Judge accused of sentencing kids to juvie for kickbacks

In a case that has outraged Pennsylvania, former Juvenile Court Judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and former President Judge Michael T. Conahan are accused of taking $2.9 million in exchange for shipping children and teenagers off to for-profit juvenile detention centers. Children accused of offenses such as giving the finger to a police officer and creating a MySpace page that made fun of an assistant principal ended up in kiddie prison, while the judges pocketed cash.

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whew, thank God. What a refreshing turn of events. Justice indeed, although long awaited.

Sandy Fonzo, the mother of the child who took his own life after Ciaviarella sentenced him to serve at a juvenile detention center for a minor drug offense, has spoken following the recent events. ( Donna posted a video back in Feb of her lashing out at Ciaviarella )

YT Link :

Yes, it is good when these monsters do go to prison….especially these like the JUDGE and Jeffs, and as for the child abuser killing himself, I am SO sorry that happened, I would much rather he had gone to prison….as for his wife KNOWING ABOUT IT and blaming the victim, and abusing her, well, I hope the woman gets LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE….

I think the parents of Jeff’s underage “brides” who obviously KNEW about it should also be prosecuted. But probably won’t happen.



That’s a lot of young lives ruined. So glad they were overturned and I hope the kids records will be cleaned too.

Thanks for the update.

Well, donna, I hope he does the entire 17.5 years, but I doubt he will do a third of that. I think he should do the TOTAL amount of time the kids were all sentenced to, PLUS THE 17.5 YEARS….he should do a day for every day a kid did. Grrrrrr (that’s the sound of my teeth grinding!)

Ox, that sounds like a perfect punishment to me.

4,000 kids times however many days each spent + punitive time on top of it. And, come to think of it, his “kick backs” should be repossessed and spread out among the kids he locked up to pay for their college, the therapy they now need, or something like that.

This seems like a perfectly logical punishment to me, yet why do I already hear someone calling me harsh?

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