Jerry Sandusky proclaims innocence – sentenced anyway

Jerry Sandusky pulled a typical sociopathic maneuver. He released an audio tape proclaiming his innocence, blaming the victims and accusing everyone in the world of conspiring against him. The court didn’t buy it. He was sentenced to spend 30 to 60 years in prison.

The tape: Transcript and audio of Jerry Sandusky statement on ABCLocal.go.com.

Jerry Sandusky gets 30 to 60 yers for sex abuse after tearful victim statements, on ABCNews.go.com.

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ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sandspathsky wants his pension? For what? The prison commissary?! Or, would that be for his beleagered wife to have?

This is almost laughable, seriously. He was arrested, fired, and convicted of his crimes. He should forfeit any and all claims to any and all income, pensions, benefits, or windfalls when some producer decides to write a screenplay of the ruination of Penn State and the lives of those victims.


Should we be surprised at THIS news?

Jerry Sandusky’s SON arrested on child sex charges

And so it continues from generation to generation….was my first thought when I heard the news of his son being arrested for child sex crimes. Nope, not surprised at all.

Never before has this phrase rung more true: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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