Internet blackmail of underage girls

This shocking story details how rings of webcam predators and blackmailers convince girls to video themselves naked, and then mercilessly harass them sometimes to the point of suicide.

Cowards are blackmailing young women to death on the Internet, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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what is your story btw?
Who was the spath or spaths in your life? And how did you come to realize it?

Raggedy ann, the theoretical case you give above is not something I think is any big deal. The man may have “sinned” by having lustful thoughts about his daughters and “sinned” by drinking too much, but I don’t think he as committed a crime of any sort. He curbed his impulses and did not act on them in any criminal manner.

Self medicating with alcohol or drugs isn’t a healthy way to cope with any problem.

I think coming up with every conceivable reason a person may have “impure” thoughts and then to try to decide about that person’s “sins” I do not think is productive for me to address.

Lots of people have no sexual outlet outside of themselves for many reasons…choice, age, disability, obesity, deformity, retardation, and I have NO interest whatsoever in what their fantasy sexual life is—actually unless it is illegal or hurts someone I have no interest at all in what their ACTUAL sexual life is.

DAMN Oxy….and I was just about to join in and tell you all about my sexcapades!!!
I’ll be quiet now…… 🙂

I am pretty sure the story was real, not theoretical. He would be included among the people I or those two doctors spoke of, probably testing as an ebebophile or whatever the word is – at least during that era of his life. He has these thought, some other men with these thoughts end up offending. His thoughts tormented him. Some tormented person with an orientation toward young people from his own birth is suffering because that’s what torment is.

Now what about a child that experiences sexual abuse. Child of God or not? Such a person is more likely than average to become a abuser, according to the literature, as far as I know, probably usually aong male victims. Is this person more or less evil than the “paedophile from birth”? The change in likelihood affects my thinking. If a victim was LESS likely to offend as an adult, then in the cases where such a peron did offend, I would be thinking wow this one is UNUSUALLY EVIL. Or very mentally defective in some way.

Would you want the tragedy of being abused to be followed by shunning when some victim has his own recurring inappropriate thoughts about children to the point almost of preference? Registry, and resultant unemployment and housing problems despite the person not having offended yet? Would you feel any pity for this person having had the psychological situation imposed on them?

It’s possible victims offend with greater frequency than average because in some people the experience elevates the victims own degree of psychopathy, but I think it’s worth wondering if this group warrants pity.

I had a big long post that was too heave on detail. I cut and pasted it into an email, and will try to finish it at some point. I mostly have been typing on my phone, and want to limit my lf posting from work. My post may have been too detailed or stream of consciosness which would increase my coherence problem.

In a nutshell, I have been involved with several very troubled people. But will likely share more when I finish what I wrote today and edit it. I never really planned to talk about it here. One situation was generic lf and on a lower scale than the extreme cases here or stories in the news. The more recent on was imo a very unusual situation that can’t be described without explanation of a lot of the preamble. I may be able to nutshell it all better on a different day.


according to the article about biological causes for pedophilia it was noted that actually the majority of those who were abused do NOT become offenders themselves nor pedophiliacs. And that actually the majority of abusers and pedophiliacs were not abused in their childhood.

So basically that same article stated in a roundabout way that abused -> abusers is a myth.

Strange how you forgot about that actually being one of the reasons cited why it’s believed there must be a biological root, when you argued so fervently in that thread on behalf of the biological cause.

darwin’s mom, I said nothing up there about the majority of anything. What I actually did while writing that post above was more along the lines of forgetting that small blurb in the article when I was writing here. You may have noticed that a flame war errupted there that drowned out a lot of the detai or side issues to the title of the article and Donna’s post.

(And see my various typos and time stamp. That was ambien at work, and I was on the heels of having typed a long and unpleasant answer to skylar’s question. I’m also writing on a phone, which involves a lot of distracting screwups.)

I did not take the article to have asserted that being abused plays ZERO role just because biology plays an important role. Surely there is room for both nature and nurture in the influences that produce this or any disorder.

I’m not even sure I would say I was arguing fervently for the biological role. Maybe I was by virtue of my taking the scientists’ findings as real and the information out of Germany as real. Much of my posting there was to defend some other related ideas (which still have application to “nurture”-created problems) and also myself regarding my intentions or empathy level or word use ( see word salad, autism spectrum, speculation about alt ids, discussion of triggering). I also had questions for those arguing my ideas or ridiculing me.

Skylar, ‘trained facilitator’ lol. It’s the ”trained” that intrigues. Who trains the trainers of the trained facilitators? That what I’d like to know.

“Thought policing” is an impossible job. Mao and Stalin and others of that ilk tried to practice it at the cost of about 120 million lives, and were unsuccessful in accomplishing it.

What a person’s fantasies or urges are, however illegal or immoral, are not crimes in this country. Even the person who hates others or has a desire to kill them, as long as those are not turned into THREATS or ACTIONS is free to hate and cruse others in the privacy of his own thoughts.

Whether pedophilia has biological roots or is totally environmental doesn’t matter a fig to me as long as the person does not ACT on that desire.

I have a nicotine addiction and there is probably a biological component to me being more likely to be addicted to nicotine than someone else, but if I want to do what is HEALTHY I don’t give in to the desire for nicotine. And my smoking did effect those who lived near or with me in a negative way.

Not everyone gets the same beneficial things in life…some are born retarded mentally or deformed physically, some are born into rich families, some into poor, some into dysfunctional and some into loving, nurturing families, and these things effect every aspect of their lives.

While my family certainly wasn’t emotionally ideal, I had plenty to eat and drink and wear, and some nurturing from some of the members of my family, and I had a good education, and I was born with a reasonable intellectual capacity into an age and state were I was able to use it. I was also born with a reasonably healthy physical body without any deformities that would hold me back.

So I am very grateful for the many benefits I had in life, many many more than most people in the world have been given.

But I also apparently had the genes for psychopathology which I apparently passed on to my son Patrick. This genetic predisposition (if such it were) has caused me a tremendous amount of pain. The emotional dysfunction in my family whether it was genetic or environmental or a combination of both has also caused me tremendous pain, and I have by my own lack of knowledge of how to function caused myself pain. But none of this exempts me from being responsible for my ACTIONS. But my THOUGHTS on which I do NOT ACT are no one else’s business.

Oh, and BTW there is apparently a genetic predisposition to REVENGE giving pleasure…so that when we think about revenge we get a shot of “pleasure hormone” into our pleasure center of our brains. I don’t doubt that for one minute as I have SCHEMED and lain awake nights thinking about ways to get even with my neighbor Crazy Bob, the one who sued me after my husband’s plane crashed in his pasture for HIS mental anguish. But I CURBED my impulses to castrate him with rusty butcher knife. So I committed no crime punishable by law in this country, though I may have to answer to my God for my thoughts.


I gotta huge can of “Stun & Run” or a mega “Swat a Grot”

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