Iraq veteran defrauds VA for fake injuries

A 47-year-old South Carolina man named Steven Mickey Bunker claimed he came back from serving in Iraq with injuries that left him paralyzed, unable to walk, drive, eat or take care of himself without help.  Federal investigators found out he lied.

Before he was caught, Bunker was able to collect $159,000 from the Veterans Affairs Department, plus was given a $40,000 special vehicle that could be driven by someone with no arms and no legs; which he traded for a Hummer, prosecutors said.

Bunker’s fraud was exposed after the Myrtle Beach Sun News wrote a story about him and readers blew the whistle on him. Bunker’s mother and stepfather helped him pull off his fraud, which is going to cost him $250,000 in fees and a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Stolen valor: Man facing 15 years for lying about military wounds, from the Washington Times.

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