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Judge accused of sentencing kids to juvie for kickbacks

In a case that has outraged Pennsylvania, former Juvenile Court Judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and former President Judge Michael T. Conahan are accused of taking $2.9 million in exchange for shipping children and teenagers off to for-profit juvenile detention centers. Children accused of offenses such as giving the finger to a police officer and creating a MySpace page that made fun of an assistant principal ended up in kiddie prison, while the judges pocketed cash.

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Ox Drover

A former blogger here, Witsend, whose son was apparently high in psychopathic traits but she could not find help for herself or her son either via the courts or the school…in court, the judge sentenced her son to an in-home “therapy” program (huge for profit situation) rather a program that would have protected the mother that made to me (a retired medical/mental health professional) at the time mentally scream KICK BACK.

It is not unusual in my estimation for judges to appoint in family courts and divorces “friends” of theirs as mediators or advocates for the kids (LOL) that must be paid by the parents at high out of pocket rates. So if you have a psychopathic co-parent and object, you are penalized by having to pay the judge’s friends 180$ or more an HOUR for the counseling.

This is just so RIPE for abuse and I am so glad to see that at least a couple of these crooked family or juvenile judges getting what they deserve as the CROOKS they are. I hope they get some time in prison over this.

Too may times judges have way too much power to get nailed for this kind of corruption. In fact, way too many judges, attorneys and cops are in such positions of power that they are able to almost with impunity violate the very laws they are sworn to uphold..


Its all hard to comprehend. The ones that get it and try to do good. The corrupted attempts and the outright failure to understand.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just count on things to go right?

My world hangs by a horse tail hair with decision pending.

And a friend sends “if I didn’t know you I’d think you were making this up! This does sound like the script for a TV movie that is too lurid to be true. Years ago, I remember being absolutely flabbergasted at what it took to stop some people – and we had no one to deal with who was anything the fellow you tangled with.

The closest we had was a guy who raved on and on about wanting to kill his wife and she went to get a PTO. The judge felt that she was exaggerating the issue and said that she would need to present evidence that he had threatened her directly. So he shot her and ran away.

The judge never saw that he had a part in this
fiasco by refusing to believe the woman. He said that a PTO required proof of threat and she hadn’t demonstrated that”.

We hear it over and over and over. It would be nice if things worked the way they are supposed to. But they don’t always.


I had read about his case when it first came out. These guys have destroyed so many lives. People whose self-esteem was destroyed as they got carted off to juvy for a school yard fight. If I recall, one guy blew off college, from the sense of shame and now works a menial job.

I predict that these guys get off with a slap on the wrist. No judge feels as much empathy for the kids as he does for another judge. The judge will think, “there but for the grace of God, go I”

We need a way to distinguish spaths and prevent them from getting power. It can’t come fast enough.


I love that his ego and sense of entitlement is resulting in him going to court.

Then later, after his ass has been handed to him, you just know he’ll be sending out invitations to neverending pity party.

Can’t bear to read that story again – any chance he’s defending himself? I have a bet with myself. 🙂


When I first went to get a P.O. against my psychopath, even after telling the judge he chased me around the yard screaming I’m going to f*ckn kill you, the judge said she felt it was just due to the divorce and would be over once the divorce was over. I walked away in shock. He put a dagger next to the movie “Psycho”. He told me so very calmly that at times, he could just feel his fingers slowly closing around my neck and choking the life out of me. He kicked the cat, threw things at me, and put holes in the walls.

I’m not really sure what else the courts would need to feel there was danger to me, but I had to go to a different county to actually get my P.O., and get a judge that was a bit better educated on domestic abuse.

Oh, and get this. When I went back in front of the original judge on something else he was trying to get me in trouble for, the judge looked at my P.O. and actually said….I don’t know why you have a P.O……..

It is 6 years after the divorce, and he still has not moved on and blames me for all the bad in his life. He has quit his job, isolated himself, stays home and watches movies all week, and obsesses about me. How can any court not think that is signs of someone seriously mentally disturbed?

Ox Drover

Dear Still in shock,

I cannot understand why a court would be so loath to issue a PO…I mean really, doesn’t it just mean he has to stay away from YOU—not everyone in the world. Just YOU. So what’s the big deal?

Just for the judge’s information a HUGE PERCENTAGE of spousal murders take place DURING or shortly AFTER the DIVORCE so that is the MOST CRITICAL TIME.

But I guess you can take some comfort in knowing that a Protective order against most of them really isn’t much more than a piece of paper with a target drawn on it. It just sort of tells the cops who to go after after you are dead or severely injured. Fat lot of good most of them do.

Oh, since he first went to jail/prison at age 17 because I turned him in for robbery, every crime my son has committed since then that wound him up in jail was MY FAULT—subsequent robbery and subsequent murder—but I can PROUDLY SAY that he very possibly would have gotten out on parole this past January if I had not hired an attorney and FOUGHT HIS PAROLE, so yes, he IS IN PRISON NOW BECAUSE OF ME and I will do everything I can to keep him there for the rest of his natural life—even after I am dead and gone my estate will hire an attorney to fight his parole each and every time he comes up for parole as long as (a) the money holds out or (b) as long as he lives.


I realize the P.O. is pretty much worthless in really protecting me, but it has at least given me a little piece, as the first time he walked thru it, even though it was very minor (he was testing me), I did take him to court and try to have him prosecuted. So he knows I mean business.

Yes, that judge was totally ignorant, but apparently in that county, it is very difficult to get one that is not bought and paid for, or has any kind of intelligence at all….I am about 90% sure that the main judge I have to see for most of our cases is also sociopathic. She has made many decisions that have shocked every single lawyer I have had…..

Ox Drover, do you think the courts take you more seriously because this is your own son you are having to fight against? And yeah, I understand he will blame you for EVERYTHING wrong in this world….like mine….which includes the weather and traffic conditions…..LOL!

Ox Drover

Dear Stillinshock,

My attorney said he had NEVER even heard of a parent hiring an attorney to FIGHT a child’s parole and paroles are what he does for a living, that is trying to get them for his clients. He said most people if they don’t want their kid out just don’t hire an attorney and in Texas USA without an attorney it is much more difficult to get parole. I knew my egg donor would hire one to fight FOR his parole so I knew I had to hire one to fight AGAINST his parole.

It IS unusual for a parent to want a kid to STAY in prison I think, at least as much as I want mine in prison. I think most parents who have “given up” on their kids just are essentially No contact, rather than actively working AGAINST them getting out of prison as I am. So I am sure there is some “shock” value in the parole board knowing that I would go so far as to hire an ATTORNEY TO FIGHT AGAINST his release…when obviously he had someone hire one to work FOR his release.

But I will continue to work against his release and so will his brothers.


Thanks for the update Donna,
The sentence is no where near long enough but hopefully one of the inmates will get “cozy” with him. Only then will justice truly be served.

lesson learned

This is tremendously disturbing to me.

My son was WELL represented. The judge he had was well known for being FAIR on her decisions. She also believed my son would recover, providing he was INCARCERATED and put into a setting that would get him the HELP he needed. I was in constant contact with his lawyer and his PO.

BUT, I was also prepared to do what you did, Ox, with regards to my son. If it was found that his recidivism rate was high, I would have advocated for his continued INCARCERATION….although I was told that while I could “advocate” all I wanted too, he was set for release, PERIOD…….which, to me was disturbing at the time (prior to psyche eval he had), because if he was high risk, ANOTHER victim would be created and I could NOT do NOTHING without that hanging over my head if I didn’t try…..

Things turned out well for my son and for us. I’m INCREDIBLY grateful for that, however, I am also prepared to let my son go still, and I was, if the behavior happens again.

He can petition the original judge in his case for removal from registration which is highly unusual in this state, let alone any other.

I can’t imagine this kind of folly on behalf of a judge and justice really has NOT been served at all here. At all. VERY frustrating!


Ox Drover

I can’t believe that they let this creep walk out of the court and not go directly to jail. What makes me so angry with the “good old boy” system is this kind of crap where a man who has wrecked lives can get by with the proverbial slap on the wrist and crow about “wins.”

Just like Bloggo—are they ever going to retry that creep?!


This story happened 20 minutes from where I live. It is, as you can see, a very big news story in our area. Actually though, a lot of the parents whose children were convicted by Chivarella were very happy with the outcome of this case. I think he actually thought he was going to get off on all the charges. Very arrogant to say the least, but he is going to prison where he belongs. I do think it was wrong that he was allowed to go home after the trial. The innocent children he sentenced didn’t have that option.


thanks for posting this and the video, but I just can’t watch it – at least not right now. The idea that this man can have destroyed a young man so completely AND his family too, with the cold heartless brutality of a nazi war criminal, is too much for me. Do we have an emoticon for furious?


There was a similar story line about this on one of those cis or law and order tv shows awhile back. Come to think of it alot of these law and order shows portray judges to be very narcissistic a=holes..We have a female judge who is currently being tried (out on bond) for collecting checks from the state for foster children she didnt have, she would take in foster kids and give them to somebody else to raise and give them a few dollar’s while she pocketed the rest – guess she needed the xtra cash to pay the insurance on her Mercedes Benz.. and the department of child well fare in this state is a joke. Our medical examiner is in the pen for selling drugs..what system? Did I mention i am a hermit? I am in a bad mood tonite….ps I just remembered we also have judge who went to jail for using a penis pump during a trial–and that is no joke…ps again..not to mention the medical professionals that are ripping off this country with fraudulent claims to medicare – ok I am going back under my bridge……

Ox Drover

Dear Henry,

Just keep a lap top connected to the internet under your bridge then we can keep each other company, you under your bridge and me in my hole in the woods.


28 YEARS!!




ah, it’s the battle links! I sent my best recent ones to Donna -so I will just let her post them.


Well the news was good this time, so I got excited and couldn’t wait.
One spath in jail and the other killed himself. 2 down, 1 billion to go.

That wife was something else though….sheesh!

Hope to heal

🙂 @ Hens ~ cheer up buddy! We still wuvs you!! 🙂


Hopetoheal -=) I am cheered up, I have not whined or complained in two weeks,,so how are you doing?


sky – i sent donna the link about that bastard Warren Jeffs being jailed for life. so add another!


1steprs 🙂

Hope to heal

Hens ~ I’m glad you’re cheered up. I was responding to your post from back in Feb!! duh! Had a brain fart… guess I spent too much time mowing lawn this afternoon… sleeeeepy. Other than that, I’m good 😀


Ah, I see. wonderous.
Are the stars aligned? How is it that so much good news hit the stands? Maybe it’s time for us to make waves on the spaths. I wish I had been prepared…

I’m so tempted to respond to the spath just to see what it wants.


H2H lmao ~! no worrys I do that alot myself – BF’s (brainfarts )are like BF’s ( boyfriends) they come and go…besides i need all they cheerin up I cant get – dont we all?

Hope to heal

Sure do, Dear Henry!! Glad I could make you laugh. You know, I actually had a few raindrops fall on me while I was mowing lawn at my in-laws this afternoon. I was so shocked I almost fell off the tractor. I really didn’t remember what it felt like to have raindrops on my skin. WOW, it’s been that dry. Lots of dew at night tho, so the lawn keeps growing. Yippee, I get to do it all over again tomorrow here at home. 🙂 I do love working outside.


I am singing – Raindrops keep fallin on my head ~! Well I have actually had some good rain here in central OK – about one inch and it was 70 degrees this morning it felt wonderful, the weather man says we are in a wetter trend over the next week or so, but weathermen miss it more than they nail it…i love workin outside but not in 110 degree weather like it has neen the past month,,,,,I just lose interest when it feels like armegedon outside….

Hope to heal

Just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed… LOVE IT!!
Our temps have dropped a lot the last few days. 70 – 75 to me is just PERFECT workin’ outside weather. We’re building a wishing well out in the yard (to cover up the old well pipe) & it was actually just beautiful outside for laying the brick foundation for it.
110 would KILL me I think. 80 is starting to get uncomfortable at least around here where it’s usually humid at that temp. I’m in what’s called the Fox River Valley in Wisconsin. I think I could handle a bit higher temps if it weren’t for the dang humidity! It’s hard to even move when it gets like that.


whew, thank God. What a refreshing turn of events. Justice indeed, although long awaited.


Sandy Fonzo, the mother of the child who took his own life after Ciaviarella sentenced him to serve at a juvenile detention center for a minor drug offense, has spoken following the recent events. ( Donna posted a video back in Feb of her lashing out at Ciaviarella )

YT Link :

Ox Drover

Yes, it is good when these monsters do go to prison….especially these like the JUDGE and Jeffs, and as for the child abuser killing himself, I am SO sorry that happened, I would much rather he had gone to prison….as for his wife KNOWING ABOUT IT and blaming the victim, and abusing her, well, I hope the woman gets LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE….

I think the parents of Jeff’s underage “brides” who obviously KNEW about it should also be prosecuted. But probably won’t happen.



That’s a lot of young lives ruined. So glad they were overturned and I hope the kids records will be cleaned too.

Thanks for the update.

Ox Drover

Well, donna, I hope he does the entire 17.5 years, but I doubt he will do a third of that. I think he should do the TOTAL amount of time the kids were all sentenced to, PLUS THE 17.5 YEARS….he should do a day for every day a kid did. Grrrrrr (that’s the sound of my teeth grinding!)

Ox, that sounds like a perfect punishment to me.

4,000 kids times however many days each spent + punitive time on top of it. And, come to think of it, his “kick backs” should be repossessed and spread out among the kids he locked up to pay for their college, the therapy they now need, or something like that.

This seems like a perfectly logical punishment to me, yet why do I already hear someone calling me harsh?

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