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Husband’s rage costs woman her face

Tom Culp of Ohio had bullied his wife, Connie, but was rarely violent. In 2004, he became enraged and shot Connie in the face. Her lip, nose, one eye and both cheeks were shattered.

In 2008, Connie underwent a face transplant. Now, she works towards small improvements, like being able to sip a milkshake through a straw.

Read ‘It’s not my face, but I feel thankful that I have one’ on DailyMail.co.uk.

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52 Comments on "Husband’s rage costs woman her face"

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Can you BLOCK his e mails? I’m not sure whether he will get worse before it gets better or not, but I do NOT trust “them” any further than I can throw “them.”

I’ve been essentially NC with my egg donor for over 2 years now, off and on for four years, and son C is totally NC with her and she is still trying to find ways to GET INFORMATION about us. I don’t have to “co-parent” with her but I do have to stay in “contact” due to the family trust in which I am a co-trustee…I try to keep most of it by e mail rather than phone, but can’t entirely do that, but she won’t give up even now.

As much as I get to the “nirvana of indifference” even SMALL Contacts SET ME BACK….I know they do….and I work hard to FIGHT that feeling. It seems about the time I get to where I am THERE, then something will happen to break the NC just a HAIR and that is enough to set me back….years ago Aloha and I blogged about how we would drive along in our cars and SCREAM at the Ps like they were in the car with us, telling them everything we wanted to say in real life, but NOT contacting them. I have come somewhat past that point now, but if I don’t watch myself I can get some phrase she/he said stuck inside my head and I WANT so badly to reply….but of course I don’t. But it is hard sometimes, REALLY hard.

So for what it is worth, I would a) block the e mails if you can, b) do NOT READ THEM if you can’t block them. Change your e mail address if you have to. Whatever it takes to keep total NC if it is legally possible.

Good luck! It gets easier at least! (((hugs)))

If I block an email on AOL what will it say to the sender?

Ox Drover

You are right about that. It does set me back. I can’t believe the pain I feel when I see something, hear something, remember something about my spath or his ex-and-new wife. VOMIT.

There are 6 billion people on earth. I’d rather spend my time with some of the good ones.


By the way, I use gmail, and I do use it extensively for work. I do not want to give up my gmail account. Yahoo blocks emails but Gmail does not.

I would love to figure out if there is an app for that – to block emails through gmail.


SK – you can create a filter that will dump his email right into your trash folder.


I also wonder if you can route all email from your gmail through a yahoo or hotmail account that WOULD block his email, and still have it coming and going from your gmail account. (I know you can do it the other way around – using gmail as the routing account.)

I had to give up my work phone line and i didn’t want to. just trying to explain why to my employees sent me in a spin, and i didn’t have the money to get a new line at the time. so i blocked all the spaths known numbers on my handset, including ‘unknown’ caller numbers. I still have the same number and 2 years out i still pause and consider before answering a blocked number ( – it’s never been the spath).

I think the questions are always: are there work a-rounds; and at what point does trying to hold on to our old infrastructure and way of life start costing us more than we are gaining by doing so?

One Joy

I’m looking into it.

I should be strong enough to just ignore the emails as they do trigger me.

It would be better to avoid the trigger.

I’m asking a techie friend of mine to investigate.

I changed my cell phone number 3 times already. My employers and customers think I’m wacky.



sk – ‘My employers and customers think I’m wacky.’ 😉 i hear ya on that one!

(((don’t think you need to be a certain way at this time – just get yourself safe.)))

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