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Ira Einhorn: convicted of murder and pontificating from prison

Ira Einhorn was a counterculture guru of the 1960s and 70s—at least until the mummified body of a woman he murdered was found in a trunk in his apartment. After 16 years as a fugitive in France, he was convicted in 2002, and will spend the rest of his life in a Pennsylvania prison cell. He still sounds like the sociopath that he is.

Read Ronnie Polaneczky: the Ira Einhorn interview, on

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Ox Drover

Quote Einhorn: “I’ve spent a life time creating a knowledge factory in my head.” ROTFLMAO Yea, he’s a knowledge factory all right–we learn all kinds of things about psychopaths by listening to him pontificate! or is it defecate? Well, whatever is coming out of his mouth is BS that’s for sure!

I had forgotten about this guy, but after reading this article remember when he was brought back after being caught…oh, what a play he put on at that time. What a sick sorry excuse for a human, glad he is bored in prison, but so what if he’s smart? He wasn’t smart “enough” now was he?

1500 “lovers”–what a braggart! Even if it was so, let’s see if he had sex with a new one every week for 28.8 years still doesn’t give him much time to develop a “relationshit” as a lover does it?

He says he quit cheating when he met his now-wife, and since he’s been in jail for some years…sounds to me like he’s sort of a wanna be don Juan rather than a real one. LOL Typical P! Just more BS and bragging. I doubt there will be much market for his journals after he’s dead! Might sell them as fire starter though! Or put them in the outhouse at the summer camp!

What a piece of trash!~


I remember reading about Ira Einhorn (in magazine articles back in the 80’s and 90’s), how he killed his girlfriend, Holly Maddux. At the time that I learned about him, I just thought that he was a BAD man (not knowing that he was a bona-fide psychopath). He was a selfish S.O.B (absolutely full of himself) who thought that the world should revolve around himself. I remember her family was devastated over her murder, being frustrated when he fled the country. It took a long time for justice to be served, hauling his butt back into the U.S. (where he can live out the rest of his life in PRISON). It’s wonderful that he isn’t able to REALLY TALK to anyone in prison (about issues that matter to him) – no-one seems to care what Ira Einhorn thinks about anything anymore. How frustrating for him, his ego must be hurting.


From the comments section of the above article:

Great article. A reminder of the sociopaths among us. They are in our board rooms and our politics. They sit around drinking champagne and laughing at the number of people they have laid off, and how the big bucks are in Mexico. They pillage, murder, and steal from poor nations around the world, causing hatred for the average American. They smoke cigars and make backroom deals to fill their wallets. They insulate their children and send ours to war to die and become disabled in order to enrich their own lives. The problem with sociopaths is that only a very few are in our prisons. Most of them are running our lives.

Couldn’t have said it better (except maybe the part about only a very few are in prison).

Makes me think of Gordon Gecko from the Wall Street movies, “Greed is Good” or something spath like that.

What a sicko! I agree with Oxy. The crap he has been writing belongs in the shi**er…


Normal people have no idea who they are…its only when you hear from the victims from news stories like this one that you see the monster hidden underneath the halo. Psychopaths can be undetected for a very long time and not all of them wind up in prison. Can you identify an evil person? Unless you know one intimately, not really. This story is a reminder that attractive, charming and likable person is not at all what he seems and don’t take authority figures at face value.

Ox Drover

Dear Norman,

Thanks for your post and for bringing this older thread back up. It didn’t get a lot of “play” when it was up the first time for some reason. I really do think this guy is a perfect example for people to see how SELF AGGRANDIZING they are in their thinking, how SPECIAL they think they are.

The thing about the REALLY SLICK ONES is that though they may THINK they are “special” (because they are rich or powerful) they have the ability to think the way this jerk does, but to SPEAK like they have humility and empathy. TO FAKE IT>

John Edwards I think is a perfect example of the “superior” (in his own mind at least) person that the rules don’t apply to. While he may not have murdered Elizabeth physically, he was willing to emotionally do so.

Blaggo who tried to sell Obama’s senate seat has less in the way of social skill and pseudo-class than Edwards, but pretty much the same thinking I think as old Ira.

Most “successful” psychopaths or narcissistic creeps who do get to the oval office or at least a corner office have better “social skills” than Ira does, and the lies they tell are more believable than Ira’s.

The Psychopath across the road from me, that I at first thought was just an Adult ADHD and “blow hard” would come over here and hang out with the guys at the airport, and tell stories of his “5,000 parachute jumps in Viet Nam” and though he didn’t claim to be a pilot, wanted to appear “one of the guys” with his manly exploits. What he didn’t know was that NO ONE has EVER had 5,000 jumps, and if they had, they would have not been able to stand up, their hips would be at their shoulder level. LOL

Let’s see, if he made 2 jumps a day for 2,500 days and there are 365 days in a year, so that is is 6.8 years without ever missing a day of having two jumps. LOL Oh, and he also worked for the FBI, the CIA, and was a NAVY SEAL as well. Talented guy, must have done that between his two jumps.

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