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Impostor fools medical professionals

Betty Lichtenstein, of Norwalk, Connecticut, worked as a nurse in a doctor’s office. She accepted honors as “Nurse of the Year” from the Connecticut Nursing Association. But she was not a nurse, and threw her own awards party. She recently went to jail.

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Ox Drover

The staging of the “nurse of the year” award by a “nursing association” that is totally FAKE (and spending $2,000 to do it) makes me think that this woman is either completely crazy or totally narcissistic!

I read another story about this woman (I wish I could find it) that said her boss was fed up with her and went to try to report her to the state board of nursing and found out she wasn’t even a nurse and things went down hill from there for Betty.

I am totally in agreement with JAIL TIME for this woman. The forging of prescriptions while she was working there is probably only the tip of the ice berg of the drugs she stole or misappropriated while she worked in his office.


my ex-spath hole was on SSDI(NOT disability) and milked the health care system for all it was worth. Surgery for a deviated septum, at least 6 hospital stays for asthma attacks (whenever he came even close to getting a job…he got ‘asthma’), 7 day stay in the mental ward (just before his 3rd attempt to collect SSDI…he was still denied), dozens of prescriptions paid for by the State or Government.

It sickens me how much we are paying for these con artists.

Distressed Grandmother

I’m with you on this one Jazzy the tax payers pay a lot of dollars for these creeps. My paths lived in low income housing for a year and a half and still get subsidized babysitting. CPS are involved and still get away with this. It makes my skin boil and to think it belongs to me. This is another one of those I do not understand her because we sure never lived like that or taught her to do so. This was another thing that helped me to be where I am today with my daughter because she new how I felt. The laws seem to protect the criminals and the innocent seem to suffer. Thanks Oxy got some medical attention and have my first visit this week with a mental health worker. Hope it helps take the pain away.

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