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Jim McGreevey rejected as priest

Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, who famously proclaimed himself to be a “gay American,” wanted to remake himself as an Episcopal priest. The church isn’t buying it. Why? He’s a “jackass.”

Read Heaven can wait—McGreevey priest bid is rejected on

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I agree with Donna when she says that McGreevey is a sociopath. The divorce proceedings resemble mine, especially how they sing a sad song about not being employable and how unfair it is to have to pay alimony.

Oh, mine went the religious route too when he went to church and confessed to the priest and told him various lies. My therapist asked if he used religion yet, well the next week is when he had the epiphany.

I think McGreevey is using the church to not pay support and to change the publics opinion of him. The sociopaths do most anything to get us to see them as ‘good people’ and I think they get off on how many people they dupe. Sickos

I heard all of the poor me crap in mediation and it was hard not to throw up. When I handed spaths social security statement to my attorney he said that I was being very generous not going after more money. I don’t want to have anything to do with him and if it gets him to leave me alone, I will settle for less.

Right now I’m waiting for spaths decision on the agreement. He was supposed to contact us last week, but as per usual he is dragging his feet. Loser! Weasel!

I’m putting his crap on my garage sale in May if he doesn’t come and get it. I’m sick of him leaving his stuff here because he thinks he’s going to come back. Cold day in he** before I would let him back into my life.

Okay, this was supposed to be about McGreevey and I made it about myself again. Anyway, McGreevey is in the church for selfish reasons, like the pastor in “A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing”, total self promotion.


A con is always a con… a robe or not.

The Church made a good choice.

He used his ‘wife’ to hide his real self.
He used his political position to hide from his wife and constituants………
He used his male partner to hide his income abilities to avoid CS and Alimony…………
The church will be no different.

Ox Drover

I read both his book (very self serving) and her book (she still doesn’t get it that he is a sociopath) and I also read the web site of the guy he accused of having an “affair” with him…..the guy denies it TOTALLY, and says that McGreevey ASSAULTED and harassed him sexually, and guess what…I THINK I BELIEVE THE GUY.

I can’t see much motive in the guy lying about it at this point, and the guy’s only motive I can see for being around McGreevey was a JOB and political gain in that way….the guy may not be a male version of Mother Theresa but he puts up a good argument that McGreevey is lying on this point too…..

This guy is one of those I think who will continue to try to spin his “reputation” rather than fade into the background like someone who had any shame would…he doesn’t see that the world does not revolve around his arse.


LOL I know this is not funny. It is pathetic.

I didn’t read the books but saw Mrs. McGreevey on Oprah. (can’t remember her first name) She was very believable, but in the middle of the program He gets on with a rebuttal or maybe it was a letter trying to discredit her book. If he was not a sociopath he would let her have her dignity and not continue to lie. We know the truth don’t we.


kim frederick

Well, being in the priesthood is an excellant way to gain supply and have power, just like it is to be a politician.

It’s really pretty predictable, isn’t it?


Hey, Erin and OxDrover:

Just came up for air, saw this article and had to comment.

I have many issues with Mr. McGreevey – starting with the fact that he ran one of the most corrupt administrations in New Jersey history. Anyone who is a student of New Jersey history knows this takes some doing.

What convinced me the man was a sociopath is his marriage and his treatment of his wife. Or, to be more accurate about it, his second marriage and his treatment of his second wife. You see, there was a first Mrs. McGreevey by whom he had a daughter. Not much is known about her except the fact that she had the good sense to put him and New Jersey in her rear view mirror the moment the judge stamped the divorce papers final and she’s been living in Canada ever since.

Speaking as a gay man, and indeed, as a human being, everybody is entitled to a mistake. Fine. He got married. It didn’t work out. Happens in 50 percent of all marriages. Where my problem comes in is that I am damned sure that he knew he was gay after the first marriage ended and he chose to get married again – solely because HE needed a wife at HIS side if HE was going to achieve HIS goal of becoming governor. And so, I believe, he sucked her in and used her as an accessory, the way you would wear a nice necktie or a purse. And when the jig was up, he tossed her aside the same way you would a necktie or purse that had outlived its usefulness. Oh, yes. And once again he added a child to the mix — another accessory.

Several years ago I was at a “Talk of the Town” hosted by the New York Times. These are live interviews conducted by a New York Times columnist. At the one I went to McGreevey was the interviewee. I was sort of curious to see how he was going to hold up since I had seen him on Oprah and Larry King, if memory serves me correctly, and they had done nothing but toss him softballs.

He walked out onto that stage and soon learned that this was going to be a very different kettle of fish. For starters, there were a lot of gays and lesbians in the audience — none of whom were buying his story. The New York Times interviewer wasn’t Oprah or Larry King. And the rest of the audience were New Yorkers — a crowd that doesn’t tolerate bullshit well.

McGreevey was in the hot seat. Totally trapped, he decided to wrap himself in righteous indignation (aka “the PIty Play” to those of us in the know). He gets holier than thou and says “I did everything right. I went to Harvard. I went to law school. I became governor of New Jersey. I was on the top of the hill. Then I came out and discovered as a gay man that I had no rights and was now at the bottom of the hill.” I thought to myself “Gee, Jim. You’re living in a Park Avenue apartment and mansion in New Jersey with all the bills — including your legal bills — paid for by your multi-millionaire boyfriend. Seems to me you’ve actually climbed higher up the hill.” In any case, I didn’t have to open my yap. The audience called him on it right and left.

I guess Jimbo figured out that it was time for him to go dark. Unlike Oprah and Larry King, his boyfriend didn’t come out on the stage and kiss him at the end of the show.

So, as a member of the Episcopal church, all I can say is “amen” that the powers that be had the good sense to just say “no.” Unfortunately, we haven’t heard the last of Mr. McGreevey — or should I say Mr. McGreedy?

Ox Drover

Hey Matt! Glad to see you, Bro! Sure do miss you now that you are a big DC lawyer….glad to see that you haven’t forgotten your old friends here.

I totally agree with you on this man, and I am like Donna, I don’t think he is so much GAY as just will screw anything that will hold still long enough. Even if he IS GAY he has no moral compass. I suspect from reading his x-wife (#2) book that his first wife KNEW he had gay leanings….also, as donna pointed out to me in a private e mail in discussing this man, the guy he SAYS he had an affair with, DENIES (a) that he is gay and (b) says that McGreedy SEXUALLY attacked him and that he was NOT interested in an affair with McGreedy, and that his law suit was in order to out McGreedy, not to get money. The guy’s web site has the ring of truth to it and you know, we KNOW THAT McGREEDY IS A LIAR, don’t we? So I tend to believe the man’s claim.

You know it is odd that someone who is such a liar is now trying to become a PRIEST! LOL ROTFLMAO

Hope all is going well with you, Matt. Wish you’d get that bunch in DC all sorted out! Get our country back on the road to prosperity. MATT FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012!!!!!


Hello Matt Darlen!!!!!

I raise a glass to you……..


Howdy Matt.

lesson learned


Good to “see’ ya!

You’d be a GREAT article writer for LF !


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