How to break a “culture of silence” – remove everyone

In another shocking case of child sex abuse, a teacher at the Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles was accused of playing sex games in the classroom for 20 years. The response of John Deasy, superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District: He removed the school’s entire staff, from the principal to the janitors.

Read John Deasy LAUSD: Superintendent has made bold decisions in face of crisis, on

Mothers whose children were abused have filed suit against the school district. Read 14 moms sue LA schools in child abuse case, on

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sorry I am late —- we need extemes like John Deasy initially until we can settle in the middle of the road. He is the 2×4 between they eyes that gets our attention. He had the guts to set a standard and say “enough”. I wish he could have nipped it in the bud sooner to keep kids out of harms way.

It’s late and need to get to bed…work tomorrow…am bookmarking all links listed in this thread to read later. Interesting Zimmerman has lagged for so long that another truth comes out…he’s also a pedophile. It makes me sick. But…also interesting this high profile revelation is coming on the heels of Penn State. Maybe this will catch people’s attention because they are already processing the fallout from Penn State and a collective light bulb will go off in the public’s heads. Perfect timing for education…

Hello friends…this is very off topic here, but wasn’t sure where to post….I am having some issues I hope you can help me with…being a Christian sometimes I have a problem with the fact that I have TOTALLY severed all contact with the bio and step path daughters..I have had such peace without either of them in my life for the last 9 months, however, I have these little twinges sometimes like…..what if something terrible happened to one of them ?? Would I eat myself alive with guilt, would I be punished for having dis owned them? The oldest one is my flesh and blood child. It is fleeting and hits me at the oddest times….it’s almost like a flash of panic …has anyone else experienced this when they had to go NC with a family member? Does it ever go away….or have any of you actually lost someone after going NC ? and how did you feel afterward….I guess Mother’s always feel guilty in one way or another…It’s like I can’t have them in my life or they suck the very life blood out of me….but it also feels wrong in my gut to cut them out of my life totally….I know I can’t go back, but I wish I could just make peace with these feelings….am I normal???? Love you guys…..

Creampuff, I undersand the issues of “guilt” when experiencing the beauties of peace and tranquility. THIS is directly related to “shame-core.”

I can’t say that my “twinges” ever “go away.” But, the depth of the twinges become less and less intrusive in my life.

You cannot have them in your life because they are Soul Suckers. Parasites of the Soul. Soul-stealers. Soul-wreckers. And perversions of humanity.

The “peace” with your feelings may be assisted through strong counseling therapy, Creampuff. These are issues that no religion, no philosophy, no one approach can help us with – we are not equipped to manage losing a child and a step-child to “death-by-sociopathy.” Although I cannot speak from personal reference, I must believe that the sudden death of a child has some sort of closure – there is a memorial, a burial, a mourning process, etc. But, the “death” of a child who is clearly a sociopath (my son is spath, absolutely) has NO closure. There is no memorial service. There is no “cause of death.” There is nothing to help us process this event.

Today, I still mourn the “loss” of my eldest son, but I realize that, just as if he had lost his life, suddenly, I had no control over his sociopathy. Yes, it’s sad. But, the sadness becomes less, and less keen over time.

Brightest blessings

I’ve had the same thoughts about my family members.

Then I think, something awful has already happened to them: They are spaths. The only thing worse that can happen is that you supply them. It’s much better for them to be NC’d than to be enabled in being spaths. It’s better for us and it’s better for them.

Congratulations on achieving peace.

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