In Belgium: Man on trial for spraying acid on woman

Richard Remes, a married man, was having an affair with Patricia Lefranc. When she wanted to break it off, he sprayed her face and torso with sulfuric acid.

Read Shocked jurors shown naked photo of acid-attack woman and told she doesn’t have enough skin for any more transplants, on

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More news from Belgium…

After the scandal about Bishop Vangheluwe resigning because his abuse of his nephews was about to be exposed a few years ago, there was a politician-journalist Pol Vandendriesche who made a big ruckus out of it, claiming he felt utterly betrayed since he used to be friends with the ex-bishop.

A spokeswoman for the church of that region responded then against this politician and accused him of having loose hands. Some reader-letters followed to the magazine.

2 weeks ago, a journalist of this magazine that had received the reader letters did several interviews and gathered evidence of how this politician has a history of sexual improper conduct on the workloor. Pol Vandendriesche was running for mair of Bruge, and used to be the head-chief of a newspaper. At first he denied it all, then he claimed to not have had any malicious intentions, and claimed he was only now being accused to hurt his political career and the political party he was in now… For a few days it was a he said-she said game, “they’re after our political party” crying, and lots of typical noise of especially men (but also some women) who downplayed it all… Some journalists cried they wouldn’t compliment a woman anymore at work out of fear; Others pinpointed a finger at the women for never going to the police over it, etc…

This prompted more women to come forward: interns he accosted, starting female journalists, male colleagues verifying, starting female politicians who had been groped while he interviewed them (before he was a politician himself), people who had been given the trusted position for complaints but whose hands were tied, because the women were too fearful to lose their job or get a bad rap for other newspapers, etc… He eventually decided to withdraw and quit politics on Sunday.

Since then, new revalations have come forward… about other known Belgians. These women came forward to show it wasn’t a vendetta against a politician… Of course the latest man Jos Geysen (used to work for national radio), who is now 86, denies everything. He admits he had an extramarital affair with his assistant almost 40 years ago, but there was nothing abusive about it, and tries to paint her as a nutjob. But other witnesses are coming forward to corroborate her story: yes they had an affair, but he was the abusive controlling party who beat her up, and when she went to the chief of national TV and Radio she was told to just sit it out for a decade more until he’d go on pension… he was too famous guy to disgrace in their opinion (80s).

Basically the dam has broken, and women are finally standing up against what they had to endure in the 70s, 80s, 90s and past decade. And those who minimalized it two weeks ago or found it outrageous the press was persecuting some known Belgians without a fair trial are being pointed out that they have their morals skewed.

Dear Darwin’smom,

You know it is ALL OVER THE WORLD….not just in one area, or one culture. Thanks for this update on the news in your part of the world. Some great points there too! I’m glad it is empowering women to stand up.

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