Homeless con man bilks women he meets on

I experienced something close to déjà vu this morning when I read the following story in the Philadelphia Inquirer: Homeless con man sentenced for bilking women.

Paul S. Kruger, posing as a record producer-turned-investor, bilked 13 women out of $102,000, and blew the money in Atlantic City casinos. The guy was actually homeless, living on the streets of Atlantic City, but trolling for women on

Last year I wrote a story about another guy who did the same thing, only bigger. Patrick Giblin used a telephone dating site to scam 132 women. He netted more than $320,241—which disappeared in Atlantic City casinos.

Kruger’s victims described him as a down-to-earth, nice guy. He was treated like royalty in Atlantic City. But what the women didn’t understand is that anyone who blows a lot of money in the casinos is treated like royalty. And the money he gambled with was theirs.

Krueger was sentenced to five to seven years in prison, and ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution. But although the guy graduated from college and is now 50, he’s never held a real job. I hope the prison doesn’t have phones or Internet service. Patrick Giblin was scamming women from jail.

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Wini, When I said you have options, and asked what options did a slave have, I am referring as I said in my post to the days when people literally were OWNED slaves who were sold at the owners discretion, had their children sold to other slave owners etc. and had no options for a better or different life.

Although I agree with you that the world is full of problems as you have pointed out, IMO in spite of all the job problems you have mentioned, it does not compare to literal ownership of a person and the life they were forced to led when they were “slaves”, so I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Jenn

Wini, you wrote:


This reminds me of my first day in contract law. The professor’s first words were: “Answer this question, true or false: the legal system is designed to ensure justice.” You’d be surprised at how many people thought that was true! The legal system is designed so that everyone has a SHOT at justice. Not to say that justice will ever be done. Certainly not in these instances.

The problem that most of us seem to be dealing with is that we were with men (or women) who failed to cross the line into actionable behavior. The BIGGEST problem we face is that we were in relationships with these people — shame on us. Now, had we been a colleague from work or an acquaintance, we could probably go to court and get our money back much easier. Someone who doesn’t have his or her emotions vested in the relationship has a better chance for outcome, and that’s what these creeps KNOW and that’s what they USE to their advantage, because they know that it’s impossible to “prove” beyond a shadow of a doubt that a certain verbal contract existed.

You can hire an attorney and take them to court, sure, but in the end, it’s just a pissing match of he-said/she-said, and when a judge has “bigger” things pending on his plate, e.g., deciding on the removal of a child from a home due to violence, the cases presented to them that deal with sociopaths probably seem minute in comparison.

It’s unfair, and there seems to be no little recourse for those of us who’ve fallen prey to these kinds of schemes.

Unwilling Raconteur: It just reminds me of the joke about “what do you call 500 attorneys at the bottom of the ocean”?

A good start.


Hahahahahaha I LOVE you Wini!

I remember a Bill Kurtis Productions show about sociopathic Don Juans, (??title: Romeo Con Men, Love Conartists?? — I can’t recall). Unfortunately I can’t find copies for sale on A&E. He had another great show on sociopaths called “Diabolical Minds” (I think). Again, it doesn’t seem to available any more. Many of his shows feature s/p’s but these two (American Justice or Justice Files episodes) were more general and focused on identifiable patterns of behavior. Maybe A&E could make them available again.

Good one, Wini. Can we find my old attorney at the bottom there? Because she diliberately sabotaged our case, and then quit when we were going to force her to file an emergency hearing. Once we retained a new lawyer, and filed, the judge said we waited too long to file.

kerisee04: Politics, it’s always politics … the most dysfunctional game anyone could play … Who came up with the idea of politics the way it’s played today? I’m sure it wasn’t our founding fathers … it’s morphed into this abyss of souls dancing in it’s depravity! I am so thankful I’m not working where I worked … they acted like Georgie W would walk down the hallway any minute … (LOL). Beyond bizarre.

Give it up to God … pray to him about these folks in your life … God will handle it … on his time frame, not ours.

My attorney for my lawsuit against my bosses sold me out and got a cushioney job in the city I live in (it was just announced our city is over 8 million in the hole … go figure), the attorney I retained for the foreclosure of my home, sold me out, took my money and never represented me, my fiance sold me out and stole my money while I was licking my wounds, of course, my bosses and all their cronies, sold me out …so I gave it up to God to handle. It is out of my hands, can only do so much and let others in positions of authority know.

… God knows what was in all these people’s hearts why they did/do anything. As a human I know it’s greed, self centerness, selfishness, laziness (throw a few more of the vices in there), playing the BIG EGO political game, selling me out to benefit themselves … and so they are spiraling down, down, down. They may have gotten away with my situation at the time, so they think … but their minds are set on Vice now instead of Virtue. Not good, not good at all. Plus, my attorney was going through another divorce at the time of handling my lawsuit … do you think he was projecting his anger towards me?????

After you give it up to God to handle, sit back and watch the fireworks.

P.S. May I add, that I have a female attorney after the fact of all this craziness that is so naturally decent (righteous) … and she has gotten things resolved for me that the above mentioned people have done to destroy my life. So, there is good people out there in positions they hold that will focus on what is good and therefore, do good for their clients … they are far and few between (thanks Sarah for being who you are). She’s my Angel down on earth. I would love to pick up the paper in the future and find that she is now sitting as a judge on the bench. We need people like her in the system.


I find the tale of a con-man conning con-women (gold-diggers looking to cash in on someone else’s hard work or inheritance) very ironic, almost to the point of being humorous were it not for the tragedy of all concerned.

The man and all his women victims will never find any personal peace. He has sold himself out to an addiction (gambling). The women were in the process of selling their bodies to higher bidders and the women through their greed were sucked in like the victims of the Nigerian con OxDrover described in the first post to this story, “I have xxxx million dollars I want to move out of the country to America but you need to provide good faith $50,000 deposit in my offshore account to get half of my xxxx million dollars.” It was that kind of greed that killed the poor Tennessee minister when his wife shot him in bed with a shotgun and watched him die. I have little sympathy for any of the thieves (sociopaths?) involved in this story of the con man conning the con women.

If it had been a lonely hearts group of women just looking for companionship and maybe love, I would say pack him away behind bars until he is too old to do more damage. But this…….. A thief stealing from other coldly plotting thieves, Sounds like simple justice.


Dear Stan,

A lot of the old “cons” were designed to find someone who was less than “totally honest”–like the “Pigeon drop” and other cons to get someone to put up “good faith money” for participating in some deal that was slightly illegal or immoral.

What “tennessee minister” were you referring to in your post above? I think I missed that one.

As for the “con” women, it is a fact of life that beautiful women have been (and are still being) sold to the highest bidder for as long as there have been men and women alive! LOL And women have been sold by their fathers, and marriages arranged still today for political, business and social reasons.

It really doesn’t say a lot for the value system of the women who get on “” looking for men except that they come off (to me at least) as “gold diggers” and the men (if they are truly millionaires) are obviously (I would think) aware that their “financial status” is important to the women on there. So either way, it is a buy/sell situation, I would think with both parties aware of that, so as long as people are aware of the “business” aspect of something to sell, someone wanting to buy—if they are over 18 they can bargain for themselves as far as I am concerned. I just don’t think it is MY value system. But it might be someone else’s.

Does ANYONE think that Anna Nichole Smith married that old man for his looks, sex appeal or personality? Does anyone think that HE thought she married him for any of those things? As far as that “bargain” went, he got what he paid for and she sold what he had that he wanted, so it was a successful bargain for them both I expect. Again, not MY value system, but I have no problem with what consenting adults do with each other.

Stan, I am also interested in the minister you mentioned. I used to live close to the area where they finally caught the wife. I followed the story for awhile, but lost track of it, and never did hear why she killed him. What ended up being the motive?

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