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If you’re trying to protect your children from abuse, complete this survey

Editor’s note: Lovefraud recently learned of a survey being conducted by Mothers of Lost Children. This organization says, “We group of mothers whose children are forced to visit unsupervised or live with their identified perpetrators through failures in the family and juvenile courts. Our children have disclosed abuse, and have not been protected or believed. The agencies designed to protect children have not helped, and in many cases have done harm. We have done everything we, as individuals, could do to protect them, yet have been unable to keep them safe.”

If you are facing this situation, Lovefraud encourages you to contribute to the research. Following is a description of the effort.

Protective Parent Survey

You are invited to participate in a study of “protective parents,” that is, parents who have encountered difficulties in child custody cases after attempting to protect their children from abuse.

There is evidence of an increase in negative labeling of parents who report child abuse or domestic violence. Several high profile cases have led to increased public attention to this problem, and debates have erupted between groups supporting alleged perpetrators of abuse, and groups supporting the reporting parents.

This questionnaire is part of a national survey by the California Protective Parents Association and Our Children Our Future Charitable Foundation. The goal of the study is to document and explore the phenomenon of parents attempting to protect their children. The survey includes a range of allegations; a variety of types of expert examinations, diagnoses and testimony; responses by family court and other agencies; and outcomes for the children. Your participation will help make this study a success.

Your participation is completely voluntary, and you may choose to complete the questionnaire either anonymously or on a confidential basis. If you wish to remain anonymous, please exclude all personal information at the top of the survey. If you are willing to include personal identifying information, this information will remain confidential, in a locked file, accessible only to the directors of the study. You may indicate at the end of the questionnaire if you are willing to be contacted to provide further information or clarification, or be included in the next phase of the study that will include a more detailed review of selected cases. You will not be contacted unless you give permission, and then only by the investigators of the study, as the information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.

This questionnaire asks detailed questions about your custody case. The answers to all questions are voluntary and you may discontinue completion of the questionnaire if you find recalling the information to be too emotionally distressing. If you wish to discuss feelings that may arise during completion of the survey with a support person, you may contact Connie Valentine at 530-753-0807. If you have questions about the design of the questionnaire, you may contact Dr. Geraldine Stahly at 909-798-5170.

Thank you for your assistance in this important study.

Geraldine Butts Stahly, Ph. D.
Connie Valentine, M. S.

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