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Horror in Ireland: bodies of 800 babies found at home for ‘fallen women’

This story is horrendous. Nuns from the order of Bon Secours ran a home for unwed mothers in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland from 1925 to 1961. The skeletons of nearly 800 babies have just been discovered in a concrete tank beside the home.

Coverage on the Daily Mail:

Mass septic tank grave ‘containing the skeletons of 800 babies’ at site of Irish home for unmarried mothers

‘I thought I’d seen it all. Then I found nuns’ secret grave for 800 babies’ by Philomena writer Martin Sixsmith

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This is absolutely shocking! How could it have gone on for so long?


OMG…this is so awful!!! This reminds me of a movie I saw on cable sometime last year. It was a true story of a home for girls they thought were crazy or had done something immoral and I believe it was also in Ireland. It was very disturbing. I forget the name of it. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

I just can’t believe this. The horrible things that go on in this world…


UPDATE…I just found it…the movie is called “The Magdalene Sisters.” I would recommend it.


Oh wow, I saw the film Philomena a few months ago. It was based on this true story. Just disgusting.


when guilt, which produces CHANGE, turns to shame…this should not be surprising.
the whole system of cultural mores in the 50s, esp in Ireland it appears, was ridiculous.
WHY ppl can label others as BAD and not in need of a Savior, just stymies me.
go and sin no more, said the Maker of the universe, when in fact, He was confronted with sexual sin.


aint…absolutely! You have said it perfectly…guilt turns to shame.

I think this horrific story goes even deeper. While reading, I kept wondering how may of those “fallen women” fell for a smooth-tongued sociopath who had a zipper malfunction. I wonder if DNA tests would show that multiple infants had been fathered by the same men.


smoothed tongued? you mean as in the Blarney Stone story? When the Queen of England recognized a sociopath?

This makes me sad, as does late term abortion, child rape, pouring acid on child brides, honor killings, etc. Children, treated as trash. Where image matters more than humanity. No DNA testing for this children. The USA and others are horrified, for the majority of countries and people in this world, this is NO BIG DEAL.


This does not only happen in Ireland, I had an uncle Gus, who was a master plumber in the Cleveland, Ohio, area of the United States, who told of plumbing problems in the nuns quarters of catholic parishes. He stated the nuns were sexual servants of the priests and when they became pregnant would abort and flush the babies who on occasion clogged the plumbing. This was in the 1930 to 1950’s and I would assume the practice continues to this day.


UGGHHH…how horrible…our world… 🙁

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