Italian student burned alive by her ex-boyfriend

DiPietrantonio and Paduano

Vicenzo Paduano, right, confessed to killing his girlfriend, Sara DiPietrantonio, left.

Vincenzo Paduano, 27, refused to accept that his girlfriend, Sara Di Pietrantonio, 22, had broken off their relationship.

In the pre-dawn hours, Paduano waited outside the home of Sara’s new boyfriend for her to leave. He then ran her car off the road in a section of Rome, Italy, doused the car and her with alcohol, and set the car on fire.

Sara ran for her life. But Paduano caught up with her, set her face on fire with a cigarette lighter, and left her to die.

Italian student escapes car inferno after it is torched by her ex-boyfriend ”¦ only to be burned alive when he chases her, throws alcohol in her face and sets her alight, on

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She looks like she was a delightful young lady, i am a survivor of child molestation by a relative, A narcsssistic ex husband with whom i created a daughter 21 whom is in a dodgy 5 yr relationship which has led to a breakdown in our previously ‘sister-like’ close relationship,

Needless to say I worry.
During my time divorcing her father, I had a 3yr affair with a Socio who i “Met” on school run in which he pursued me for 2 yrs whilst he knocked his wife up for THIRD time (unbeknown to me) immediately after they got back together!!!! his wife was pregnant at home when he started on me!!!!
(i had him arrested for violence) ending that,
Went into therapy for two years to heal and moved on.
Next I started “fairytale” relationship with a generous, thoughtful caring man who said he understood my positin as he was let down in his previous relationship..
Jackpot! I felI into a dream, we planned a baby (she is now 4) who he sexually molested.
I want every Mum of every daughter out there to be warned that if yer instinct says her man is a Socio, He is a Socio. But be more careful how you approach warning your daughter with it as I have now lost mine. 4 year-old is fine by the way, misses her Dad though.
😔. I am Strong and Hopeful xxxxâ¤ï¸

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