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Internet love scam syndicate busted in Malaysia

Federal police in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, arrested 60 people most of them from Nigeria who were conning women in romance scams. The police deputy director stated that 332 Internet scam cases had been reported from January through April of this year, with victim losses of 51.3 million ringgit (US$16 million).

60 held in Net love scam, on

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Wow – I knew there were millions of predators trolling dating sites, but I didn’t know they ran a production line!


It’s all about money and sex and power. They search for the vulnerable and those looking for secret sex.

Some sites sell products and there are trolls that ruin most sites. It can take a while to figure it out on any site.

I highly recommend reading as many articles here as you can. They are free and very educational.

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