Joey Buttafuoco hits Mary Jo with lawsuit

In Getting It Through My Thick Skull, Mary Jo Buttafuoco comes out and says that her ex-husband, Joey Buttafuoco, is a sociopath.

Not surprisingly, Joey doesn’t like having his “good name” dragged through the mud. According to the New York Post, he plans to file a lawsuit against Mary Jo. Read:

Joey hits Mary Jo with suit

I hope Mary Jo fights this case and wins. There are no legal guidelines on when someone can be described as a sociopath, which is one reason why the media are so reluctant to use the term. Lovefraud will certainly keep an eye on this story.

Thanks to Matt for the tip!

Getting It Through My Thick Skull is available in the Lovefraud Store.

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Hecates, oh, no. I am not a journalist — except for writing journal entries of my own. I consider myself an author. Small difference, maybe, but a big one to me.

I do thank you for encouraging me to write some of my story out. And I understand feelings of guilt — but mine have been from not wanting to “spook” anyone. I think you helped me break the ice on that one. I am a strong, courageous woman — like all the posters here –except the males LOL who are strong, courageous MEN.

These are our strengths and we shouldn’t hide them!

May I tell you that my “fascinating” life has been the result of REFUSING to succumb totally to the strict control of my EX?. Outside of my “marriage” and within cautious reason, I was able to accomplish many things. I just learned how (without manipulating) to answer the call of God in my life by ‘obeying” my Ex in the things that might get me killed.

Some things I was not successful in doing. One example was that I was never to attend or host neighorhood coffees during the afternoons so I didn’t. All birthday celebrations were only to be immediate family and no others — after spending my girlhood with my parents opening their homes to many outside the family on many occasions.

I remember when the ban on birthday celebrations began. We lived in a new city — where many of my high school friends lived — and I hosted a surprise 30th birthday party for Ex which included about 40 people. (I did love to enteratain.) Most of the guests were new friends from our new church that EX knew.

Yes, he was surprised — and with his major ability for self-control — he behaved very admirably during the party.
As soon as the last guest left, he grabbed me and threatened to throw me down the stairs. Actually, he held me out over thin air and scared the tar out of me! He said, in his strangely calm and quiet voice, “Don’t you ever do that (a party, not just a surprise one) ever again!” and he set me back down on the upper landing.

There is no question that I stayed because I was afraid of being killed but, yes, I was able to carve out a satisfactory life for myself and our children in spite of that fear.

PS. His reason for not wanting parties was because, “I hate to be in crowds.” End of entertaining!

How I overcame survivor’s guilt.

The Lacy/Peterson year long trial was the beginnng of PTSD, which scares me at first, until I sought counseling.

I learned that I had reacted so severely to such news was partly due to that the numerous times I had been unexpectly physically abused during the “marriage,” that I never reacted, just froze. But the terror was still “in” there and were now trying to be released.

The advice I was given was to just stop and allow the feelings to flow out of me and to endure the physical sensations until they were gone, not matter how long it took. I was lucky to be living alone with no family responsibilities so I did that whenever the “trigger” clicked in and let it happen. I didn’t think or analyze, just felt the sensations. The first year, sometimes it took a full day to recover. By the second year, the “triggers” happened less frequently. The third year was quite peaceful.

I think I’ve only experienced two or three in the intervening years. The most recent one was when one of the site interlopers posted — and his arrogance and sense of superiority were so like Ex’s that it triggered a reaction that lasted about four hours.

Knowledge is indeed power! When I understood “triggers” I could handle them.

I wonder what experiences with “triggers” other posters have had?

Sorry for my grammatical errors — especially verb tenses. I do know better. LOL

This has helped me immensely! (i.e. ” just stop and allow the feelings to flow out of me and to endure the physical sensations until they were gone, not matter how long it took. ) I am trying this out from now on anewlily, whenever I am on my own.(which is whenever i am at home!) Thankyou! xo

LTL and Jenn, yeah, I woke up to the news he’d hanged himself.
such a horrible creepy case from start to finish.

a quote from his mother…

Reached shortly after the news broke Sunday night, his mother, Nada Jenkins, said she still believes her son is innocent.

“I think he panicked, my little boy, and we had to protect him, even now that he’s dead,” she said, sobbing.

*sigh* My little boy? he was how old?

I had a violent boyfriend waaaaaaay way back in time, who put me in hospital a number of times, then after it eneded I heard allegations of rape being made by other women and blah, but this reminded me, his mother once said to me (a seemly ‘nice’ woman) that even if her son ‘went down’ for murder, she would stand by him… eeeeeeerm!?

I am not sure if I am glad he is dead or pissed that he wont see justice first.

Going back to the reading topic I got given a book today :’Children of the self-absorbed, A grown up’s guide to getting over Narcissistic parents.’ by Nina Brown. I am a very SLOOOOOOOOOW reader but it looks interesting and helpful so I will try and give you guys a review when I am done:)xxx

Dear Blue,

I also ahve that book, and know several people that it has helped a great deal.

Don’t worry about reading slowly, just savor each thought. (((hugs)))) and keep on learning!

Please forgive me for not remembering (or finding in the comments) the awesome member who suggested viewing the documentary “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a son about his father”

I watched it last night and I haven’t cried that hard or long in ages. I cried for the heartbreaking, devastating, tragic reality of really beautiful and loving people. They all suffered so much (and continue to do so) due to one most assuredly psychopathic female.

Since I just watched it last night, I would agree with the bereaved father and say I also hate that bitch, Shirley Turner. Her seflishness knows zero bounds in the brutality, the callousness of the crimes she committed against innocent, wonderful human beings.

This film will be in my mind and heart forever and I will count myself uberblessed if I am never confronted with such useless, worthless, sick evil as that female Shirley Turner embodied.

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