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Introducing the new

Hello Lovefraud readers! Welcome to the new, integrated, technologically up-to-date!

As you can see, it looks very different. Let me give you a tour.

There are two big and important changes. First of all, the information of and the articles of Lovefraud Blog are now in the same place. Secondly, Lovefraud now has a “responsive” design, which means that the layout is also customized for smart phones and iPads. If you read Lovefraud on these devices, it is now much easier.

Following is a list of other features.


You’ll see rotating images of featured pages click on “Read more” to go to any page. You’ll also see the 10 most recent Lovefraud Blog articles.

In the red menu bar:

The red menu bar contains links to all of the static pages. Click on any link and it will take you directly to the page you want to read.

Are you a target? Lovefraud’s quiz for assessing your own vulnerability to sociopaths.

True Lovefraud Stories Scroll down and you’ll see the list of exploiters that Lovefraud has exposed.

Blog info Profiles of Lovefraud contributors, instructions for how to comment on blog posts and Lovefraud’s commenting guidelines.

Books —Descriptions of my books, Love Fraud and Red Flags of Love Fraud. Read the introduction and one chapter from each book.

Shop for books Under Books. This is the new Lovefraud Store. Click on any title for more information about the book.

Education A description of my program, Love Fraud and How to Avoid It, for college and high school students.

Videos Under Education. All of the Lovefraud videos, including Lovefraud Lessons.

Media My past appearances on TV, radio, newspapers and the web. You can listen to many radio interviews, which you might find really helpful.

Link to Lovefraud Under About. If you have a blog, you are welcome to link to Lovefraud. I’ve provided artwork for a button that you can download (you’ll still have to put in the target link to Please remember, however, that Lovefraud articles are copyrighted, so you cannot post them in their entirety on your website.

Site Map Under About. If you’re looking for a particular page, you’ll find it here.

In the gray menu bar:

The buttons lead you to all the categories of Lovefraud Blog articles.  Click on any one and you’ll come to a listing of all the articles in that category in alphabetical order.

Right side of page:

Lovefraud Risk Calculator Plug your zip code into this pop-up and click. You’ll find out how many sociopaths live in your community.

Recent comments A most popular feature. Find out what other Lovefraud readers are commenting on and join the conversation.

Recent YouTube Videos The latest Lovefraud videos, including Lovefraud Lessons.

Lovefraud Posts by the Day Click any date in the calendar and find out what articles were published on that day.

Footer at the bottom:

Blogroll Links to websites run by Lovefraud’s friends.

Connect Follow Lovefraud on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Newsletter sign-up Lovefraud sends out a newsletter every Tuesday highlighting the previous week’s articles. If you want to receive it, sign up. NOTE: If you register to comment on the blog, that does not mean you are registered to receive the newsletter. They are two different databases.

Archives If you’re looking for old articles, they’re all here in chronological order.

Meta Here’s where you register in order to post comments, and log in. Your information is always private; Lovefraud does not share it with anyone.

Left side of page:

With every article, you’ll see a floating bar of icons to the left.

Social media icons —If you like what you’re reading please share it with your social media network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Linked In, Pinterest.

In fact, please “like” us. Lovefraud had thousands of “likes” on the old website and blog, and because of the change to the new website, they’re gone. We’re feeling unloved. So please click your favorite “like.”

Email — Use this button to email an article to a friend.

Print Use this button to print an article. You can also use it to create a PDF.

So, welcome to the new Look around. There is so much information, and it’s now much for accessible.

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Tea Light

Donna, the new upgraded site is wonderful, thanks for all the work and very glad LF is back up and running – I’ve missed my friends here!


I want to post my story for help, but I do not see how to do it. Can someone please tell me where to find the link? Thank you!

Tea Light

Welcome, wantmylifeback!


Thank you! It is a pretty long story!

the sisterhood

Love the new look, Donna!


Trying to edit a comment wasn’t working either. I had to click the arrow at the top to get it to work.


The new site looks great, Donna!


Thank you Donna for another step in making this wonderful site a success!!! It is a great format….I am always directing women to this site. I especially like the fact that you allow posting for years by readers in the blog. It helps us to feel valued and heard, especially when readers need to feel understood after having been discredited by friends, relatives, physicians, therapist, and clergy. Been here for 5 years now….many times have come here and visited with fellow bloggers when in need of comfort, empathy and education, and helping others as well…..



Great to see this. Well done!!!!!

Peace Sisters


Donna, you are my hero! And I think this is true for millions of victims across the world… you have so much spunk!!! You have not only become wiser from your experience but fought BACK with equal force and got your due…and THIS is what is so commendable and unique… you did not just let it go and move on with your life as if nothing happened.. you made HIM pay…and you mention his name openly.. and THIS holds up like a beacon giving heart so many like me…may you have undiminished will, strength, peace and love in your life..hugs.


Is the calendar the only search feature we have now? I don’t see another option now. I liked the old search feature. Other people seemed to not like it, but I was always able to find what comment I was looking for there.


Yes, I was wondering the same thing, whether the calendar is the only search feature? I used the old search feature a lot, so that I could go back and reference an article. I usually can remember who wrote the article or what the topic was, but not the day it was written. Maybe I’m missing where to look for it.

Otherwise, really like the new look! Thanks as usual!


Yes, the old search feature <—-on that side, on the top…it was really easy to find someone's post by entering their handle and I will really MISS that feature…some things you kind of like to read
a few times and it's difficult to find them now. Just sayin' 🙂
Other than that: I love the way it looks…nice 'feel' to it..

We need a larger preview on the blog posts as well.
I, for one, would like to see a little more 'preview'
of the blog posts… Just sayin'.. lol

Hope everyone is doing well.
I am busy busy busy and spinning in circles
but finding the peace and quiet I absolutely needed.

Hugs from Dupey



Thanks. I look forward to the new search function.



Another suggestion. The “Newer Comments” used to be at the bottom of the page after the last comment. Now we have to go back up to the top to go to the next comment. It was easier when it was at the bottom where we already were with the last comment. Did I make sense?


Hi Donna,

The site upgrade looks great and it’s wonderful to have all of your information in one place! Thank you for this invaluable site.

I have noticed one other glitch I haven’t seen mentioned yet. On my smart phone browser, the Recent Comments sidebar is missing completely.



IT looks fabulous. I love that you kept the original design logo because it delivers eye catching information fast such as being a target! Red for danger!

Thanks for helping me time and time again through providing and updating information, revising, fine tuning, reaching every audience..and now in turn I can deliver the information on how to spot a sociopath to young people I am in contact with.

I feel the knowledge is growing on the ground if the feedback regarding the Jodi Arias trial is anything to go by…she is a master of gaslightery yet people are feeling it and describing it as they/we/I observe a probable sociopath in action….


Hi Donna,

Is there a way to find the postings that are on Facebook on this site through a link?


Lovefraud is being upgraded. Comments and forum posts are temporarily disabled. Dismiss

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