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ITV re-enacts Malcolm Webster’s murder of his wife in ‘The Widower’

Malcolm Webster

Malcolm Webster and his wife, Claire Morris, at their wedding.

In 1994, Malcolm Webster submitted an insurance claim for the tragic death of his bride of eight months, Claire Morris, who swerved off an Aberdeenshire road. Webster was awarded the insurance money, collecting more than £200,000.

In 1999, Webster married a native New Zealander named Felicity Drumm. She has a sizable bank account and insurance policies, which his name was added to. After clearing out her bank accounts, Morris put her in a car, intending to run it off the road and set it on fire, but his plot was interrupted.

This foiled plan looked suspiciously like the circumstances surrounding the death of Webster’s first wife, and an investigation followed. Webster, who became known as the Black Widower, was convicted of murder and attempted murder, and was jailed for 30 years at Glasgow High Court in 2011.

Now, ITV is running a drama series called The Widower, which is based on the real life crimes of convicted murderer Malcolm Webster. Episode One reenacts Malcolm and Claire’s wedding. Peter Morris, Claire’s brother, and a consultant for the show, praised Sheridan Smith, the actress who portrays his sister for capturing his sister “completely.”

People who have access to ITV can see the series on ITV catchup. Registration is required. ITV is not available in the U.S.

My sister was killed by The Widower but Sheridan Smith has brought her back to life: Brother of murdered bride pays tribute to actress who portrays her, from the Daily Mail Online.

 Brother of tragic ‘Black Widower’ victim praises new TV drama, from HeroldScotland

The Widower on ITV

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Its a shame this isn’t available to watch outside uk .. do watch if you can 🙁

It’s pretty triggering ** but probably the only ‘prime time’ TV I have ever seen that describes and depicts the sociopath in a way that is so ‘finger on nose’ recognisable.

TV apart.

This guy was a UK registered nurse. He used that.

Nurses are very respected.(and yes we have checks in the UK – Criminal Record Bureau checks)

He duped everyone…everyone… and didn’t skip a beat.

He looked ‘normal’.

He ‘cookie cut’ his wedding speeches…

The pity plays… he stole drugs to drug his wives…he pretended to have cancer eventually…

His target’s were intelligent women with loving families.

Thank heavens for Felicity’s sister who fought to expose him.x And so many kind thoughts and care to Claire, Felicity and Simone. xx

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