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Joran van der Sloot pleads guilty

In a Lima, Peru court, Joran van der Sloot pleaded guilty to the murder of Stephany Flores. His attorney said that he did it because he was psychologically scarred from the accusations that he was involved in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway five years earlier.

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Can we have a more spathic pity-me excuse and blame the family Holloway for turning me into a murderer? Classic spath

Ox Drover

Yea it is all the fault of Natalee’s family….poor Joran…even trying to extort $250,000 from Natalee’s family was their fault. Everything is everyone else’s fault. That’s just the way it is. Poor boy.


Last night Nancy Grace had on a friend of Vandersloot on her show. He said it was totally Stephany Flores fault that he killed her. She should have left immediately when she found out he was involved in Natallee’s murder, instead she continued to question him about the murder.

Friend’s conclusion – Flores “pushed” poor Joran into the rage that killed her. TOTALLY HER OWN FAULT.



Flores made the mistake of thinking Vandersloot wasn’t really a murderer. Cog dis?

Yep, there are people who think their version of the truth is the ONLY possibility. friend of Valdersloot? birds of a feather.

Ox Drover

MiLo, of COURSE it is the victim’s fault that Joran killed her. LOL Yea, birds of a feather flock together, sounds like the friend is as bad as Joran. Are we even sure that he gave her his right name? or that she knew he was involved in Nat’s murder? Well, besides, he didn’t kill Natallee anyway…he only knows where he body is and will only tell for $250K. What a piece of garbage!


If he didn’t have Natalee’s family to blame, he would blame the voices, or the person that gave him drugs, or the hotel having him on video camera, or whatever… There is no end of things to blame. It doesn’t have to make sense . . . It’s just words, and it’s gaslighting . . leaving us to try and make sense out of his words.


What a shame….he only got 28 years….not sure if Peru has an early dismissal program….hope not…..I knew he was guilty from the start of Natalee’s disappearance…

I watched today and the reports were that he was flirting with the 3 woman judges. He was yawning, stretching, sweating, and looking bored. The commentary said this was all bad behavior for one wanting to get a break….said he killed the girl because she made a remark about him and the Natalee case because she saw something on his computer…so he hit her, killed her, wiped up the blood, got rid of her, and then got coffee for two and went back to hotel to make it look like she was still alive…

He would kill again…


YUK. Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.

The facial expressions were so like Superspath’s. *shivers*


Vander Slut won’t make it out of that Pervian jail alive. Stephany Flores family is part of the Pervian elite and her family was well connected.

Stephany was an accomplished poker player. Vanderslut killed her because of her internet search on Natalie and also because Stephany had won big on the craps tables that night and he wanted her winnings.

He’ll last a few years there in jail where he’ll be tortured by the other prisoners then he’ll meet with an unfortunate accident while in prison.
If by chance he does make it out alive the US court system is out to prosecute him for extorting money from the Holloway’s.

Either way his goose is cooked. But I’d bet money the guy will never see the light of day again.


Joanie, well then at least the story will have a happy ending, huh? We can only hope.

Ox Drover


I agree with you, even if he makes it out alive from the prison in Peru, he will go straight to jail in US….so he is NOT going to come out alive unless it is as a VERY old man. He is a “star’ in the Peruvian prison right now but if they release him into gen pop it won’t be nice, and if they keep him in solitary it won’t be nice either.

The girls family having so much power thought, they may get him killed….but actually, it is great to see him in prison,though I think he is like my son, he loved the spot light. He still feels like a big shot because he is Famous…and doesn’t get it that being famous like he is is NOT an “award” LOL


yes they do like attention, no matter what kind. It would be best if the media didn’t give them that. A nice gray cell in solitary would be best for van der spath.


Hi Oxy
You write of your son and his nonsense thinking – that being Famous the way he is, is NOT admirable. I too made a similar observation of my X! husband.

Before I WOKE UP to reality, I couldn’t figure out why ALL the people close to my husband were Only losers and lowlifes. I excused it as him not being judgmental and trying to help the townspeople he grew up with. Sometimes when angry with him, I would spout off things that turned out to be more insightful than when I first said it.

“you are KING of the LOSERS!” I shouted at him (prolly after another incident where he went to be with them in order to punish me but refused to tell me what I did wrong – “you know”, he’d say….only I didn’t.). His response to my comment was to be PLEASED.

Pitiful how TRUE my angry accusation turned out to be. He’d rather be worshiped by a ring of losers than be an equal among decent honest men.

Ox Drover

Katy, you are right….The summer that Patrick started his worst stuff, he had been up to Arkansas (we lived in Texas at the time) to visit the egg donor and when he came home he dropped all his great friends that I adored, started hanging out with the THUGS in the neighborhood, and that was when worked nights (11-7) and the cops called me one night at work and he was out driving around in one of our cars crusing with his dudes, and NO license…so I started making him come to work with me. I was night nursing supervisor for a hospital and we had empty beds, so I parked him in one every night with me and dropped him off at school on my way home. I did that for a while, but one night I was off and I woke up at 6 to get the boys ready for school and he was not home…had been out roaming all night while I slept…we got into a physical fight and that was when he took off and I called the cops on him…some how, I’m not sure how, he got up to Arkansas and my egg donor took him in against my wishes…he stayed up there for a year and a half or so and actually immediately went into crime, theft…steal to order business…and then when the cops started to get on to him in Arkansas, that was when he decided he wanted to come back to Texas….and I let him. Boy, was I a chump. LOL

Of course as soon as he got to Texas he started his carp again….so they never change. Same old carp, different day.

The ONLY friends he had left were the losers, dummies and trash, but boy was he KING OF THEM. Once he got out of prison the first time after doing 2 years, the only people he hung out with were former inmates he had met in prison. NONE of his good friends (and he had some good friends before he was 15) wanted anything to do with him.

Yea, he would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven!


So sorry Oxy, b/c that’s when your egg doner showed her true colors. Interferring with your raising of your son, sabotaging you. Competing with you. Well, she wanted the job, give her the credit. You were raising a GOOD son; she took over and loosed someone else.

Ox Drover

Yea, Katy I didn’t see the pattern until the kids were teenagers but that is exactly what she did, was to “take over” my sons as HERS. In my family having a SON was a very important thing, and my egg donor did not have a son…so she took over mine. Taking Patrick in against my wishes was the first real sign of it and I didn’t see it as such then. Actually if I had had the money at the time I would have taken her to court about it, but I didn’t have and was in another state, working 16 hours a day most days (two 8 hour shifts) because the hospital needed me and because I needed the over time money….it always seems that they pull a “stunt” when we are so engaged in something else that we are unable to drop our life and fight them.

Of course the whole time he was living with her it was “I love you Grandma” and “yes, mam and no mam” and being the “good boy” to her face,, while at night he was roaming the streets in the car she furnished him robbing others” He even stole a pistol from my step dad—of course when it was noticed missing he DENIED DENIED knowing anything about it. Of course there is NO WAY some stranger came into my parents’ house, and went to my dad’s sock drawer and dug around in the bottom until he found the pistol wrapped up in some old socks and took THAT AND ONLY THAT out of the house….and who else would know where that pistol was except Patrick kor some other member of the family? LOL

When my step dad was dying, I went to visit Patrick and asked him to write a letter to Daddy and confess to stealing the gun and say he was sorry…EVEN IF HE HAD NOT STOLEN THE GUN just to give my dad peace about it before he died. Well Patrick wrote a letter CONFESSING THAT HIS FRIEND STEVE HAD DONE IT and he was sorry he had not told on steve. My step dad read the letter, and made a spitting sound and threw it away. He KNEW what Patrick was, and he knew that Steve didn’t take the gun, unless Patrick told him where it was and to go get it…the two of them may have been involved, but ESSENTIALLY PATRICK STOLE THE GUN, and there was NO WAY he was going to ADMIT it or show any REAL REMORSE.

I’m not sure why at the time I wanted so badly for Patrick to show some kind of remorse that my Dad would believe before he died…maybe that patrick had learned something, but Daddy KNEW that Patrick would never change. I should have “listened” to him, though he didn’t preach to me about it…

Daddy “came to me” in a dream one night and we talked about was such a real dream, but it gave me some closure about it. I know that though Daddy loved Patrick very much, after Patrick “went over fool’s hill” as Daddy would have said, he knew that Patrick would never come back…he was “over the hill” and GONE from that little boy that we both loved so much. The man he became was a stranger to both of us. I also realized that my egg donor “excused” her taking patrick in against my will as “Your daddy wanted to give him a second chance.” THAT WAS A LIE….another one of her lies.


You ended your response by identifying one of your egg donor’s lies. I think her type of lies are typical. My X! husband would tell this type of lie. It is an I’m-not-responsible lie. It is a BLAMING lie. My X!husband was NEVER responsible. All his affairs and farking other women? That’s NOT cheating b/c THEY came on to HIM. THEY pushed him into sex. So, not his fault and therefore when I asked, his answer about being with other women was not a lie. THEY were with him but HE was not “with” them.

TOTAL manipulation. No, not your egg donor’s fault that they took Patrick against your wishes. It was your step fathers’s doing. It was that statement which reveals how she manipulated her will. I imagine SHE, your egg donor told your step father something that made sense to him in order to do her bidding. He prolly didn’t even figure out your egg donor’s angle until later.

BLAME others in order to sugarcoat her controlling manipulation. Sound familiar? TYPICAL scapegoating of thing My spath did….

New Beginning

Oxy, I can’t imagine what that was like for you. Your egg-donor sounds so much like my ex MIL.

Katy, I had to chuckle at your comment of how your ex claimed it wasn’t his fault because they just showed up. Mine said the same thing. In referring to a time when he was working in the city during the week and living there, he claimed it wasn’t his fault he had sex with other women because they “just showed up at the door” and followed that with “what was I supposed to do?” He apparently doesn’t have a clue about how utterly stupid he sounds. Not sure if you experienced this too but mine also used to say that all of his affairs had nothing to do with me. There is the compartmentalization devil again.


New Beginning

Has anyone watched the move “The Informant” that stars Matt Damon? At the end of the movie it is acknowledged Matt Damon’s character (based on a real life story) was bipolar but it is a good example of what people spinning and subsequently believing their own lies. My ex does a lot of this spin and then believes his lies as well though I always viewed that more as a pscyho/socio trait than BPD. My son has BPD and has nowhere near the spin traits that his father has.

Ironically I viewed this movie with my ex…..he was quite angry by the end of the movie and at the time I was totally confused by his reaction but I “get” it now.

Ox Drover

New Beginning,

How old is your son who was diagnosed as BPD?

It is fairly common I understand for people who are psychopathic to also be bi-polar and/or ADHD as well as substance abuse, and funny thing too, more psychopaths are left handed than “regular people.”

There are a lot of similar traits between BPD and PPD, the manipulation, the lack of setting boundaries etc. But there are “levels” of the traits even within BPD and PPD—in other words, some are worse than others. Some more dangerous than others.

While there are some treatments for BPD that are somewhat successful, you must have a very motivated patient and a very motivated therapist.

New Beginning

Oxy, my son will soon be 24 yrs old.


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