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Indian actress commits suicide; boyfriend charged

Jiah Kahn, 25, a Bollywood actress (Bollywood refers to India’s Hollywood), hanged herself last week, blaming her boyfriend for ruining her life. The boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi, 21, the son of famous Bollywood actors, was arrested in Mumbai and charged with abetting the suicide of Kahn.

An excerpt from the actress’ suicide letter appears at the end of the article below. It will sound familiar to many Lovefraud readers.

Boyfriend of Bollywood actress found dead at her home is arrested on suspicion of abetting her suicide, on


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To Be Free

Donna, what a tragic story. I can relate to the deep emotional pain that she expressed in her last words. As I know too many of us can! If only one person could have told her that she could make it.

If I had not had the support of my family and true friends, I could have ended up like this. And I am thankful for LF!

It has been six months since the break up and I have progressed in my healing. Today, though, has been hard.

I remember when I heard the term Sociopath and then began to research this. I couldn’t believe what I had been dealing with but finally the behavior had a name!

I have been totally NC for one month. But 2 weeks ago I had to see him in court. He walked over to me before court and we had a 2 mins of exchange of words.

Just that brief encounter had me in a spin for 3 days. Then I started working my way out of it. It was amazing to me that in that brief encounter that I could have been effected by that it.

When I was leaving court, I saw his new victim with his daughter. That was hard to because my mind did the comparison torture! I had to realize that No, he would not love her and treat her right! And that I could have done nothing to make our toxic relationship better.

I am still healing and know it is still going to take time. I have dated a few guys but nothing serious and I’m not looking for that right now anyway.

I have 3 wonderful children that I am focusing on. The ex also destroyed that too. They are such a blessing.

Thank you for all you do, Donna!

I read about Jiah’s suicide the morning after it happened.Somehow,as I looked into her youthful and beautiful face,I KNEW that her reason for “ending it all” wasn’t depression over her career!At that time,the letter to her mother and sister had not yet been published.But I knew there was an untold story.Reading that letter is enough to make anyone cry!This is truly an example of MURDER-BY-SUICIDE!Thank goodness they have arrested the boyfriend~~~He cannot pay enough for 2 lives!


This is a very sad story indeed. Yet there are mysteries here as well.

For one, what motive could the boyfriend have for “abetting” this poor girl’s suicide?

For another, I’d like to know what the word “previously” means in her suicide note. Curiously, it seems to refer to traumas occurring before this boyfriend entered her life.

It doesn’t solve these mysteries, but there is some more background in two separate articles on this blog by Shobhaa De.


My heart aches when I read this….her note verbatim is one I could have very easily written….the difference is that I am older and have a little more wisdom under my belt because of that.
Despair is very dangerous and generating that ultimate despair is what these disordered people do best!!!! Oh how I wish I could have had some time with this sweet victim to help her understand….that swine of a boyfriend of hers will never see justice ofcourse. Even though he has been arrested there will never be proof that he abetted the suicide. And at the end of the day most people would never “get” the depth of the despair, will chalk the suicide to immaturity and emotional weakness and go on with their lives. If only it was so easy to heal from the harm that is inflicted….

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