Jury convicts pilot of sexual assault; general overturns the verdict

The Pentagon estimates that 19,000 sexual assaults are committed in the military every year. Only 2,600 assaults are reported, and less than 10 percent of them are prosecuted.

Kimberly Hanks, a physician’s assistant, accused Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, an F-16 combat pilot, of assaulting her. Wilkerson was convicted by a jury. Then Air force Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin overturned the verdict, citing “insufficient evidence.”

Story and video:

Accuser in Air Force sexual assault case ‘frustrated’ at overturned verdict, on TodayNews.Today.com.

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I saw this and I was fried!!!!! The typical GOOD OLD BOY CLUB! This officer and the one who overturned the conviction should BOTH go to prison!


Another article, that’s all I can do is just Shake my head! WTF!???


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