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John Walsh’s ‘The Hunt’ finds two fugitives


Shane Miller

Shane Miller’s remains were found after ‘The Hunt.’

A fugitive pedophile is off the streets of New York thanks to John Walsh’s TV show The Hunt. And a tip after another show aired led to the remains of a wanted killer.

The premiere episode of The Hunt, broadcast on July 13, featured the story of Shane Miller, the prime suspect in the murder of his wife and two young daughters. They were killed three weeks after fleeing to a shelter for abused women.

Due to an anonymous tip after the show, Miller’s remains were found last week.

Man featured on CNN’s ‘The Hunt’ found dead, on

After the  show aired on July 20, the girlfriend of fugitive pedophile Charles Mozdir was so disgusted that she contacted authorities and gave them Mozdir’s cell phone number, they said.

Investigators figured out where Mozdir and his cell phone were, and descended upon a Greenwich Village smoke shop. Mozdir fired on authorities at close range. A gun fight left Mozdir dead and two NYPD detectives and two US Marshalls wounded.

Fugitive’s girlfriend calls the cops on him, from the New York Post.


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Would I be wrong to defend the rights of those that have done their penitence and wish to only do right in society after they have gone through probation, therapy and time served? To do otherwise would it not make us no longer a free society (kind of in question anyways these days)?

Who am I? I am a registered sex offender hairstylist from Orange County California that does a great deal of community service and have received a US Congressional award for community service and is a 16 year Army veteran.

Many have taken an oath to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic. This policy could be defined by some as a terrorist act against citizens that have paid their debt to society. This could be seen as a form of harassment not justice. More enemies of the US Constitution and the rights afforded all.

What in the term LAW ENFORCEMENT means to violate the US Constitution? Terrorist come in many forms (perhaps even uniforms) some in word, some in deed. The US Constitution was once called a living document. There is the spirit of the law as well as the letter. These kind of measures SEEM TO break them both. There is no other vehicle given in history (other than slavery) that under the color of law (The Sex Offender Registry) where after probation and parole more punitive measures are added at the whim of any politician looking to be elected.
The registrants are society’s new whipping-boy for votes. The Adam Walsh Act is an abomination to freedom and a violation of fundamental principles of Christianity and all that we hold dear. We finally found a group to terrorize without impunity. In time this tyranny will be seen more clearly through eyes of history. TRUTH


Nothing stops a SO from doing right after serving his time, to answer your first few questions. You are free to do community service.

Child molestation, as well as stealing, lying, adultery, and fornication violate the fundamental principles of Christianity codified by the Ten Commandments. ‘Freedom’ is not an entitlement of Christianity.

Consider that the point of the SO registry is to protect future victims. If it gets votes in the political arena, it’s because the voting public chooses to support it.

Consider that a record of many types of crimes permanently affects the offender’s future possibilities. For example, someone who has a record of a DUI can’t ever be hired for the position of pilot by an airline. Convictions for many drug related offenses, DUI, and various felonies permanently prevent the offender from being hired for any state position in my state, absent a pardon from the governor.

Rob_ Curtis – thank you for your thoughtful comment. I honor the fact that you are sorry for whatever you did in the past, have worked to better yourself, and are helping others.

A sociopath would never do any of that. Sociopaths have no heart, no conscience and no remorse. Their objective is to exploit people. Those who are criminal – not all of them are – often look at jail time as a speed bump. They get out and continue to do what they’ve always done.

The truth is that we need two sets of laws in the world – those that apply to most of us, and those that apply to sociopaths. Laws and programs that can help people who have screwed up or gotten bad breaks, but are redeemable, are laughed at by sociopaths.

Laws and programs designed to protect society from sociopaths are too harsh for regular people who made a mistake.

Unfortunately – one-size-fits-all laws will always be wrong for one group or the other.

I wish there were an answer. The first step towards and answer is for society to know that sociopaths exist.


I respectfully disagree. My perception is that it is possible for someone who has made a mistake and suffered the consequences to recover and to make a good life for him/herself and for others. I discern that laws governing basic concepts of right and wrong are not too harsh for normal folks. Experiencing the consequences of mistakes is an important life lesson. I think a problem is allowing psychopaths to circumvent normal consequences of their choices via charm and deceit.
I perceive sociopathic truth twisting and a significant dose of word salad in Mr. Curtis’ comment.


Sex offender is a pretty meaningless term I have learned. You may, indeed, be a molester of children or you may have been a 19yo with a 16yo who got mad when you broke up with her. You may have been convicted wrongly of rape and are in fact not even a criminal.
I do NOT KNOW, however. I can just understand that for SOME reason you have been labelled an SO. If I knew you I would straight out ask and find out from you first and then I would research on my own. It’s just a fact of life.
I am in no way asking, or even wanting, you to tell us details.
I’m just saying I truly know how useless the SO system is as it’s so meaningless. I wish there was a way to differentiate btwn true monsters and guys who made a mistake—ie being with that underage girl with her parents’ full consent; and ie a predator who lures children under 10 into doing things they don’t understand till it’s too late.
I have known both situations through friends’ experiences of both. One was molested by her own father for a period of years. She’s never even prosecuted. One will bear the stigma of SO for the rest of his life becuz he’s simply stupid, nothing more.
BUT until that time, we have to go with the very imperfect system we have. As Donna pointed out, the system completely fails in reigning in spaths and such monsters. It, more often than not, condemns ppl who shouldn’t be. If we could find a way to educate ppl on the whole SO thing, ppl would not automatically think you ate your victims when they hear SO. The Adam Walsh Act is very needed tho unless we do find a way. My children are too precious, my teens are too precious, to be in free company with a potential monster.
Having been paroled means something happened that got you there. Going through incarceration and therapy will do nothing for a spath. Until I know you’re not, I will not take that chance. There is *no way* a true rapist, molester, etc CAN REPAY HIS DEBT—to society but esp TO THAT VICTIM, esp a CHILD. They are not cut slack. They are allowed to live among ppl who are not monsters becuz they have rigid rules to keep us safe from further sick action on their part.
There is a distinction made btwn terrorizing even SOs who “deserve it” (simply becuz I would never terrorize anyone, no matter what, even ppl I believe should pay with their own life for their crime) and being informed. That the registry can be used with ill motives is a fact of life. This fact can be another deterrent to simple stupidity, at the very least, like jail time or having any criminal record should be. But if it may save a child from a lifetime of hell, it needs to stay. It’s too important a subject to dismiss lightly.


Not and Rob_Curtis
I am one of those adults with a nightmare childhood. Pedo father, pedo cousin. Best friend had a pedo stepfather. After he raped my best friend we told on him. For our “lies”, we were threatened with a stay at the Girls State School, basically prison for underaged kids. Her pedo stepfather knew he had a green light, raped ALL the daughters in her family, and then when the last one turned 12, pedo stepfather left her mom for a new woman. I have NO sympathy for pedo’s. They should serve LIFE as far as I am concerned.

But… I am a strong advocate for amending the sex offender registry. It needs to have differences, similar to how wer differentiate for assaults, which range from unintentional to murder.

Those who are young/dumb 17 yr old boyfriends of a 15 yr old girl should not be on the sex registry with violent rapists.

Those Texas jock football guys who had sex with a drunk passed out teen girl, yes they should not be violent rapists, but they should have to report. It’s not hard to think that some jerk who slipped a girl a roofee and then had sex with an unconscious woman is a rapist, and he knows the difference, whether he’s 17 or 47yrs, that’s RAPE.

As far as saying “I did my time”, there’s no such thing as justice, not for the victims who’s cases will never see a court.

Do I seem hardhearted? Well, this isn’t the forgiveness website for rapists, this is the recovery site for those who have been assaulted, so maybe I can be forgiven my opinion that I don’t think My Pedo Rapist should be given free reign over other young girls just because he out of prison. He EARNED his spot on that registry.


As a practical matter, statistics show that pedophiles are highly likely to reoffend. It’s a no brainer to take steps to protect potential victims.

As far as forgiveness goes, did the person who harmed you ever genuinely ask for forgiveness and show regret for real for harming you? If not, I don’t think forgiveness is possible. You can unilaterally let go of your anger and your desire for revenge, but I don’t think one can forgive unless the perpetrator changes and wants forgiveness.


Perhaps more education for ‘young/dumb’ 18 year olds and their 15 year old girl friends would be helpful so that they don’t get themselves in trouble. Given he opportunity, most men would like to sleep with 16 year old girls, but don’t do so for a number of reasons including that it’s against the law.


And very good point that this site is ‘a recovery site for victims, not a forgiveness site for rapists.’ Curtis’ comment could be triggering.

Sexual molestation is not just an act against society. It is a heinous act against a victim who will suffer permanent emotional damage for the rest of their life. There is no escape for them. The best they can hope for is to “cope.” Rape victims are 13 times more likely to commit suicide than non-rape victims.

People who conduct sexual offenses do so knowing that they give up the right to a “free society,” as Mr. Curtis terms it. they freely make that choice, and once they do, they must live with the consequences of their actions. If they don’t want a permanent label, they should not conduct a crime that has a permanent consequence to the victim.

Likening sex offender registration to “slavery” is grossly offensive. Society needs protection against defiling criminals.

Where is a sex offender’s sense of “constitution” when they make the conscious choice to permanently defile a victim? Being labelled a sex offender is far less heinous than the burden of defilement a victim carries around for the rest of their life. The victim was an innocent. The responsibility for the crime rests on the offender.

It is unfortunate that people can get caught up in false arrests. And something should be done to prevent that from happening. But for the correctly convicted offender, registering as a lifetime sex offender is an appropriate consequence for the permanent injury their behavior engendered.



There are some sex offenders who are sociopaths – I would guess the majority of them. The ones who are not can maybe be repentant, rehabilitated, or maybe they got a bum rap. It is not for me to say or judge someone whose story I don’t know.

I lived (unknowingly) with a pedophile for a year. I found out by accident one day that 10 years prior (when he was 19), he fondled two young girls and was sentenced to probation and 4 years of psychiatric treatment. When I found out, I sought counseling. The counselor told me that it was possible that when he was 19, he had the mental age of someone much younger. She said it was possible that he had matured and was rehabilitated. I wanted to believe her, but I could never trust him again. I moved out but stayed in contact. He lived a productive life – had a professional job during the day and was a musician at night. We had a normal sex life. He once proposed to me, but I said no.

A year or two after we split up, he moved up to Seattle and fondled a 10-y.o. girl, for which he got a prison sentence. It broke my heart because I did care for him. He tried to lie to me about it but eventually told me the truth. After that, I broke contact.

Many years later, I happened to be googling him online and found his prison record. In it, it stated that he admitted in a lie detector test to molesting 25 children (!) during a certain period of time. (Part of this time frame was when we were living together). I was shocked and confused. But I’ve concluded from this that pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated and are a detriment to society. This particular brand of pathology DOES need to be registered, and children DO need to be protected from them. Period – case closed.


Thank you for sharing your very relevant experience. I married a pedophile, (and cross dresser). I know he did child porn, but I have no knowledge that he did anything else. Like many pedophiles, he appears to live a productive life, upstanding citizen, etc. I met him in Church, and I would never have thought he was any different than he presented himself.

The person I cared about was who my ex spath said he was, not really who he really was.


Annette, I’m prone to believe that with pedophiles – and maybe with all sociopaths – the facts that you actually know are only the tip of the iceberg. I was crushed to find out the depth of depravity of my ex as described above. I never would have guessed in a million years.


That was my experience, too. I was periodically shocked and horrified when I discovered awful stuff he was doing. I eventually realized that there is no limit of what he is capable of if he thought it would get him what he wanted and he thought he could avoid getting caught.


The most shocking thing, Annette, is how well they hide it. When I read the police report on my ex of nearly 15 years – the pedophile – I felt compelled to track him down and talk to him. Of course, this was before I knew what a sociopath was. It was very difficult to track him down. As a registered sex offender, he lived under the radar and didn’t want to be found. I found his parents and called them. They remembered me so they gave him my number, and he called me. I didn’t ask him “why” as most people would have done. What I wanted to know was “WHEN?” When did he have the time between his day job and night music gigs to molest children? We never even had any children around us. His response was that his attorney told him not to discuss it. Good way to avoid the question.

He told me he was rehabiitated (sure) and was “seeing someone” and had a good job. Not knowing about sociopaths, I believed him. I was glad he had turned his life around. He said there was some sort of program he’d gone through where they tried to break his attraction to children. It apparently also involved a lot of therapy, which he said was very difficult. He blamed his problem on his Jehovah’s Witness upbringing. Interesting conversation and fortunately our last.

5 minutes after he hung up, his “wife” called me back and told me never to contact him again (!) not that I was planning to. He had apparently lied to me about being married, though not sure why. He was living in another part of the country and we were not planning to ever see each other again. And obviously there were some trust issues there on his wife’s part. Imagine that. I dodged a big bullet not marrying this guy. OMG, we would have had kids and he would have molested them. And I wouldn’t have ever known.

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