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Jared Remy, after years of violence, murders girlfriend

Last month Jared Remy, son of Boston Red Sox commentator Jerry Remy, pleaded guilty to murdering his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel, in front of their 4-year-old daughter. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Read Jared Remy pleads guilty to first-degree murder, on

In a series of articles, the Lovefraud reader Anne Stevenson described Remy’s history of assault and violence, and how  Massachusetts authorities continually dismissed the crimes or let him off with off with “therapy.”

Read on Community Digital News:

Convicted murderer’s family used cash, influence to buy leniency, custody of victims

Corruption trials shed light on blood money flowing through Massachusetts DCF, courts

Former prosecutor questions integrity of court’s federal funding used to punish crime victims, reward violent offenders

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Am not surprised.
My ex lives in a town where he is “the prince”. When there is a new Police Chief, the “town fathers” take the Chief out to dinner where he is informed that if he wants to keep his job, and not be blackballed when he leaves, he keeps his hands off certain families and their kids.

My husband learned the law does not apply to him.
He will never leave his small town. He tried that, leaving home, and was furious that he got stopped in a different city for reckless driving.

I KNOW this goes on all over the USA, not just with “the famous”, but also with the “local famous”.
There is no such thing as justice. Expecting the law to apply to all is so naïve. That’s why I love to celebrate when someone prevails here on LF, because that part of getting free is so very rare.

And yes, I fully believe that a mother protecting herself and her child is perceived as “using his kid against him”. Slime. Ewwww.


Part of me wanted to feel sorry for the murderer’s parents too but they’re such enablers I just can’t do it. Then they had the unmitigated gall to fight for custody of his children by two relationships. I went down the rabbit hole reading about his past and found the parents used questionable evidence provided by Jared Remy himself against the mother of his oldest child. They won custody. All of the Remy’s children seem to have emotional problems and criminal histories. It makes me wonder what the heck was going on that household.

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