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Husband’s rage costs woman her face

Tom Culp of Ohio had bullied his wife, Connie, but was rarely violent. In 2004, he became enraged and shot Connie in the face. Her lip, nose, one eye and both cheeks were shattered.

In 2008, Connie underwent a face transplant. Now, she works towards small improvements, like being able to sip a milkshake through a straw.

Read ‘It’s not my face, but I feel thankful that I have one’ on

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One Joy

I’m looking into it.

I should be strong enough to just ignore the emails as they do trigger me.

It would be better to avoid the trigger.

I’m asking a techie friend of mine to investigate.

I changed my cell phone number 3 times already. My employers and customers think I’m wacky.



sk – ‘My employers and customers think I’m wacky.’ 😉 i hear ya on that one!

(((don’t think you need to be a certain way at this time – just get yourself safe.)))

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