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Judge Judy hears case about rape and the abuse of the legal system

A Lovefraud reader sent a link to a Judge Judy program on YouTube.

Judge Judy, Get Unshocked

In this case, the plaintiff, Paul Baker, has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Casey Bell. Baker says that Bell falsely accused him of rape, which caused him to spend time in jail, lose his job as a firefighter, and spend $30,000 on legal fees.

Bell says that Baker did, in fact rape her. She tearfully proceeded to tell Judge Judy how it happened, and as her story unfolded, Judge Judy became more and more incredulous.

Although Bell did most of the talking, Baker had a surprise witness—Bell’s former husband. She pulled a similar stunt with him.

In the end, Judge Judy did not believe the woman’s story and found for the plaintiff.

If you want to see someone attempting to manipulate the legal system, while not even having the facts right, watch this show.

Note: The show is presented in four videos, but the entire program is there.

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I agree with Oxy……
Your gonna have to keep your seat belt on girl… got a lot of road with potholes ahead…..mostly dirt roads ….and it’s gonna get bumpy!
Your reacting, your wishing he would comply……just because you have an ‘order’….doesn’t mean shit to them…..
Disconnect with the ‘co-parenting’ concept.
Follow all orders, document, record, photocopy etc……
It’s gonna be the same for years……

Believe me……I told you, YOUR in charge of YOUR CASE…..don’t drive your attorney away asking for parenting advice…..
I know you feel your hands are tied, but your going to have to make your own decisions, or it’s gonna cost you a bundle.
I wrestled with this do I tell the attorney or not…..I went into the divorce/custody deal thinking I was a team with attorney…..they don’t want to be a team, leave the legal shit up to her and you have to make your own decisions each step of the way.

My advice would be …….if the child is safe with G. mother…..drop it……you are going to lose some battles…..let it go……take your time with your child and as long as child is cared for….be thankful for that.

Neither one, will follow through once the ‘battle’ is over. Once the process is through…..they will both drop off…..once he see’s he has no control over you……he’ll move on.
Mostly they go for a sprint…..not the mile…..and your only a 1/4 of the way around the track.

Mine is staging another attack……my kids are much older…..but still minors…….I am plotting my strategy and awareness is key for me…..

Hang in there…..


Sorry guys, I was absent for a while, ALL EXCELLENT POSTS!!!!! Very good advice about son as well. I have had to endure screaming fits for a $500.00 gift for Christmas that I cannot afford. He took over his sisters room while she is at college and she came home for T-day and was very upset. The fighting never seems to end. You guys are really good anchors, thank you so much. I will be taking him to school the next week because he hinted he wants to quit pot, I am willing to help him avoid the group of friends he goes to school with to alliviate the availability and stress it takes when one starts getting clean, but if he plays me, I am done. I can’t take it anymore.

Ox Drover

Dear Takesone,

You do NOT have to “endure screaming fits” and if he is screaming he wants a 500$ gift you cannot afford, that is not a “gift” he wants but BLACKMAIL of “give me what I want, no matter if you can afford it or not or I will PUNISH YOU.”

I know it is difficult, but just CALMLY walk away. DO NOT be black mailed into buying him something you can’t afford.

EVen driving him to school won’t keep him from associating with bad “influences” if he wants to…and “hinting” that he wants to quit pot is not quitting. Pot is not “addictive” like crack though it has some addictive qualities, but stopping smoking pot is simply making up his mind to do so–he either does or does not. Period. Don’t let him play you with his “intentions” to get “clean”—that’s a load of crap.

Hang in there, your home doesn’t have to be a war zone….I lived in one and I know how it is with kids, especially teenagers, but I would sure do things differently now. Set some boundaries and stick to them. Good luck, and hang in there it won’t be accomplished in one day! (((hugs))))


I have been dealing with a person with diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder, who has been filing false claims in civil court and police departments against me. Although all of these have been provably false, nothing has happened. The apparent attitude is “no harm done” because I have not been incarcerated as a result of her false reports. Same for civil actions. They get dismissed, but all of this ignores the enormous costs to me in legal fees, not to mention the emotional toll it takes.

Imagine that someone is mad at you, or, maybe just wants to coerce you into doing something, so they file a false police report, making something up, like that you wrote something threatening on a website a year ago (when you NEVER did such a thing at all, in fact, maybe never posted ANYTHING!). They cut and paste, insert some “threatening” language that was never on the actual site, print it up, and go to the police and claim to be threatened. The police believe that person, and get a judge to sign off on a warrant against you and your spouse. You get hauled off to jail, spend 24 hours before you can get released, and then, the next business day that the D.A. has, he looks at it and dismisses it because the charges were clearly, blatantly, FALSE.

Do you have recourse? Maybe. However, the police almost NEVER charge someone with a false report. They have the attitude that “hey, the charges were dismissed, what’s your gripe?” Then the person goes to another county, and does it AGAIN, and AGAIN. Never any penalties. Sue them? Sure, but that person has no resources (at least that you can find!), and, guess what the police did nothing wrong because they followed that person’s affidavit!

This is what I have been living. Talking to people, the problem is widespread. In my case, she files police reports, administrative actions with licensing boards, and court cases, against multiple people, but others do this to varying degrees. We need to change the laws. I need your help.

We are a group of citizens interested in the creation of laws at the Federal and State level to curtail vexatious litigants, classifying them as such, creating a national database such that those that repeatedly file false police reports, abuse the judicial system, or administrative procedures by multiple false reports, pleadings, etc., could be flagged before great resources are wasted on them. The idea, essentially, is to classify them so any future filings/reports receive greater scrutiny before being accepted at face value. It would NOT prevent any person from filing or reporting, it would just let authorities know that they are dealing with a person that has actually been found to have initiated false reports multiple times in the past.

The focus would be judicial economy and would actually afford those with legitimate concerns better access to the courts, prevent waste of resources and help prevent abuse of process, etc. It would also help true victims, who today cannot get help due to the resources being wasted on people just playing the system.

Congressman Cohen’s office (D-Tennessee) is interested. We need a lot more. Spread the word, please! Started the following on facebook also, so please join and get the word out. We can fix the system to help people. This is not partisan, as we all are equally impacted.…4043439&ref=mf

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