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Joey Buttafuoco hits Mary Jo with lawsuit

In Getting It Through My Thick Skull, Mary Jo Buttafuoco comes out and says that her ex-husband, Joey Buttafuoco, is a sociopath.

Not surprisingly, Joey doesn’t like having his “good name” dragged through the mud. According to the New York Post, he plans to file a lawsuit against Mary Jo. Read:

Joey hits Mary Jo with suit

I hope Mary Jo fights this case and wins. There are no legal guidelines on when someone can be described as a sociopath, which is one reason why the media are so reluctant to use the term. Lovefraud will certainly keep an eye on this story.

Thanks to Matt for the tip!

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Of course he is, all the attention. Jus this am I was talking about him, I wondered aloud why Mary Jo had not SUED him civil court…

Go Mary Jo!


Let me get this straight.
They (sociopaths) spend their lives conning people, running smear campaigns & spreading insidious lies/distortions on the character of others without consequence.
THEN, when someone finally has the courage to go public, and call them what they are, they are filing lawsuits?

Don’t even get me started!!!!!

Ox Drover

The truth is an absolute defense against liable I understand. I think all it would take is checking Joey off against the PCL-R and I bet he would lose his suit.

We had a case here in our county years ago that is still talked about. A man sued for SLANDER (someone talking bad about him) and the jury found for the plaintiff, but DAMAGES were ONE CENT! The jury realized the guy didn’t have much of a reputation to “damage.” LOL ROTFLMAO

I don’t think Joey B has much of a reputation to damage either. About lke that guy on death row who sued for his damaged reputation. ha ha ha GO MARYJO!!!!! TOWANDA!!!!


How do you make a “Baring Teeth with Veins Popping out of the Forehead” emoticon????


I have thought over and over about when I let my book out, how I will be fending off S’s attorney.
What else are they to do……???
They like the attention…..
and it keeps them ‘engaged’ in the survivors life.
Perfect arena.
The book is already OUT. So he can’t squeeze the ‘toothpaste back into the tube’……
It’s all about attention…..only THEY want to be in control of it!
This would be a perfect time for book #2 to come out from MJB.

BTW….MATT your missed….but assumably all is well, so ENJOY yourself!!!!

It probably fed his ego that, after all this time, MaryJo wrote a book about him…until someone explained that sociopath isn’t complimentary. 🙂


Delusions of keeping the mask in place, while garnering sympathy, attention, and part of Mary Jo’s book proceeds. Typical game, typical behavior. No brainer this was coming. Like I said in my original post, “I will follow with great interest how the legal experts digest this.”



can’t be libel or slander if it be true!


We victims can take comfort that God is up in Heaven, looking down, saying,”Hiya, Joey. You know that little verse I wrote in the Bible about vengeance being Mine?……”

The criminal defense attys on Jane Velez Mitchell think his case is, “laughable.” It has to be the spotlight, as someone who has plead guilty to statutory rape, insurance fraud, cheated on his wife, went on “death match” shirtless (I’m still blinded), and a few other hijinx, hasn’t much of a reputation to preserve. Furthermore, they said if Mary Jo read the traits (as she stated she did) and truly believes that he’s a sociopath, it is also not libel. Very interesting.


Good one, sstiles54! I actually have had no feelings of wanting revenge because I think God has a better plan to bringing it about. And HE will!


When my S filed bankruptcy to get out of paying me for monies owed from a judgment handed down in the courts; I filed an adversary to have my debt nondischargable from the bankruptcy because of fraud. The S then counter sued me for invasion of privacy because not only did I tell his family what was going on, but my story is here on LF; AND when you google his name – the LF story is the #1 and #2 hits. Every thing is backed up with documentation.
On the day of court, the judge annouced he did not want to hear his claim of invasion of privacy because there was nothing the S could present that would justify his privacy was invaded, and besides “What happened to the freedom of speech?”
Joey – you may have just helped us get the word out about people like you.

Way to go Mary Jo!!


Hasn’t Mary Jo been thru ENUF for God’s sake, without this IDIOT sueing for such bogus reasons? Worried about your low life reputation, Joey??? SHould a thought about that BEFORE sleeping with homicidal AMY Fisher, and getting your wife shot in cold blood! DUH.. ya think???
This brainiac thinks HE is “entitled” to compensation-sounds like a card carrying sociopath to me. Proves her case!!
Along with the “pity ploy, “smear campaign, and no sense of remorse or empathy toward his victim.
Go Mary Jo! As we say- Call him a lollipop- You are NO longer his sucker!!!


Its incredible how they just don’t get it! As Sabrina said he is a card carrying sociopath but there seems to be a mental dislocation, if you like.

And I’m sure getting attention from this whole thing is a big motivator for them, keeps them in the spotlight again.


Oh my gosh i agree with the person that said god will deal with them ….my ex husband has tortured us all and destroyed everyone in his path….he has lost his business and now his house and he still blames it all on anyone but himself……they just do not and will not ever get it…..i am hoping and praying that he has left town and i can someday have the oppurtunity to heal the relationship with my son….he has been so manipulated and exploited by the n… is shameful what they do….thank you god for some justice….cheers


Mary Jo….I commend you sweetheart…..Stay Strong and keep moving on….he doesn’t stand a chance….cheers


To Anewlily…..Oh he will and he does as i have just bare witness to….god will deal with them….in his time….cheers


Poor wittle sociopath Joey. Have none of you guys no compassion and understanding for how difficult it must be for Joey to see his ex wife happy with a new man, getting attention for a book she wrote, not to mention making some moohlah, while all the while getting to insult his giant pedophile ego (Amy Fisher was very underage when he started that affair with her and I can only imagine how F*cked up “I” would have been (and possibly remained) if a sociopath had gotten hold of me at that age cause look what it did to me when I was way into adulthood!!!)?

So he formerly had such control over Mary Jo that he orchestrated a “hit” on her (and I personally think he messed with Amy’s mind and manipulated Amy to try to kill his wife), then he successfully convinced Mary Jo (and apparently alot of the public) that it was ALL Amy’s doing………… Mary Jo done flew the coop and got his number. Think of how tough it must be for an aging Joey to have lost control over Mary Jor and see her free of him and doing quite well. He can’t let her get away with that and especially with the high profile PUBLICITY showing she is doing quite well and has his number, cause wouldn’t it mean that she…….WINS? How DARE her!!!

So, OF COURSE, he has to sue her and try to cause her misery, regardless of whether he has a case. Control, winning over her, chaos…….gotta inject that in her life again. Too bad he’s gonna LOSE like the LOSER he is. Then poor wittle SOCIOPATHIC Joey is really gonna be pissed.


After the legal abuse i have suffered in the exteme, if she doesn’t win this case I will not at all be surprised.


I can’t get over all these comments. Whatever Joey is guilty of is neither here nor there. The LAW IS THE LAW. Read a book called Google Bomb that will published this Sept. by the same company that published Mary Jo’s book about a 12 mil settlement because of libel. I’m a woman and I understand Mary Jo’s plight. HOWEVER, I read her book. She has never worked except for one job when she was a teen. What’s wrong with this picture?

If someone wrote a book about you or I calling them a “sociopath”, you would sue too. How is he expected to earn a living becuase his ex wife has chosen to suddenly become a doctor and doagnosis her ex for money.

He has EVERY legal right to sue. And the irony is, HE WILL WIN. Mary Jo should have googled lawsuit for publishing libel the minute after she googled sociopath.

You can bet that if Joey wrote a book about his ex calling her a pathological liar, I bet she would sue him.

Bottom line. Freedom of speech plays NO PART here. Google it. Just like Mary Jo….


Yes mel,
the law is the law is the law! And don’t we ALL KNOW IT!And its ok to conspire to shoot a person in the back of the head right? Damn it! she survived and wrote a book….so now the patriachal society we live in can make her hell go on forever more, through the courts. What better way to torture someone who has been betrayed, beaten and shot through the head than to sue them and invalidate them and maybe lock them up into the bargain?
You know, sometimes our emotions get the better of us when we have had a lifetime of abuse,mel!


Its hard to get a second job when you are a psychopaths fodder.


“The Constitution protects free speech, but slander is not free speech.”

That is the LAW, Tilly. Puuuulease with Mary Jo already. She is a professional victim and this is a clear cut case of slander. I’m a LAWYER. And also a woman whose husband left their marriage and two children after an affair with his assistant. So, in a morals issue, yeah, Joey was a crappy husband. BUT THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE. The issue is the law. She broke it. The publisher broke it and he will win this case hands down. It’s open and shut.


Melissae, I find your comments disturbing.



That is the argument , as I understand, in this blog. How to deal with the law when the Courts are so naive and manipulated by the Sociopaths. This is the entire fight that we victms wants to see it changed. Who pays compensation to the victms of the manipulative sociopaths, who are left in absolutely missery, and in an state of emotional, financial , etc..etc.dispair…

I believe the Lawyes should start being more informed of the social devastation of those twisted mind and try to change how the Courts deal with those cases. Who makes the Law (we people). Laws can be changed in a civilised world. We just need the community pressure to have it changed to protect who needs to be protected and not to cover up criminals because we are too lazy to change things. The law was established in the Constitution when a lot of the things we know today were not known. We need to change the Law as we as a Society evolves.

IT IS BEYOND time to have things changed in Courts. Judges and the Legal system need to be better educated and updated according to times.


Ladies, I hear you. But however, one cannont just publish defamatory comments no matter what the case. Mary Jo is not an authority. She is a woman who was a victim.

You all need to seperate yourself from your feelings. This is not about feelings. It is about the law. I totally respect where you are all coming from. I’m a woman too. And I would not give Joey the time of day. But the facts are simple. An ex-wife who is not a doctor cannot make statements like the ones she did.

What is so hard to understand about that? Mary Jo broke the law. Simple.


I have not read the book, but it is my understanding that she went online and looked at the criteria for sociopath, and then based on her knowledge of him and his actions (not just the adultery but his other behavior and also illegal activities he was engaged in over the years) and reached the conclusion he fit the criteria for sociopath. Doesn’t she say in the book that is what she is basing her opinion of him being a sociopath on and how she reached her conclusion (meaning she is not holding herself out to be a professional with the credentials to formerly diagnos)?
So, if the case goes to court and since she is presumed innocent until proven guilty, wouldn’t Joey have to prove her guilt by proving her comments about his character and him meeting the criteria for sociopathy are false and that he does not, in fact, possess the obvious traits or criteria for the sociopath? Or if he does (and she can prove with documentation the behavior) that he does possess the traits of the sociopath, would she not be found innocent? I think his longstanding and documented record of behavior (not just the record of the adultery and Amy Fisher thing) may work very much in favor of finding that he does in fact meet the criteria. For that reason, I don’t think it is quite such an open and shut slam dunk as you see it, because if there is a jury they are not going to be looking at it from quite the perspective you are (juries are sometimes quite unpredictable and swayed by factors other than the literal law as I am sure you know) Just my opinion though cause I am not a lawyer. –Jen


I too find Melissae’s comments disturbing. I have not read Mary Jo’s book yet, but what I have seen of her interviews, she has not proclaimed herself to be a psychologist. She is basing her claim of Joey being a sociopath on the traits and behaviors he has exposed throughout the years. If she isn’t making a “professional” diagnosis, but voicing an opinion based on her encounters with Joey – where are the grounds for a lawsuit? It is her “freedom of speech” to let others know what happened to her. Slander – libel? I say bring it on. It is now up to Joey to show how he is currently, and in the future, affected by her book. Let’s hear how he is the victim in all this. Maybe more of his behavior will be revealed. He’s just upset that he has been outted and can’t hide behind the mask anymore.


Actually, you’re both wrong. Opinion is one thing, but publishing is another ground. I’m going to paste in some links for you.

Publishing is a risky business. Ask Lyle Stuart, publisher of Barricade Books, whose company faces an uncertain future because of a $3.1 million defamation award in a suit brought by Las Vegas casino king, Steve Wynn, over catalog copy for a book linking Wynn to the mob.

It makes no matter what she feels and what she read online or if a court deems him a sociopath. IT’S AFTER THE FACT. Why is that so hard to understand?

For the last time, I’m a woman too, and my ex makes Joey look like a great guy, but I cannont write a book about my ex saying he is a sociopath.

This is a very clear issue involving public opinion of the word and the ability to earn a living in the future as a result.

Yes people, he has a tarnished past. But the word sociopath was never applied. NOW – FOREVER – where ever he goes, people will look at him like that. Would you bring your car to a sociopath to fix? Probably not.

Mary Jo made a mistake by NOT ENLISTING, i.e. PAYING FOR A DOCTOR to back up her claim. That’s all she had to do. But she did not. She is not an authority because of a list. BTW, Donald Trump, Barack Obama and you and I all have sociopathic tendencies according to Mary Jo’s list she re-printed from Google.

I also have to say it’s not fair for some of you to comment when you clearly state “I have not read the book.” Therefore you are basing your views on speculation and opinion. That’s not fair, that’s exactly what Mary Jo did.

Melissa E.


Well actually I was basing my opinon on a newspaper article (re her book and how she came to the opinion he is a sociopath), and also on and their article on slander and defamation, which covered when someone is giving an opinion as opposed to “fact”, and also when someone is a public figure or “limited public figure” (as is Joey due to his many tv appearances), and also how difficult it is to actually win a defamation lawsuit.

And I also heard several lawyers on tv who diagree with you Melissa.

So my OPINION is that I still think he LOSES. But time will tell. –Jenn

P.S. Yes alot of people have “some” traits in moderate or mild degrees, but not “most” of the traits and to the degree of severity and the consistent degree for sociopath. Just from what is in the public arena of knowledge about Joey—well………..I believe a look at the list and then a look at him, enough of a jury would say it fits, therefore, we must acquit!


At one point in time I legally represented two major publishing houses. If nothing else, I can tell you they heavily vet a book which is going to be controversial in an effort to avoid litigation/liability. Without being privy to the publisher’s internal process, I suspect that the publisher is relying on the fact that Joey is a public figure.

Matt, Barricade Books lost this lawsuit above.

Also, HCI who published Mary Jo’s book is coming out with a book this Sept. called Google Bomb wihch is EXACTLY the same case. Mary Jo will lose. It makes no matter that Joey is a public figure. She is altering public perception. Read below the excerpt from Google Bomb to clarify…

Our society has reached an all-time low. Simple keystrokes can now literally ruin lives, reputations, and cause years of suffering, and require exorbitant amounts of time, money, and sanity to rebuild a life and/or career that has been shattered by cyberbullying, Internet defamation, identity theft, privacy invasion, and so much more. There is even a term that has emerged into our lexicon that describes the practice of manipulating the ranking of web pages: Googleâ„¢ Bomb.

Sue Scheff knows first hand about the devastating effects of Google bombing and Internet defamation. Her reputation was destroyed and she almost lost her business because of false and libelous statements about her and her business that went viral. Falling into a deep depression accompanied by agoraphobia, Sue could not escape the abusive attacks from strangers and the paranoia that accompanies such abuse. However, she fought back, and sued the figure head who launched the attack campaign and was awarded a jury verdict of $11.3 million–a case that has set the precedent for a massive debate on Internet regulation vs. free speech and Internet etiquette and safety policies.


You know it is easy to say things in a virtual environment in a very harsh way, that we might not say if we could see the recipient sitting there with a black eye from her husband, or with a heart breaking, etc.

From having moderated lists before, I know anytime phrases like “Puuuulease’ start showing up, especially directed toward someone who, in another thread has indicated they are having a rough time, we lose readers who NEED HELP AND FACTS.

People come here needing NO MORE DRAMA, no more harsh words, no more confrontation….unless clearly directed against pathology.



Just my two cents.


It makes no difference that he is a public figure. Rita Cosby wrote Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death as a quickie for Hachette’s Grand Central Publishing in 2007, and basically blamed everything on Howard K. Stern, reporting that he was blamed by Smith’s friends for her death and that he was gay for Birkhead. Stern is suing her for $60 million, and to judge from Chin’s opinion, he’s got a case:

Among the facts that will go before a jury: After Stern filed his lawsuit, Cosby went to the Bahamas to attempt to gather evidence for her claim that, according to Smith’s former nannies, Smith used to sit and watch a tape of Birkhead and Stern having sex. Seems she actually didn’t do that before publishing the book, and the nannies denied it. According to depositions quoted in the rulling, Cosby offered to pay two of them to file affidavits supporting the story, which they refused. Chin says that is “extremely troubling” and looks like Cosby was “attempting to obstruct justice by tampering with witnesses.”

Mary Jo messed up. She should have had a doctor onboard to back up her claim. Simple. She will lose.


Hey Matt!

Great that you are back! I just read your wonderful message on the other thread.

Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!



Dear Just about healed,
Please, get healed already. I spent 15 years in therapy and find many people on this site wallowing in each other’s misery. Stop crying and looking for a shoulder to cry on.

I am going to explain this in layman’s terms.
I am also a lawyer who specializes in these case in NYC.
Fact: Joey is a public figure
Fact: Mary Jo has no, and states it very clearly in her tome, that she has never worked except for one job in her teens.
Fact: Exactly how is she supported?
If she wrote the book with the intention to make money, she is at fault.

Fact: What you all don’t know but everyone in publishing does know: Mary Jo shopped her book to every publishing house in NYC, including the one I represent (We are the largest) and after being rejected by over 40, she re-tooled her book with the new overtone casting and hammering home her percriptive tone.
This is grounds for a suit. One cannont publish defamatory remarks with the intention to make money from it.

If I was Joey’s lawyer, I would ask to see her tax returns for the last 17 years. That will answer any questions. I would also ask to see his to make matters fair. Although from what I have seen on television interviews, he works. She does not.

I’m sure plenty of us here work. Me included. I would imagine that if we had a relative that was a freeloader and playing a victim card 17 years later we would all reject that person.


Rita Cosby being sued for 60 million from her book where she defames Howard K Stern, Anna Nicole’s partner. Rita will lose the case. Read the link before you comment. Don’t be an ignorant person who posts.


Melissae~ Your mask is slipping…..careful.
Your showing a passive aggressive side that we have all come to know oh, so well.
Save it for the courtroom, you might be more successful feeding your need for attention.
I wish you well.


Hi Erin,
My mask is not slipping. It’s frustration. I’ve been on both sides. Victimized by my ex like may of us here. But this is frustration out of simplicity.

People cannot make claims unless they can back them up. Plain and simple.
P.S. I’m a big fan of Erin’s. No matter who the person above claiming to be her is.

P.S. Am I not allowed to have my own view here? Or is this site only allowed for those who agree with everything. That is called communism.


I have two kids to put to bed. You’ll have to excuse me now. Good luck to all of you.


Melissa, I am not sure why you feel the need to protect Joey, especially here on a site where all of us (male and female) have been deeply wounded and almost destroyed by a person with Joey’s characteristics.

It is just my opinion and based on my feelings in reaction to your posts — but I am very glad you are NOT my lawyer!

I couldn’t even read all of them — my sister just died today — but my thought is that you have not yet healed from your own traumas with the disordered person in your life.


Ah, sociopath world it is! Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now I can get back to my soaps and forget all about you. *kiss kiss* .


Oh yes, have your view….it’s the abusive way you have attacked the members that have stated their opinions I find offensive.
Frustration and ‘not feeling heard’, or agreed with, is usually when the inner emotions creep out.

I think it’s wonderful that you are so passionate about JB.
Maybe you would be the perfect person to join his team. I encourage you to move in that direction.

What I find interesting is that you allow yourself to get so worked up, to a point of attacking others here, regarding their views and then, completely unrelated journies.
This is indeed interesting.
I bid you peace.


Dear NewLily ,

I don’t know if you saw my other post, but I’m so sorry about the loss of your sister. Death has a way of putting things in perspective. You are doing well to be posting. I wish I could give you a big hug!

Your postings have inspired me!

Be gentle with yourself, losses take a toll, no matter what the circumstances.

Big hugs!


Here’s a nice recording about living the gentle life and recovery, good confirmation of the need for healing.


I too offer condolences.

Now, meow ladies. Me–ow. I am not a fan of as you say, “JB”, I am only trying to allow the other side shown.
CLEARLY, that is a mistake on this website that reminds me of a poorly run Alanon meeting. I am stating facts no matter WHOM the people involved might be.
All I am saying is that there are laws for everyone.

And to A New Lily, you do wish I was your lawyer. I just won a settlement a few months back that purchased me a beautiful condo overlooking Central Park. Read all about it in the WSJ. I’m sure you’ll have problems with that case as well.
Melissa 🙂


Bitter, table for 1.


Wow. This is hands down the worst site I have ever had the displeasure of being on. Excuse me for having an opinion other than yours.

I assume the bitter comment is directed at moi. Jeez. This site has the perfect name, Love Fraud. Becuase everyone here is a fraud and unable to handle a viewpoint other than their own. That’s plain sad.

I really do hope Mr. Buttafuoco wins his case. Then you can all whine in unison. And I hope he wins for two reasons.
1) Because he is LEGALLY CORRECT.
2) It would bother everyone on this site.

Sweet dreams children.


BTW, If Mary Jo was truly “Healing”, then why in HELL IS SHE WRITING A BOOK???

Now we, the general public are feeding her. First Joey. Then her new love, now us.

Healing is not something that is meant to be public 17 years later. She and all of you, get a life.

Now I, the newly labeled “Ms. Bitter” must look in my closet and decide which pair of new Mahnolo’s I will wear tomorrow to the office.

Ta-ta ladies…

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