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In Belgium: Man on trial for spraying acid on woman

Richard Remes, a married man, was having an affair with Patricia Lefranc. When she wanted to break it off, he sprayed her face and torso with sulfuric acid.

Read Shocked jurors shown naked photo of acid-attack woman and told she doesn’t have enough skin for any more transplants, on

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Ox Drover

The photographs of this woman make my heart cry—having treated burn victims, including my son and our friends, I can only wish I was on the jury or was the judge to sentence this man to solitary confinement for the rest of his natural life, to never see another human until he was dead in his cell. The utter punishment for a psychopath who would do such a vicious thing to another person.


Oxy, it’s horrible what he did… And the bullshit he spouted on the trial was sooooooooooo typical

The judge was to ignore all his other extramarital affairs he had had, because this girlfriend had been his “true” love…. VOMIT… He had not “expected” such horrendous impact on her (she was kept in coma for 3 months because she was 80% burned)… Yup, he truly didn’t know the impact, right, rolleyes. NOT! He first attacked her by spraying dilluted acid over her, then he used concentrated acid. (I’m guessing he was liking her shrieking response, and ot having dilluted acid anymore kept going with concentrated). Oh and of course, in one breath he said that he was very sorry, but also that she had hurt him so much by breaking up with him that he lost it. He blamed her, while ‘being’ sorry (NOT!)… He’s just sorry he’ll go to jail over it.

Ox Drover

Well, One can only hope he goes to jail a LONG TIME….THIS IS WORSE THAN DEATH me thinks! The burns over so much of her body….yes, typical, blaming her! For hurting HIM. He was so hurt, oh, yes, she got what she deserved.

Dilute acid, concentrated? what difference does it make? He was trying to torture her.


It’s the reason why the DA has him tried for murder attempt, instead of assault with battery


I cannot describe the horror and outrage that I feel with regard to what was done to t his woman. Whether she was the “other woman” or not has no bearing on the incredible damage that the man deliberately caused.

For those out there that have experienced infidelity by an spath spouse or significant other, I would like to put this out there for consideration: The “other” individuals outside of the relationship are not always necessarily to blame. They are not breaking the vows – they are being used for excitement, gratification, and whatever other purposes that the spath wants them for. Sure, there are some people out there who target attached individuals for their own purposes, as well.

This woman…I cannot imagine the pain that she’s endured and the terrific horror that she has to face every waking minute when she looks at the burn scars and remembers that this was done to her by someone who claimed her to be his “true” love. What THING would do something like that to anyone that they loved?

There is no punishment fit enough for this monster.

sharing the journey

Truly horrific. Words can’t describe how I feel when I look at his photograph.




It would be best if they could remove his skin and put it on her, since they say she doesn’t have enough skin of her own.

Unfortunately, her body would likely reject it. But maybe they could find some male who needs skin and is a match for the perp. Then in some way, some good could come from his evil.

Unfortunately, justice is going to be difficult to find.

Last year an Iranian woman who was disfigured and blinded in a similar attack, was granted the right to blind her attacker with acid in one eye. She chose to forgive him instead.


He was found guilty, for torture and premidated attempt of murder… he got 30 years. One of the big indicators that he had attempted to kill her was that part of the acid was thrown deliberatly at her neck… which would have suffocated her: first he sprayed the acid on her to torture her, then the rest to finish it off. But people came to her rescue when they heard her shrieks.

I’m so sorry that this woman’s life is utterly ruined… not even her own sister wants her children to be in contact with her because of her monstrous disfigurement… Who is the monster though? Obviously the man who did it, but imo so is the sister.


I know, but that doesn’t put her skin back. It only adds his suffering to the total load of suffering in the world.

To me, justice means balancing the equation by removing suffering from the victim or someone else.

Kind of like a “pay it forward” system.


Agreed, Sky

Just was giving an update o the verdict and sentencing on this sicko

On a personal note, nothing to do with the above… My mom had a nightmare last night. She dreamt I had moved in into my new ‘own’ appartment (the one I was able to buy jointly with my parents… I’ll be paying rent to them), and that my ex suddenly reappeared and tried to wriggle his way back into my life and the appartment. Worse, I was not totally insensitive to it in her dream and he tried to chrm her too, and not without some effect she didn’t want to have. I reassured her that there’s no way I’m giving any data for him to ever find my on the new address in a couple of months. Haven’t mentioned the buy either on social network media. She told me she knew that, and that she didn’t consciously fear I’d welcome him back in my life again. Then I told her I understood: it’s not a total unreasonable fear… the apartment symbolizes somesort of stability and security for me for now and my future, and the ex symbolizes any form of threat to it, and how she may fear deep down I might be tempted to situations that could wreck stability: either in the form of a spath trying to wriggle his way into my life or any other form.


I had a similar dream in which I allowed my spath to seduce me, just a couple of nights ago. I can’t imagine that ever happening because I have as much interest in him as I do a goat. I can’t understand why we would dream of a seduction which we don’t even find seductive in real life.


I think our spaths have become the symbol of “guilty pleasures” … I don’t think we fear being seduced by them, but fear we might be seduced by someone or something that would have the same disastrous results.

Alternatively, it’s comparable to the dream phenomenon of dreaming about the last ex just when people start a new relationship. This typically happens when we have truly moved on and put a past relationship behind us. Though it seems confusing, and for a moment certainly feels confusng when you wake up from it, it is testament of you having moved on. It’s as if the subconscious suddenly realizes, “wow, I’m a little behind, I have to do a little bit of last leg work to catch up, and relive the last remainder of attraction feelings that I projected in this person”. And when awake, first phased by the fact you dreamt about this person at all, you realize there are no real personal feelings for that person anymore.


Darwinsmom, I agree that we carry a fear of being duped and used, again. I’ve been having very disturbing dreams and I think it’s my psyche attempting to come to grips with the truth.

And, I’m going to throw this out there for whatever it’s worth: there have been moments when I have asked myself, “Is he really a sociopath, or did he just make some really bad choices?” The part of Truthspeak that makes decisions based upon fear is attempting to suggest reconciliation or some other nonsense. Then, the pragmatic part of Truthspeak jumps up and says, “Jeeezus, he lived a frigging DOUBLE-LIFE, helped himself to your assets, and was planning (from all indications) to dump you at HIS convenience!”

Yes, I think we all get on that roller coaster, at one point or another. Could he really walk away from someone who’s sick and destitute without one thought of concern? He sure could, and he sure did. He just did it before his plans could hatch out, and that’s that. The disturbing dreams that I think we all experience are the only way to work out some of that angst without going stark, raving mad.


When I broke up with the 2nd sociopath I was dating from Eastern Europe the one I had after my ex-spath husband he set my apartment on fire for breaking up with him.
He intended on burning me to death but a good samaritan knocked on my apartment door and woke me up in the early morning hours.


Wow, Joanie123, was he ever even charged with the crime? Thank goodness you got out!!!

Ox Drover

Welll it is possible that this woman might be able to get a full facial transplant…there are several people now who have received them and so far they have been successful.

I think the sister is a poor sister for having that sort of idea and keeping her kids away from their aunt. She could wear a veil which should help and if I were here I would wear one in public at least, or maybe some heavy make up. They have very good make up for people with burn scars that makes them look much better.E So there are several possibilities for some improvement in her looks. The sister still gets my RASSBERRY of the week!

Ox Drover

Here’s another woman who was sprayed with acid, by her ex husband who was accquited….12 years after the attack, she threw herself off a building and killed herself.



The acid attacks are a true atrocity. I will admit I was initially surprised to lean it was a native Belgian who attacked my fellow citizen. I’ve known for several years that acid attacks are a rather common retribution method in Pakistan and India when a woman slights a man. Women are culturally seen as less valuable (and that while Pakistan once voted the now assassined Bhuto for president), and this is literally less valuable… parents have to pay a man in order to marry their daughters to them (dowry). Poor people can’t afford to pay for multiple daughters to be married off, so infanticide on female babies happens regularly… it has happened so often that there is already a shortage in young women (normally slightly less female infants are born than male infants, but since young boys and men tend to die more often in accidents than women, this usually balances itself out naturally… but if the baby girls get killed, then there will be more guys than gals). So, Pakistan and certain regions of India have a percentage of men who’re looking at lifelong bachelor life. The acid punishment has risen in popularity since then.


Both tragedies as all acid burn/burn victims….I was Program Coordinator for a Burn Institute and the pain for victims is both physically and mentally excruciating. The victims lose the ability to keep themselves warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Even though I saw these tragedies everyday, I never ceased to feel deep anguish for them…

I would like to see not only the offenders punish severely, but sued for as much money as they have or will have, the only way to get some of these animals….eye for an eye would be good….

I am surprised that the families in Pakistan don’t retaliate the same…..short of a hired assassin…


Truthspeak:No, he was never charged with the crime. It took me several weeks to connect the dots and put it all together and by then the evidence was gone and the place was being remodeled and gutted.
His first wife confirmed my suspicions 10 years later when I met her. She told me he was a “fire starter” as a certain brand of sociopaths are.


More news from Belgium…

After the scandal about Bishop Vangheluwe resigning because his abuse of his nephews was about to be exposed a few years ago, there was a politician-journalist Pol Vandendriesche who made a big ruckus out of it, claiming he felt utterly betrayed since he used to be friends with the ex-bishop.

A spokeswoman for the church of that region responded then against this politician and accused him of having loose hands. Some reader-letters followed to the magazine.

2 weeks ago, a journalist of this magazine that had received the reader letters did several interviews and gathered evidence of how this politician has a history of sexual improper conduct on the workloor. Pol Vandendriesche was running for mair of Bruge, and used to be the head-chief of a newspaper. At first he denied it all, then he claimed to not have had any malicious intentions, and claimed he was only now being accused to hurt his political career and the political party he was in now… For a few days it was a he said-she said game, “they’re after our political party” crying, and lots of typical noise of especially men (but also some women) who downplayed it all… Some journalists cried they wouldn’t compliment a woman anymore at work out of fear; Others pinpointed a finger at the women for never going to the police over it, etc…

This prompted more women to come forward: interns he accosted, starting female journalists, male colleagues verifying, starting female politicians who had been groped while he interviewed them (before he was a politician himself), people who had been given the trusted position for complaints but whose hands were tied, because the women were too fearful to lose their job or get a bad rap for other newspapers, etc… He eventually decided to withdraw and quit politics on Sunday.

Since then, new revalations have come forward… about other known Belgians. These women came forward to show it wasn’t a vendetta against a politician… Of course the latest man Jos Geysen (used to work for national radio), who is now 86, denies everything. He admits he had an extramarital affair with his assistant almost 40 years ago, but there was nothing abusive about it, and tries to paint her as a nutjob. But other witnesses are coming forward to corroborate her story: yes they had an affair, but he was the abusive controlling party who beat her up, and when she went to the chief of national TV and Radio she was told to just sit it out for a decade more until he’d go on pension… he was too famous guy to disgrace in their opinion (80s).

Basically the dam has broken, and women are finally standing up against what they had to endure in the 70s, 80s, 90s and past decade. And those who minimalized it two weeks ago or found it outrageous the press was persecuting some known Belgians without a fair trial are being pointed out that they have their morals skewed.

Ox Drover

Dear Darwin’smom,

You know it is ALL OVER THE WORLD….not just in one area, or one culture. Thanks for this update on the news in your part of the world. Some great points there too! I’m glad it is empowering women to stand up.

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