psychological disorder coupled with deep seeded insecurity and immaturity that this woman possesses. These students are children, and Ms. Whitehurst is a pedophile.
As a mother of two boys ages 15 and 14, I was physically sick when I read the linked article. She called herself an “all American girl”, I call her a monster. She took advantage of children who are at the age when they are exploding from hormones, exploring sexuality, and establishing what is going to set the precedent for future relationships. She was in a position of authority that should require respect for herself and her students. She used that position to feed her own needs at the expense of the boys. The reason 14 year old boys seem more sexually mature is because of the information and stimulation they are exposed to all around them. That is difficult (if not impossible) to monitor completely, but it does nothing to speed up their emotional, psychological, physiological and social maturity. So, it’s a destructive combination. We attach ‘growing up too fast’ with something that is only physical. I would argue they are somewhat stunted in their emotional and psychological growth.


Physical appearance does not reflect the emotional maturity of the child. As the mother of a now 20-year-old son who grew to be 6’6′, he has spent his whole life with people expecting him to act older than he really is.

Since he got some of his genes from me, I experienced the same thing as a girl growing up. What I was externally differed vastly from what I was internally, in particular because I had a sociopath for a mother and psychopath for a younger sister.

Was I vulnerable? I most certainly was. Did my physical ability to engage in sexual acts mean that I was mentally or emotionally capable of processing what was happening to me?

Suffice it to say that I was violently raped (losing my virginity at the time) by our church minister when I was 14. I blanked the experience out for years.

With the help of therapy and a 12-Step program, I was able to eventually piece together that this guy groomed me. I am certain that I must have responded because of the abuse I was undergoing at home. I actually sought him out because I had heard about turning to the church in times of trouble. I was hoping that he would convince my mother to stop hitting me. My mother’s gaslighting and her and my sister’s headgames had me totally confused as to what was the truth and what was not.

The age of consent has nothing to so with a person’s ability to have sex. It has everything to do with people’s ability to comprehend the enormity of what is happening to their bodies and why.

Adults are supposed to have the maturity and insight to understand that simply because something may feel pleasurable (and sex is not always pleasurable,) it doesn’t necessarily follow that the action is harmless and without adverse consequences.

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