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Joyce Alexander on Aftermath Radio on Oct. 31

Our own Joyce Alexander, aka Ox Drover, will be a guest on Aftermath Radio tomorrow, October 31, from 4:30 to 5 p.m. Pacific time. More info: Aftermath Radio

To listen in, go to the following link: KBeach radio.

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Ox Drover

Hi, guys, just wanted to make sure you would be listening in this evening. I will be discussing the criteria for ASPD/Psychopath and how I intend to present this to the parole board about my son Patrick when he comes back up for parole again in a couple of years.

Ox Drover

I will be on Aftermath radio again tonight guys, 4:30 pacific time, 6:30 Central time.


Good job Oxy ~ and I finally got to put a voice with your words. Now I will “hear” you everytime I read…..


Was it recorded or is there a link for it?


Well I see the link but don’t see the program on it..

Ox Drover

The article above is for the first or second appearance I had on the show, I don’t know where the link is but there will be a pod cast you can listen to later I think if you go to the Aftermath radio site.

MiLo my accent is as thick as buttermilk! LOL Hope it doesn’t cause you to go deaf! LOL Glad you got to hear it.

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