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Horrific murder of 10-year-old who had called for help

A terribly upsetting story from Buffalo, New York.

Boy, 10, allegedly beaten to death by stepfather had made 911 calls for help, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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How could 911 be called, the police show up, and nobody did anything?

This seems to tie in with the mindset that how parents discipline their children is nobody’s business.

We used to tolerate spousal abuse because the husband had a right to use force to get/keep his wife and children “in line.”

Why has spousal abuse become illegal and abhorrent, but society repeatedly overlooks what parents do to their children because parents “have a right” to discipline their children as they wish(a la the article about publicly humiliating children)?

How do we protect children when it’s their parents who are the Ps?

Ox Drover

“could anything have been done to prevent this murder?”


What the heck is going on when the man tapes the kids mouth full of a sock and hits him 70 times with a rolling pin and gets charged with SECOND DEGREE MURDER? Like he didn’t intend to kill the kid?

It was an accident?

This kind of stuff makes my blood boil!


A case of hang is to good.


Yeah, when I read that I thought it sounded more like FIRST degree murder, a deliberate act.

The story doesn’t make it completely clear what happened. It says two 911 calls were for family disputes, “including the fatal one.” That implies the boy, or someone, called police just before this fatal beating. If so, the police were too damned slow to respond if they didn’t show up until after the poor kid was dead.


This gets close to home. Spine chilling.

My son called 911 one night. He was 10 years old.
We were gone in 30 days.

My gut is just twisted reading this.
I know what its like inside that situation and it was awful for that boy.

How afraid he must have been!
It makes me so sad to read this.

A kid should never have to call 911 on his dad. But it does happen.

Its hard to judge what to do in that moment. So hard to know.
Especially on the first call when dealing with someone who can seem like a calm and rational parent to the adult cops.

And a kid hysterical with fear- how articulate can they be? If I did not know my child so well, the night he made that call I would not have guessed how much distress he was in.

And we were scared about a 12 minute span of time for me to get home from work.

We were lucky. And sometimes luck makes all the difference. The cops were there first. And I made it home in 10.


About the 1st or 2nd degree: Some commentator explained that in NY 1st degree means murdering several people. 2nd degree means one person. Not sure whether that’s the answer, or whether this claim of NY state degree differentiation is true. But if so, then it seems to make more sense.

But Wiki has this to say about it – “In New York, first-degree murder involves “special circumstances,” such as the murder of a police officer or witness to a crime, multiple murders, or murders involving torture.[10] Under this system, second degree murder is any other premeditated murder.


This is hopeful.

A NY state senator has asked for an investigation.

If you click on the link below, there is a PDF at the bottom that gives the full letter that the senator wrote asking for the investigation.

Social Services was called by the police and the boy was noted going to school with bruises.

So, we will wait to see how this very sad tale unfolds.

“Since the investigation is ongoing, DeGeorge said he could not disclose details, but he confirmed that there have been ‘seven or eight’ 911 calls placed from the boy’s house since 2010.”

At the end of the video clip, the guy says, “This isn’t about pointing fingers. It’s about where do we go from here.”

They should point some fingers.

You can’t build something positive on top of a shoddy foundation.

They had better first find out what happened that permitted this murder to occur so they can make sure that their foundation is whole, secure, and will support wherever it is that they decide to do to go forward from here.


The little boy tried to run away, but a neighbor intervened and returned him to his father.

The father said nothing was going to happen and the kid said he always says that.

This is a reaction to the whole mess.

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