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Homeless con man bilks women he meets on

I experienced something close to déjà vu this morning when I read the following story in the Philadelphia Inquirer: Homeless con man sentenced for bilking women.

Paul S. Kruger, posing as a record producer-turned-investor, bilked 13 women out of $102,000, and blew the money in Atlantic City casinos. The guy was actually homeless, living on the streets of Atlantic City, but trolling for women on

Last year I wrote a story about another guy who did the same thing, only bigger. Patrick Giblin used a telephone dating site to scam 132 women. He netted more than $320,241—which disappeared in Atlantic City casinos.

Kruger’s victims described him as a down-to-earth, nice guy. He was treated like royalty in Atlantic City. But what the women didn’t understand is that anyone who blows a lot of money in the casinos is treated like royalty. And the money he gambled with was theirs.

Krueger was sentenced to five to seven years in prison, and ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution. But although the guy graduated from college and is now 50, he’s never held a real job. I hope the prison doesn’t have phones or Internet service. Patrick Giblin was scamming women from jail.

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Oh , I certainly hope that our CORRECTIONAL facilities don’t go for internet access for its GUESTS ! Perhaps we could give them each a cell phone TOO !

Corrections ??? Perfecting Craft 101 , Tha art of deception the108 in a series of a million! Don’t get caught chapter 489

🙂 Love jere

Ox Drover

Dear Donna,

Well, you can say that the Ps are very versitile at least! We here in Arkansas had one in the paper about a female inmate, who was like 50+, black and morbidly obese, and she was scamming men for $50K a year through the mail, sending them photos of “herself” that were cut out of fashion magzines showing very beautiful young white women, and her boy friends (who of course had NEVER EVEN MET HER) were sending her money to pay attorneys to get her out, ya da ya da. etc.

She was listed with the phony photographs on the “inmate pen pal” sites on the net.

It is unbelieveable to me what some very lonely and vulnerable people will do and how these Ps take advantage of that.

Maybe because my mother was a CPA I have never even been tempted by “loaning” or “giving” money to a P outside my family, my P-son did bilk me for a $100 bucks a month for 20 yrs, but that is small potatoes to some of these women who gave money to relative strangers.

As for “MillionaireMatch”–well, that to me speaks that you are “looking for money” and are hoping to “cash in” on someone else, so that makes you somewhat of a “gold digger” mentality in the first place….

You seldom see some OLD man with a young woman 40 yrs his junior UNLESS HE IS RICH, LOL In fact, I guess I have never seen some “old geezer” with a 20 yr old unless he was very rich, and I’ve seen that frequently in the past.

20/20 did a story about some guy who got caught in the “Nigerian” scam for the tune of his wife, family, and $50,000 (the proceeds of his half of the divorce settlement) and was e mailing with a black male in Nigeria who posed as a beautiful and RICH female. Again he never met this woman or even talked to her on the phone and sent all this money to “her” thinking he was getting his “dream lover.”

He was even remailing stuff for her (which was part of a stolen credit card deal, so he was actually participating in criminal activity unknowingly which could have landed him in prison.) The man’s life was wrecked, his family lost, his finances in ruins and all for a fantasy dream.

We (all victims) all fall prey to a “fantasy” dream, I as much as anyone else. My dream was my P-son’s reformation into a human being, or my P-father’s love, or my P-BF’s love, and they were just as much a “fantasy” as these poor people’s were, and just like them, I didn’t “see the obvious” even though it was staring me in the face.

That’s why I would never again even think about a dating site meeting, there are too many Ps out there and that is the “happy hunting ground” for them. I’m at least glad that there is some publicity about these negative dating site meetings. But I doubt that most people will heed that warning any more than I did about a few Ps I’ve dealt with.


“Happy Hunting Grounds” rings so true…I met my ex S on the yahoo personals dating site….

I wonder what % of users on the dating sites are sociopaths… Seems like it’s way more than the 1-4% that is estimated in the general population…


stormee: I agree with you. I too believe their are a lot more anti-socials in the world than the “experts” care to mention. I think the “real” person is a rare animal out there … most people are selfish and self centered, that’s the problem.

It’s easy to be a jerk in life …
It takes courage to be true to yourself …

Hey, it starts from the top down … look who’s running our country?

Enough said, hey, the VP shot his best buddy on a friendly day out (cough) hunting trip.



You can add my EX to that scam … dating women off the Internet, then taking them for everything they’ve got … My EX does this so he doesn’t work for a living, cause he owes his EX wife back child support payments … his youngest is around 20 years old this year … 2 years after the cutoff date for child support.

The courts better shove these characters behind bars … enough is enough … instead of these COWARDS robbing a bank and possibly getting their butts shot at by police officers … they scam the public (us) … when are the courts going to stop waiting for the money to come in by the victims hiring attorneys to represent them … when they robbed everything you had.

What a world … USA is so corrupt, no wonder why Bin Laden hates us.


Wini, I totally agree.

Due to the S’s in control of our country, our society has become toxic….

A dubious (and ilegal) war, a failing economy, trillions in debt, failing schools, millions without health care coverage (what kind of society values money over saving a life??) etc.

The only thing you can do is pray…

Unwilling Raconteur

My mind is boggling. I wish I knew how they did it. Now, I can see trusting someone you meet in real life with your money or an investment — couples share their assets all the time. But over the Internet –? That is what I do NOT understand.

Ex-S’s former roommate (also trying to avoid child support) met women on Myspace and started “talking” with them and cultivating virtual relationships. What astounded me is that they would send him cell phones so that they could speak on the phone. Then he’d use the cell phone he got to call OTHER WOMEN. The woman who bought the initial phone would get the bill, go ballistic, and cancel the service. This guy’s phone number changed with every lunar cycle.

One time he got one of the women to buy him a ticket to California. While he was there visiting her, he snuck off to see ANOTHER WOMAN. It was incredible! Those two found out about each other and the fur really flew.

Let me say it again … I couldn’t believe that he was able to sucker these women. I did meet one of them when she came to town, and to be honest, she was very, very dim … in fact, his particular con told me that she functioned at the borderline IQ range. Maybe people who give to these con artists really are mentally challenged? I don’t mean to say that in a derogutory way, but … I just can’t see giving masses of money to someone I’d never met.



Just watch a new show on TV (didn’t like it) where some con told the police officer he didn’t want to go back to jail because “they have nothing more to teach me”.

Sending some of these people to jail only improves their skills not the other way around. Jail just gives them a new chance to learn new and improved cons..

What a waste of money and time…


I am all these things the only difference is I love ! I care I think about the other person this called respect I am no better no worse than anyone ! the difference is I do not want to use or hurt anyones feelings ! Igive to you all that it is not your fault that is the LIE that is the game to mindwarp you as long as (it) can for perverse gratification and even this is extremly short lived and unfullfilling so it has to move on or work at compleetly destroying you love jere


James and Indigoblue: Earlier in the week … we blogged back and forth about Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the machine … ” if you read what they thought of the music industry just utilizing them due to GREED … instead of allowing artist to express their spiritual and creative said. Same with the prison systems in this country … who runs them, what their philosophy is while prisoners are incarcerated.

There’s that sheriff who believes that prison shouldn’t be a cake walk while you do your time … and he constructively designs their time schedules during their stay … rebuilding the prisoner from the bottom up (self esteem issues etc).

There are many more philosophies out there … what is working, what is not … the age group of the prisoners etc.

I think that is an interest that I should get involved with … seeing what prisons do what, what is working, what not, did the system change it’s theories …

Just like our own personal experiences with anti-socials … we shouldn’t have to be in civil court with these characters … we should be in criminal court due to being victimized by them … hey, they want money to support their life styles and know to well that if they robbed a bank, most likely they could be shot by a police officer … safer to do what they are doing, pretending to be involved in relationships to get what they want … jumping from relationship to relationship.



stormee: Not only did anti-socials take over our country … look when it started? When they took the teaching of God out of the schools … don’t teach wisdom anymore in the school system, let the egos take off in any direction it wants … and look what happened in just a few short years?

Pay attention to how “they” crucified the righteous, God loving men and women in our country, trumped up charges … to destroy and cast into the scrape heaps … everyone not paying attention and believing in all the LIES, LIES, LIES…

Ya, think hiding the word of wisdom written in the Bible has anything to do with chaos reigning supreme and flourishing in society today? Absolutely.

What was it that President Jefferson said about the banking industry? How many years ago was this prediction?

Funny, our country was founded on God “In God We trust” … and now we aren’t suppose to breath a word about him!!!!!



look when it started? When they took the teaching of God out of the schools

Sorry Wini but that is not true. Much as things are messed up today they are still much much better than before. There have always been anti-socials as you call them, at the top of many places going back to day one. And I am not slamming religion, I am just one of those people that want truth and it is very important when dealing with this type of person LF talks about and this topic.


BloggerT7165: What’s your point? You don’t think lack of WISDOM or access to wisdom has anything to do with more anti-socials existing today? I suppose you think that there is something in the water?


My only point was that your statement was incorrect.


BloggerT7165: Incorrect how? Please do tell me how you are coming to this conclusion?


Blogger T7
How are things much better than before??

This country stands at the brink of ruin (just like the Roman empire)


Materialism,Imperialism,Corruption,GREED,all in the name of “Democracy and Capitalism”

What it really is all about is “looking out for #1” seeing how much you can attain with total disregard for others…

The US has become a “sociopathic” culture and society…


BloggerT7165: How are you coming to your deduction?

1. I don’t know your age … therefore, I need a reference point of what education you obtained and where your knowledge base is coming from?

2. Whether you attend church or not is irrelevant … the people who raised you, and your grandparents before them … who raised your parents, attended church and READ the Bible … passed down that WISDOM to you.

3. For the last 30-40 years, church attendance was down, WISDOM wasn’t learned via this avenue of community … therefore, I suspect the majority of those folks didn’t bother to read the BIBLE either.

4. Within this same time frame … the teachings of wisdom (e.g. God) was thrown out of the school system … causing chaos to flourish.

5. 6. 7 to infinity … I need you to tell me the basis to your answer.



All these things have been around since day one. Slavery is one thing that has been improved. How about the fact that you no longer have to watch little children forced to and die in factories to be able to live in poverty etc whuile the owners live in slendor. Or how about your right to vote or work if your a woman? Or how about the whole Civil rights movement? or ……the list goes on and on.

I agree this country has become waaaaay to materialistic and about looking out for #1. That still does not mean it “all just started when they took teaching God out of schools”. It has always been here. Look at the whole native american experience with this country for example, and that is from day one. Nothing we see today is new and things are better but that in no one way implies that should not be improved.


BloggerT7165: You just told me that you have never read my original blog. My civil and constitutional rights were violated …

As far as slavery … are you kidding me … go to work where I worked and tell me slavery isn’t alive and flourishing in our society?

The Native Americans got their land stolen and sent out to live on small parcels of land called reservations … killed, tortured, forced out of the work force, kicked out of society as a whole … I can go on and on with the destruction of these pour souls too.

Tell me your age … because you sound very idealistic and naive to me? Remember, history is written by the victors … other books are purposely burned and thrown out of society … underground salvation is alive and well …


BloggerT7165: As for children who work in sweat shops … why don’t you fly to where they live and ask them how their childhoods are going? They will tell you “What childhood”? … it’s called off shore … meaning away from our borders … but, child labor is alive and well.


It is true that we no longer have outright slavery or allow child labor,
but there are still people living in “splendor” while others work long hours with low wages and no health care coverage in so-called “right to work” states etc… aka “The Working Poor”

Too many people in this country have watched their retirements stolen from GREEDY sociopathic CEO’s..

As far as the right to vote, what about all the scams in the past 2 elections?? As for civil rights it has been proven again and again that women still do not get equal pay even in 2008… look at the school drop-out rates in some of the racially diverse inner city areas, some are at 50%!

It is true about the whole Native American experience, right from the start there has been very little regard for others on the quest for attaining whatever one wants… You would hope that we could “evolve” as a society and country, but there is little evidence of that…. We do need to look to a “higher power”, (at least in our personal lives) because”capitalism” and ‘materialism” won’t save this country…





Peace out.


Right on… Remember the Kathy Lee Gifford scandal? She had been using children in other countries to produce her clothing line for K-Mart..
How sickening!!! They just move their sleazy operations overseas to avoid accountability..


stormee: It’s a crap shoot out there with these Corporate CEOs padding the books to con their stockholders (yes, us chumps in society)… they know the feds only have so much $$$ to go after just a few of the slimy corporations out there … because of court costs.

So they roll the dice and hope they aren’t under investigation … and even when caught and thrown in prison for a few years … they’re still billionaires when they get out…. and it’s all on your dime.



Wini said: “As far as slavery ” are you kidding me ” go to work where I worked and tell me slavery isn’t alive and flourishing in our society?

But Wini, you have OPTIONS. You can change jobs, elect to start your own business, seek remedies through the courts.

What options did a “slave” who was property of the slave owner have?


Wini you can read about me in the LF post

and my blog is on the left under the blogroll on here. I’ll leave it at that.


Stormi my sidetracked point was that the comment “look when it started? When they took the teaching of God out of the schools” was wrong because these awful things have been going on long BEFORE that happened. Anyone who has a modicum of history can tell you what conditions were like circa 1900 in the US. Not very nice except for a select few. Our society has added many pro-social things in the recent past. Everything from social security, medicaid, medicare, civil rights, minimum wage, child welfare laws, 40 hour work week, overtime, etc. For example today if a man or woman gets their civil rights violated at work they can file a complaint at the state and federal level. Try that in 1920 at the factory and see what would happen to you. So yes we have a long way to go and there is a lot of corruption but, again, back to the main and only point I was trying to make…it did not start when they took “God” out of schools. Religion can be a great thing and I am not knocking it. I am saying that there is no one thing that causes or prevents psychopaths. (and I am not saying it was a good thing or bad thing that they did that; I am not saying that the moral fiber was better or worse for our country when that happened. I am talking strictly about psychopaths in this country).

(FYI – I did labor and civil rights work for many years. Human rights issues are something I still volunteer my time to. I just helped a few churches set up child protection plans after they had some CSA cases happen.)

And Wini I apologize if I misunderstood your message. You are right I did not read your original blog. I feel like, after reading our exchange, we are talking about different things here (hence my apology).


BloggerT7165: I just logged back on … I read your blog when you posted it … my point is, how are you deducting your evaluation that reading the Bible isn’t relevant and that I am wrong? Is it because you are teaching, therefore, YOU HAVE TO BE CORRECT? Or, am I missing your point? Which, again, give me the bottom line of your answer?


BloggerT7165: All I am saying is that our country was founded on GOD. From that point on, it was how our society was raised … different religions, yes … same GOD, yes.

I’m not trying to sidetrack your education or your teaching skills… I’m telling you from my experience … people who believe their own egos without ever reading the Bible (whichever Bible they choose, makes no difference to me) are missing that ingredient of showing, explaining, teaching humans how to live.



I think you are missing my point or I am missing yours 🙂

I was simply saying what you said about it starting was wrong because these awful things have been going on long BEFORE that happened. It has nothing to do with the Bible being relevant or not. Again I am talking about psychopaths, not just anti-social behaviors/people which I think you are talking about.


BloggerT7165: Without knowledge (wisdom) learned from the Bible … a person becomes a FOOL for thinking and believing what their ego tells them is right from wrong … hence, why are country has been sidetracked and is going down the tubes.

Many people, without reading the Bible themselves, have no clue how they come to deductions conditioned in them by society … which at one time read the Bible (e.g. their teachers, clergy, politicians, family members, immediate and extended, neighbors … etc.). Those “old timers” of our society are dying off and what are we left with? People conducting their lives from their egos … shooting from their hips, what they learned or thought they learned from their families, school, clergy etc. Big difference of your memory of what you think you learned versus picking up a Bible and reading for themselves what was taught to them from generation to generation.

There’s more to this theory … this is just the beginning.



Ok Wini I have no problem with what you just said in that last post. I agree that religions can and do impart a great deal of wisdom to people.


Acck we are typing over each other 🙂 “last post” was in refernce to your 1:24pm post.


BloggerT7165: I think we’ve both been missing each others points … and e-mails.

As for psychopaths … I hope to God it’s because they are just staying fools believing in their own egos … and never reading WISDOM to learn how to live.

I have had more of my share of what ego generated people can do in someone’s life … and I know personally, that when one deals with EGO there is no getting through to them … you end up talking right past them because they are so focused, so driven on the fact that their EGO is what they should listen to … not reason, not logic, no one else but themselves.



I am curious about your thoughts on something after reading your theory. What about non-christian countries, groups, and cultures?


BloggerT7165: We need to stop to re-read what each other have written so far … it’s not working the way we’re blogging right now.



BloggerT7165: Without structured religion, I firmly believe God is built into our makeups as human beings… going back to source.



Where did this one come from?

Be Carefull What you Wish for because you are going to GET IT !

I love this What you thought you wanted turns out to nothing like you expected

I fell in love with (it) that Costume /it’s Image I wanted (it) I thought I needed (it)

Guess what? I don’t want it anymore!

love jere


I agree Wini. You and I are talking about different things and I misinterpreted what you meant and that started the whole mess. My apologies. I dislike trying to have a good discussion via text because it is so easy for me to misunderstand what the other person is saying. I noticed you said we are missing each others points and e-mails. If you sent me an e-mail it did not show up in my inbox.

And thank you for the last answer at 1:40. I think that is one of the best answers I have had to a question like that in awhile.


BloggerT7165: Yes, our society has advanced … but, anti-social personalities know how to play the system to get what they want and they know it takes money to hire an attorney to stop them … when they do get stopped, usually our court system gives them a slap on the wrist .. which tells them, don’t get caught at getting over on the system again. So what do they do … continue getting over on everyone … just don’t get stopped the next time … and even so, big deal … they only got a slap on the wrist … it didn’t stop them from continuing what they do?

Talk about the greed of most of the courts and most of those involved with the courts … they have quit the lifestyle going for them too. Not all, but most. The few that believe in the system … of fair play and all that goes with the rights that were fought so hard for everyone … is far and few between … but they are in there plugging away … and having an avalanche coming down upon them due to GREED, POWER … and some of the other major vices.

Therefore, the conditioning of society is outdated and doesn’t work any more due to the vices being so intertwined with life today … and no clue as to what these vices are because the majority of society has never picked up the Bible in their life.



Indigoblue: First things first … unblock your profile. Second … I can’t log onto that site … I keep being put into a spin and wrote them about it … probably until sometime Monday they’ll fix the problem, after the weekend is done… in the meantime, go back and unblock, will ya?

Oh, I’m glad you are making it through the hurdle of getting over your EX. That is the toughest part … you’re almost to easy street … aka FREEDOM from the grips of the likes of ‘it”.

Peace. Give yourself time and you will heal even more now.


Sin , Original Sin was not the thought , the temptation! But the ACT of eating the Forbiden fruit !

Salvation not the thought but an ACT!

Babtism Born Again BY FIRE! (our LIVES)

A purification of SOUL LOVE jere


BloggerT7165: My statements about the courts and MOST of them involved … you have to be an attorney today to hire an attorney. Most (not all) attorneys take advantage of the client(s) by saying “you have to tell me what you want in order for me to fight for you … and even when you know exactly what and how your suite should go, politics takes the lead and justice goes out the window or where ever justice flies off to…???”. Then it’s next gambler (cough client), roll your dice …



Like reading your phone instruction manual before useing it


anti-social personalities know how to play the system to get what they want

Preaching to the choir here Wini. I have personally watched both men amd women do just that. They conned judges, attornies, doctors, mental health professionals, parole/probation officers, children services workers, etc. I watched one con himself right out of prison and back on the streets (he was in for rape) and guess what happened? He raped and killed an elderly woman.


Indigoblue: Which is it … ACT to perceive, or PERCEIVE to ACT?

Always got to throw the conversations into turmoil … is that cause you are an Y generation?


BloggerT7165: I know situations like this happen … they are masters at chess … and you (we) haven’t even enter the game …

That’s the thing with anti-socials … they are in every darn profession. If only we could block them out of one, just one profession … we’d at least have our foot in the game.

Good folks in their professions get side tracked by the anti-socials in their profession. Most don’t know it, while others are very well aware of thsi fact.




Fire changes the ellements

Fundamental difference between Man and Animal ? Fire !

We change elliments to change our envirment ! Remember I am VIRGO tooooo :)~ love jere


BloggerT7165: Anti-socials allow you to take one step forward … then shove you 20 steps back … along with an avalanche to fall upon you … so besides doing something constructive … your busy digging yourself out from the debris.

Exhausting … to say the least … But, HOPE springs eternal!!!

How well … easier to pray to God and put it in his hands … that always gives us the advantage … maybe not in our time frame …


southernman429: I’m locked out of the profile/site … wrote to them to assist … probably won’t happen until the weekend is over.


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