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InJustice – See the movie

InJustice is a documentary film that exposes the greed and corruption in America’s lawsuit industry. Steve Forbes said, “Anyone thinking of hiring a lawyer must see this movie.”

InJustice is being shown online on the ReelzChannel on Saturday July 16 at 11 a.m. and Tuesday, July 26 at 4 p.m.

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Wish I could see this film.

I am in process of divorce. The attorneys are a HUGE part of the reason I am not yet divorced. Their greed undermined my trust that they’d HELP me, I thought more likely they’d HELP themselves.

Do you suppose any of those attorneys who turned away a confused, weeping, heartbroken wife b/c I didn’t have $10K cash deposit might think they’d make the same decision if they now knew I was able to self divorce and get over $300k in settlement?


you have done the best you could under the circumstances. I wish you could get the millions you deserve. I wish I could too.

Doing your own divorce while dealing with the emotional turmoil is unbelievable. Nobody could be expected to win, but you have managed to get something. I’m proud of you. You are a great example for the rest of us. If I was half the woman you are, I would have prevailed even more. The only reason I got the house is because my spath was dumb enough to think he could make me kill myself and he would inherit. Most of that was just God’s intervention.

They are beyond evil. Keep praying. pray for humility, it’s a lifesaver.


Alec Baldwin went through a divorce with his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. I saw him on a t.v. show (Larry King Live, possibly?) a year or so ago, where he talked about what divorce is like in our country, too expensive, specifically discussing the role of the lawyers, family court, etc., a HUGE EXPENSIVE undertaking, where everyone appears to be wanting to get their hands on YOUR money. I remember there was an author that he met by way of his younger brother, Steven, and they had either written a book together and/or were going to write a book about the legal abuse that can occur when it comes to divorcing. That was my take on the interview that took place – he was was fed up by what he experienced with his own divorce (via family court), having seen many greedy people within the legal system.



Thanks for the link on revenge. I am anxious to listen to it.

Ox Drover

It is the same way with probate settlements, it is a way for the attorneys to get the money of the deceased, and if they can get the HEIRS FIGHTING, then the SHARKS end up with the estate and the heirs get nothing. Same in a divorce—the SHARKS keep the fight going rather than try to settle it, and THEY GET THE MONEY….

FOLLOW the MONEY is good advice, and when you follow and see WHO is profiting in a divorce, and who is profiting in a “class action” suit then you see it is the SHARKS, not the “victims.”

I just “love” the ones where a group of SHARKS finds an “illegal action” of some big company that “COST the VICTIM THREE CENTS EACH” but there are a 100 million victims so they SUE for “relief” of EACH AND EVERY VICTIM who was victimized for 3 [email protected] They get a HUGE SETTLEMENT, plus punative damages, so the SHARKS GET 35% PLUS EXPENSES of the huge settlement and EACH “victims” gets SIX CENTS, 3 CENTS FOR DAMAGES AND 3 CENTS FOR PUNITIVE “damages”, and the company is out $100 million! Well of course, the “victims” mostly don’t know they were victims, or in most cases CARE and even if they are contacted by advertising, they don’t bother filing a claim because the STAMP to FILE costs many times the “award” they would get. LOL Yet, there are firms making Zillions of bucks daily off these bogus law suits.

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