John Jordan arrested for stabbing his wife, abducting boys

Tracy Jordan and boys

Tracy Jordan, center, was stabbed to death and her sons were abducted.

Friday night, as I was driving home with friends, an emergency signal burst out of my cell phone. It was an Amber Alert from Lodi, New Jersey, asking motorists to look for a black Honda Civic.

In today’s newspaper I saw why John Jordan, 47, of Lodi, New Jersey, had allegedly stabbed his wife, Tracy, to death and abducted their sons.

According to news reports, the couple’s divorce was about to be finalized, and Tracy was dating a new man, a neighbor.

This sounds like a classic case of coercive control. I wonder if John Jordan told his wife that if he couldn’t have her, no one would have her.

Two sons found, father in custody after mother discovered stabbed to death in Lodi, N.J. home, on NYDailyNews.

Man is arrested in killing of his wife; sons are found safe, on

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Terrible. It always is such a reminder to those of us who got out, how lucky we are. We are survivors. Speaking of which, here’s a story reportedly about Bradley Cooper — and I have never liked him, and maybe now I see there were red flags I caught with him on film. Maybe the fact that he’s always dating women half his age and doesn’t have real relationships.

In the counselor’s office, when I had finally gotten up the nerve to tell him I was ending our 25-year marriage, his first words were:

“I hope you know I’m going to have a hard time with it when you start dating.”

The last 4 years have been nothing but a different kind of hell, but I’m still alive. I firmly believe this is because I went “public” about my experiences so all eyes are on him.


Sorry, everyone wants to jump to conclusions, but here is what I see:

1. The neighbor who she is supposedly dating may not be a good source of information because he was dating her. He would likely have fallen sorry for her or have been sympathy dating, similar to what I felt when I befriended and eventually started dating my wife. I bought into the whole poor me story! Men need to stop trying to be the hero to single moms and married woman! Unless of course you are a witness to actual physical violence, which only requires a call to the police station. A man (unless it’s her brother) should not be a shoulder to cry on for a married woman, that’s her girlfriends job!

2. She was likely cheating on her husband with the neighbor

3. The husband was overwhelmed with jealousy and the idea that another man would suddenly be taking his place. Unable to cope, he killed her.

End of tragic story. My point is the reporters immediately jump to conclusions, clearly didn’t do any real research. They immediately want to say the man was violent, but what they actually got was a statement from the guy she was dating that says they fought. The guy is not a reliable source.

Sorry, I’m a little jaded, now. It’s absolutely terrible that it came to this. Men who date or conspire with married women are playing with fire!


I feel for you jmmira. Helpless women trigger the protectiveness part of a man. But “poor me” is a red flag of dysfunction. Anyone who can’t resolve their own issues is not ready for an emotionally healthy relationship.

I know for me, that I did not date but… my husband made divorce very difficult. He dragged it out for years, all while HE was with woman after woman after woman. Then when it was final, he told everyone that he was upset, that he thought we’d reconcile.

You are right, we don’t know the backstory of this relationship. But we do know he murdered the mother of his children. It wasn’t something that happened when he realized she was getting a divorce. They weren’t living together. They were separated. The divorce was not sudden. He murdered her just before divorce was final. I do not pity nor empathize with someone who murders. I pity the dead mother and that the kids have had their mother ripped from them, and have a murderer for a father.


jmmira…I agree. She was still legally married. The divorce was not yet finalized which means she was still “married.” I see this as a huge problem in our society. People jump from one marriage or relationship to another when the other one is barely finished and then they wonder why they have issues. I am not saying she deserved to be killed. No one deserves that and it’s absolutely awful. I’m just commenting on the circumstances that led up to the killing.


And I am not blaming the victim. Believe me, I was the victim and I am sick and tired of people blaming the victim as that is what happened to me. I am not blaming her at all. I think it’s tragic. I was just saying that she was not legally divorced yet.

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