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FREE e-book with the purchase of any Lovefraud CE course!

All 3 Lovefraud books

With any purchase of a Lovefraud CE course, you get one of Donna Andersen’s ebooks, sold for $9.99 on Amazon, absolutely FREE! This offer applies to on-demand self-study courses, and to upcoming webinars. See details below.

On Demand courses

If you need to understand personality disorders right now, five Lovefraud CE courses are now available on demand. Just sign up, and you can view them immediately.

The Basics: Love Fraud and How to Avoid It

The Five Step Exit for Survivors: Tools you need to leave a psychopath, narcissist, or other toxic partner

Sociopathic Seduction: How you got hooked and why you stayed

What Did They Want? Psychopaths, antisocials and other exploiters in romantic relationships

Escaping the Sociopath and Rebuilding Your Life

The Five Step Exit: Tools you need to help clients leave a psychopath, narcissist or other toxic partner (This course is for mental health professionals)

Upcoming webinars

Here’s the lineup of Lovefraud CE webinars. Many of theses courses offer continuing education credits to mental health professionals. If you purchase any of them during July, you’ll receive your free ebook!

July 22, 29 Love and Exploitation: Recognizing the exploitative relationship and its impact on the intimate partner

August 4 How the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Supports Traumatized Clients in Court

August 9 Understanding the Language of a Narcissist During a Divorce or Custody Battle

August 18 The Miracle in the Madness: Pathway to healing from destructive relationships

August 29 Coping with Stalking: How to overcome fear and fight back strategies from a woman who’s done it

Sept. 14, 21, 28 and Oct. 5 Overcoming Children’s Genetic Risk for Externalizing Disorders

October 10 Helping Lesbians Leave Crazy-Making Relationships: Addressing barriers to treatment and delivering effective support

Free ebook!

When you sign up for one of Lovefraud CE courses, your email receipt will include a coupon code for your free ebook by Donna Andersen. Choose from:

This offer is available only for the month of July. Sign up now!

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