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James Parham, 75, pleads guilty in prostitution case

Back in May, James Parham, 75, and a neighbor, cheryl Chaney, 66, were charged with running a prostitution ring in a New Jersey senior citizen complex. Police said some of the elderly residents were sex workers.

Parham pleaded guilty to all charges last week. But instead of going to jail, Parham will go to an assisted living facility.

Englewood man, 75, charged in drug, prostitution sweep pleads guilty, on

Here’s the original story:

Man, 75, accused of running prostitution ring in New Jersey senior housing complex, on



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There’s nothing like a little comic relief!

Mind you, I don’t see that there’s much “sociopathy” involved in this story—except in the looser sense of “social pathology” as it affects an entire subculture. That was clear from Kevin Thomas’s remark, which was howlingly funny on two quite separate grounds: “Why they wait so late in life to start doing stuff they should have did years ago…?” “Should have did”? That’s “pathological English” for a start! Apart from that, it seems that in Kevin’s mind, everybody should be a pimp, a hooker or a crack addict at some time in their life! Why wait? Do it while you’re young! If we didn’t know the context of his remark, we might think he was talking about anything from surfing to climbing mountains!


I disagree….after reading Releasing the bonds,empowering people to think for themselves by Steven Hassan and my own experience with a sociopathic ex husband this story does scream sociopathic abuse. In the book I learned that cult leaders, dictators, pimps, domestic abusers etc are all the same type of person, they are all sociopaths who use the same tactics to suck someone into their game, tactics such as love bombing, gas lighting, mind control, brain washing, reward and punishment, install fear and phobia’s etc all to control their victims. The victims here are the prosititues who are drug addicted clearly in a vulnerable position in their life and he knew that he could make them do anything because they just wanted their fix of drugs. This is also a man who clearly shows no respect for the women or for the old men who could have ended up with deadly illnesses because of this guys selfishness.

Anyone who does not care about societies laws should always be questioned, sorry but this guy has been alive long enough to know what he was doing was against the law and was morally wrong…. you should always look at the list of sociopathic traits to see if they meet them. I don’t find anything about this story funny I see lots of victims and one mastermind who manipulated himself with the help of his lawyer and the judge into an easy place to service his jail sentence, a place where he can continue to pray on the weak….there is no doubt this guy will run a new scam in his new home. Once you have been in the grips of a sociopath you see the world differently, even if a world (like this one in the article) has never been on your radar you still can see how a sociopath can con people for his own selfish gain.


My grandad was a sex addict, he would have loved that senior complex!

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