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Kardashian wedding nothing but a publicity stunt

So, 72 days after the big, televised wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, she has filed for divorce. That was bad enough. But Hollywood sources are saying that the entire wedding was a hoax and a publicity stunt. Oh, and it was also a money maker—Kardashian and Humphries reportedly made $17.9 million on the fake wedding. Read:

Kim Karsashian’s wedding was a ‘hoax,’ sources say, on

Kim Kardashian to file for divorce from Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage, on

Kim Kardashian set to make $17.9 million on nuptials, on

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Dear Kris & Kimmie,

I want my damn gift back.

Seriously though, I read that she is going to donate all the “gifted money” to charity. I think that all 17.9 million should be donated to charity – immediately


Skylar was right! 🙂


It’s elementary my dear.
When you are as shallow as Kim Kardashian, NOTHING is real.



I know this to be true for sure. I can’t wait until that entire family is off the radar screen. I hate fake people! And how can they be millionaires doing nothing? Just causing havoc. Sickening. And then you have all these followers who perpetuate the rubbish.

Ox Drover

Here is an article by Heidi Hiatt for TIME’s UP a DV blog….that sums it up. These people are TRASH just like any trash, just because they are rich and beautiful on the outside doen’st mean they are not TRASH, nasty on the inside.

The Mainstreaming of Chaos


Ox Drover,

Admittedly, I have watched some of the Reality t.v. shows, usually getting tired of “the story lines” (if there are any). The constant bickering, backstabbing, etc. by all the people on these shows gets OLD (real quickly). I loved the article by Heidi Hiatt – how true.

Ox Drover


It is like the other violence out there on the tube and in the media in general. Oh, BTW jerry Springer show is NOT “real” because My son happens to know several actors who have worked on the Jerry Springer show and even on Judge Judy as “guests”—though I do realize there ARE actually people who are that trashy that they do not know who their baby’s father is, or they act like trash as a life style, sleeping around like it is some sort of contest to see who can sleep with the most people whose last names they don’t know.

No wonder STDs are spreading, and funny thing is that one of the groups it is spreading so fast in is the 50+ age range. A long time friend of mine who is about my age (60s) recently contracted an STD and called me for some consultation and information. I went to discuss this with him and hopefully give him some advice that would be of benefit to him, and he was informing me that he did not like to use condoms and that he ONLY WENT WITH WOMEN HE KNEW WELL ENOUGH TO NOT USE A CONDOM. I laughed and said AND HOW IS THAT WORKING OUT FOR YOU? Obviously not well! LOL

I don’t think I ever convinced him that he was putting his very LIFE AT RISK in having sex with various people he didn’t know well, or even some he KNEW had been with everyone in the county! He did not want to hear the truth, so I think his hearing was very selective. This is a man I consider a great friend, but I would NOT ever consider sleeping with him or marrying him because he is sexually irresponsible. Is he a psychopath? Of course not, but if you asked me if he was an IDIOT, the answer would be YES! I also told him that!


If I hear KARDASHIAN one more time I am going to vomit..


BJ, hopefully the public will get bored and, perhaps something else ‘more entertaining’ will come along as undoubtedly it will one day! Kardashasians, my daughter (18) finds them boring, talentless and yes rich, but one day they will be old (as we all will be), and they may regret wasting their youth, ‘entertaining’ and making money from joe public who no longer cares, as they have moved on! The K’s will be ridiculed in years to come, made fun of, and haunted by their actions. How I used to love Hill Street Blues/Kojak; now I watch a rerun and think ‘how dated’ (love the fashions though)! Imagine, being 50 and seeing your 20 something self ..shallow ..replayed back to you ..she will have to be really thick skinned!

Most teenagers/young people are not taken in by the falseness; they laugh at this lot; and if blessed with a brain cell can see its a con. Whilst I agree with much of what Heidi says, not all young people look to these idiots/shallow nobodies as role models, just like not every boy in the UK idolises footballers, their infidelity, foul mouths, racism and thuggery. Young people today are street savvy; thanks in part to these awful reality rubbish shows.

If she and the fake marriage made 17.9m just think how much the tv network made; kerchiinng!


I think Kris Humphries may be an S, or at the very least, exhibits character traits of an N. I was extremely disturbed at his arrogant, overly aggressive and nonchalant behavior on the show when the family took at trip to Bora Bora. He was just meeting all of them for the first time but was doing inappropriate things to Kim, her mother and her brother. He was definitely messing with them and pushing boundaries for sport. Red flags were waving!

Kim may be getting out now because she’s realizing how unsafe he is. Guess that’s what can happen when you marry a guy you hardly know JUST BECAUSE you want to get married and make money off the wedding. I don’t feel that sorry for her but I think he’s been taunting her and playing her all along. I believe her mother’s an N, so she’d definitely be susceptible to the snare of an S or N.


The whole reality TV show has become completely out of control. The talk shows were once interesting and I didn’t mind sitting down to the odd Ricky Lake show back in the 90’s. Albeit a little trashy at the time, Ricky showed compassion and I remember she would offer counselling and support after the show to her trouble young guest. Jerry Springer on the other hand merely found his guests amusing and would poke fun at their pathetic lifestyles. Of course years later, we here in Australia also realised that alot of the Springer programs were staged and they were in fact actors. Not all cases, but alot of them. Now with the Housewife, Kardashian’s etc… I just cannot be bothered. My sister is right into the Jersey Shore series and watches it religiously. My sister is 23, but a very intelligent, sensible 23 year old with her head screwed on. She is a real home body and is happy just to take her dogs for a walk, attend her university classes, hang with her boyfriend and her family. When I asked her why she watches shows like this, her only answer is, “Mel…they are so pathetic, and it’s funny! I can’t believe the way some of them behave and I guess that’s where the addiction of seeing how much more outrageous and pathetic these shows can possibly get week in week out”. So luckily for us, my sister is not at all a follower of stupidity! But sadly there are alot of impressionable young girls and guys out there who mimic these so called ’role models’. Reality TV is most definitely gone way toooo far. Want to become a rock or pop star???..join a reality show, want a husband or a wife, join the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Want your backyard or house renovated, put your name down for Home Renovations or Backyard blitz. Even if you want a body and face reconstruction, put your name down for ’Ultimate Makeover’… is that what they call it these days, I forgot??? There are Beauty and The Geek’s coming together, Psychics tampering with murder cases to see who is the most accurate and become Australia’s Number 1 Psychic…and the list goes on. Lol it is just so pathetic how we are living every aspect of our lives these days through reality TV!!!


I’m pleased to say I hadn’t the foggiest idea who Kim Kardashian was. Other than recognizing her name as “somebody glamorous,” that is. The only reason I knew that much is that I ran across an article a couple of weeks ago about two women who started a successful business called “Rent the Runway.” Thinking it must have something to do with aviation, I began reading the article, only to discover that what they were renting to their clients was high fashion designer clothing. Apparently they meant “runway” as in “catwalk,” not as in “airfield.”

Anyway, somewhere in this article were words to the effect that “you too can wear Kim Kardashian’s dress for only $170.” I didn’t take a lot of notice, because I expect you can get half a dozen dresses for $170 from one of those “Dress for Less” places that are always advertising on TV. And you don’t even have to take them back afterwards. Besides, no matter who Kim Kardashian may be, I’m sure her dresses wouldn’t go well with my beard. But in skimming the article I did register the fact that Kim Kardashian must be “a woman whose dresses some people will pay a lot of money to wear.” Ergo, “somebody regarded as glamorous.”

Outside of that—and the presumption that she must be Armenian—I had no idea what, if anything, Kim Kardashian was supposed to be famous for. I thought perhaps she might be a fashion designer herself, but more likely one of those “supermodels.” Or perhaps, as somebody has said of Paris Hilton, she was just “famous for being famous.” (Given my extensive ignorance on the topic of “celebrities” in general, nobody will be surprised to hear that there was once a time when I thought “Paris Hilton” was a hotel.)

So after reading this article I now know more about Kim Kardashian than I did before. I gather, among other things, that she is, quote, a “buxom reality TV diva.” After looking at her photo, I suspect that being “buxom” is really what she’s most famous for—though not of course in the Kirstie Alley sense.

As I was looking at that New York Post article I couldn’t miss the headline reading “LiLo to jail.” Despite my lack of edumacation in the field of celebrities, Lohan’s name has been in the news so often that she’s impossible to miss. Having breached the terms of her probation yet again by failing to do her community service, it’s off to jail for Lindsay. The details were amusing. She was supposed to show up for work twenty times at the Downtown Women’s Center, but she only showed up on eight occasions. The judge said she was “not going to put them through that again!” So she tried to assign Lindsay to work instead at the Good Shepherd’s Center for Homeless Women… but they DIDN’T WANT HER BECAUSE SHE’S A BAD EXAMPLE to the women who are staying there! The only place willing to take her back is the city MORGUE! What a hoot!


Redwald, I’m as befuddled who these glamorous and famous people are. Often I’ve never heard of them before. Not until the article here, I never heard of this kardashian before. And it took me a long while before realizing Paris Hilton was an acknowledged fame. Apparently they are famous for being drama queens and that is the sole aspect of them as far as I know. Lindsay Lohan rings a bell, but no idea why for…LOL

Edited to add: googled her and realized I’ve seen her in movies I usually zap away from.

Ox Drover

Redwald and Darwinsmom,

LOL Both your posts made me laugh, it is usually difficult to find someone(s) with less knowledge about “stars” than I have since I watch little TV (don’t have cable) and don’t usually read the “star magazines” etc. but you two have done it I think!

PARIS HILTON HOTEL! I love it!!!!!

Back in the days of England’s kings and their mistresses and the palace intrigues the “famous” and infamous of those days were known for being “hot” or “fashionable” just like the current crop of “fashionistas” LOL I don’t think things have changed much, Cain is finding out now that his prior sex life or inappropriate behavior will be OUTED and he is instead of owning up, pretending to not remember, and now, to blame the opposition for OUTING HIS BAD BEHAVIOR…..and it’s all Rick Perry’s fault for leaking it to the press. Is that any better or worse than Jerry Springer? Sounds the SAME to me!


Her father defended OJ Simpson. The family was close friends with OJ and Nicole so he renewed his expired license to help with the legal defense. The entire family sounds beyond shallow. Is that what money does to people?

Ox Drover

Yea, Donna, I kept hearing her name but didn’t “get” why she was “famous” and still don’t really, but thanks, that makes sense I guess.

I’ve kind of been following this Cain sex scandal as “political theater” the last few days and looking at how Cain is squirming under the glare of the “light of exposure”—how he has no memory, then he does remember, but doens’t seem to remember “right” then he re-remembers, but even that’s not right! LOL THEN the BLAME the other guy for leaking the story. LOL It is such CLASSIC political carp that it is really as good as I have ever seen a PLAY BE PRESENTED. The saddest part though is that these people are the “leaders” of our country and their behavior is about like the people on Jerry Springer’s show.

The morals of an alley cat, and the forked tongue of a lizard!

Ox Drover


QUOTE: “Is that what money does to people?”

ANSWER: Yep, sometimes. Sort of like “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

I think there have been several studies about the way power (money?) corrupts people and how they become narcissistic because of it.

My late husband used to fly private jets for “Stars” like Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Lee Marvin, Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Glen Campbell etc etc. he flew them from LA to Reno or Vegas for their shows and back again. In a Lear jet it is only a 45 minute flight but he got to know some of these guys pretty well over a period of time and he saw the changes in some of the ones he started to fly, like Glen Campbell at first was a “great guy” but as he became more popular, more famous, and richer, he deteriorated and got on drugs and booze and EGO trips….some of the “stars” who were “Mr. Nice guy” on TV were total jerkwads in private. My husband did NOT like Johnny Carson at all. He had gotten to be friends with Glen Campbell back when Glen was fairly young and starting out, but was disappointed as he saw Glen self destruct with fame and money.


I was like Oxy, until about a year or so ago, no cable, no dish, just an antenna and rabbit ears, three local channels and if the weather was good PBS. Then some government official decided my antenna would need a converter box of some kind to work, only it didn’t work SO much to the thrill of my husband and kids we got a DISH. This was going to enrich our lives. LOL

When first trying to see what all the hype was about, I flipped onto the Kardash clan, never heard of them, why are they on. There was a man that looked VERY familiar, only not. Where had I seen this man, or someone that looked kind of like him before? OMG it’s Bruce Jenner, from the Wheaties Box. OMG, what had they done to him, his face looked like an over-inflated balloon. I can’t stand to look at Joan Rivers and I really can’t stand to look at the new Bruce Jenner. End of Kardashians for MiLo.

Then I found the HGTV where young twenty and/or thirty somethings are looking for their first home. We used to call them “starter homes”. MiLo’s was her Grandfather’s milkhouse converted into a small cozy living space. The HGTV’s were not. After hearing “How can I possibly settle for a home without granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances” for the 100th time, I came away with the firm belief that the economic downfall in this country was due entirely to GRANITE COUNTERTOPS.

So, I did learn something from a DISH. Thankfully, there are channels that carry The Waltons and Little House on the Prarie and ofcourse Hillybilly Hand Fishing.

Bravo to Heidi Hiatt.

That was a bold article. Unfortunately, I don’t think the people she is talking about could sit down and read anything long enough to even know what they should be angry about. Her insistence on using proper grammar and relevant vocabulary will make that article completely inaccessible to the people who need to read it most.

Ox Drover

Panther, I totally agree with you about the article Heidi wrote. The people who need it the worst can’t even read….much less count change or figure out how to actually DO something more productive than skateboard or dance. They are not even qualified for a job at McDonald’s is the sorry part! Yet, they want to live like KINGS and drive big cars and live in mansions.

Yea, Milo….that’s why I don’t have a DISH any more. Cut that thing off the week after my husband died. Did get the BOX though, and do have DVDs and a player to entertain us sometimes with old movies and an occasional newer one. LOL

Walked off the other day and left the TV on during the day and son D walked by and as he was pouring himself a cup of joe he over heard some “judge show” on TV he had never heard before. He knows they are FAKED and the people are actors, but he was open mouthed and staring at it! He couldn’t believe it!

He asked when they were going to get a “judge channel” and danged if the next show wasn’t another “judge” show right after the first one he saw, and I said “Apparently they have!”

We watch the news/weather and I watch Dateline sometimes or 20/20 and we watch Harry’s law and the Good Wife, but that’s about the extent of our watching, though I did watch Law and Order SVU last night. It is sometimes very thought provoking. It was last night, a rapist got off and the victim was re-raped by the rapist’s lawyer.

We did enjoy the “sing off” recently though, as we both like music.

Well, gotta get my weekly trip to town and some errands run so I guess I’m out of here for a while. You guys keep it between the dictches.

Yes, Ox, it’s ironic, right?

About the other topic running in here, I am a proud non-owner of a television! Going on 9 years now with no television! I found out about this Kardashian chick WAY late. The Bieber kid too. By the time I knew who this kid was, he was already a huge sensation and part of all sorts of jokes….and on that note, I read a news story yesterday that a woman is suing him stating that he impregnated her in the Stables Center bathroom a year ago…this might be interesting to see pan out. I’m curious who is lying. I am inclined to believe the woman, because she filed an official law suit demanding a paternity test to verify. She’d have to be pretty nuts to do that in public if she knew it wouldn’t turn out to be his. (I’m not ruling “nuts” out, but it’s less likely)

PS Since the day that I DID learn about the Kardashian chick, I have had a gut feeling of dislike and distaste that never settles. It’s my intuition going off, me thinks. Don’t like her one bit.

Ox Drover

Panther, I read a London newspaper (tabloid) and actually get more American news than I do in US sources, LOL, but it had an article about a millionaire high-roller couple who got busted for a 3-some in the bathroom of a bar! I mean cooooome on! Get REAL! What trashy behavior! But that seems to me to be the NORM if you take what is in the news as “normal” behavior, but I don’t think it is “normal” but just what sticks out!

Well, I have got to go to town now, so later!


Well geez, check out the cover of every celebrity/style magazine, and whataya got?:

*Women having babies to keep their husbands.
*Angelic Jen Aniston versus evil Angelina Jolie.
*People stealing spouses from each other.
*Weddings! Weddings!
*Baby bumps! Baby bumps!
*Who looks good in a bikini and who doesn’t anymore.
*Who wore the same designer dress better.
*What famous people look like when they go to pick up the mail.
*Cosmetic surgery tell-alls.
*Boring actresses who “bare all” or tell us how to succeed or finally find love in exclusive interviews!
*People who are “fascinating” just because they’re pretty.

It’s as if celebrities today all live in trailer parks, fry their food, abandon rusty cars in their front yards, and steal each others’ fat, nasty spouses. Just like their readers!

I once observed to a friend that, according to rumors, Al Pacino has quite a racy personal life. He chases younger actresses, fathers children, and generally has himself a ball. And nobody, apparently, is upset. He must have a good lawyer and a good publicist to stay out of the tabloids. Not to mention a kind of generosity you don’t see in these publicity-hungry monsters. He’s an actor, an artist. He acts in plays and movies, and is pretty darn healthy in his 70s. What he looks like on his way to the mailbox plays no part in that.

And hey, Oxy, I used to work as a legal secretary on high-income Manhattan divorces. I learned that to really screw up in life, you need at least $300K a year. At $300K, all your little vices become really dangerous.


Thanks for the info, Donna. Yes, I’ll bet that sex tape explains perfectly how KK got so much public attention!

Oxy, we’re like you, never bothered with cable. I put an antenna on the roof at one end of the house, and at the other end in the den a pair of rabbit ears perched high in front of a window will feed nearly as many channels into a PC through one of those RCA digital converter boxes (net cost $10 after government subsidy). We can get ten or so English language channels that way—more if you count all the subchannels—plus a few Spanish language ones. So we can watch CSI and whatnot, and Masterpiece Mystery and Nova and Ken Burns’s Prohibition (there’s quite a bit of good stuff on PBS) and all the rest of it. I’m sure there’s scads of junk we don’t miss by not having cable. There’s enough junk on broadcast TV that we’re glad to skip as it is. My wife refuses even to watch Jerry Springer. I must confess to watching it a couple of times myself, mostly with a kind of horrified fascination.

That’s a great article from Heidi Hiatt, by the way.


When there’s so much I don’t know about “celebrities” and the like, this leaves a great many profound philosophical questions unanswered. Some of these mysteries of life were nagging at me last night when I was pondering whether Kim Kardashian could be one of those “supermodels.”

Specifically, when does an ordinary model become a Supermodel? Does the Modeling profession have a governing body (like the AMA, the PGA or the Screen Actors’ Guild) to confer this coveted title on the chosen few? What are the criteria for promotion to the rank of Supermodel? Do you have to earn a certain stipulated income, or appear on a specified number of magazine covers in order to earn the distinction, the way musicians earn a Gold Disc for selling a million recordings? Is there a formal ceremony to mark this elevation into the highest echelons of Modeling? Is there a “coming out” party like some Debutantes’ Ball, where the fledgling Supermodel, dressed in her finest, is crowned with a tiara and presented to the world, so that we know she’s now a Supermodel and not just one of those “ordinary” models?

And once raised to this pinnacle of the Modeling vocation, does a Supermodel stay there forever? Or can she be busted down to “ordinary model” if she’s guilty of some grave professional lapse—like putting on too many pounds, or failing to get her picture in the papers for an entire year? Do older Supermodels keep their courtesy title when they retire, or get too wrinkled and arthritic to do the job any more? Or does that never happen? Can enough expensive face creams and cosmetic surgery keep a Supermodel looking Super right up to the day she keels over and goes to that Great Catwalk in the Sky? (This reminds me of a book I have by Dave Barry, titled “Stay Fit and Healthy Until You’re Dead.”)

A little research tells me the oldest Supermodels we have, dating back to the late 1960s when the title was first used in earnest—women like Twiggy and Cheryl Tiegs—are still active in the public eye, though they should be drawing their Social Security fairly soon. So we may have to wait for an answer to these last questions. I’m also told the honorary title was bestowed in retrospect on a woman named Lisa Fonssagrives, who was Supermodeling back in the 1930s before we even had a word for it. Needless to say, I’d never heard of her. But Miss Fonssagrives gave up being a Supermodel before anyone had a chance to call her that. She became a sculptress instead, skipping the issue altogether. Besides, she’s been dead for twenty years, so she can’t help me answer these questions either. I shall just have to wait.


Kris Humphries- Husband from Hell………

According to Kim in us Weekly Kris started exhibiting signs of a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde shortly after their marriage. Signs she never saw before they married. He would call her “fat ass & stupid” and belittle her family. He also showed signs of womanizing in their short 2 1/2 month marriage.
When I read the article it rang all to true being the ex-wife of Dr. Hyde myself.

Ox Drover

Joanie, in the public comments of both of them I think there is some truth, I think, (for what it is worth without any REAL solid information either way) that BOTH of them are highly narcissistic and high in P traits…..I think they deserve each other.


Milo, I LOVE The Waltons. Ps your post made me laugh ……Have read your posts before and you are very funny! Just wanted to show my appreciation. Er, we don’t get Hill Billy fishing in the UK. Sounds hilarious!!


Milo and Strong,
Little house on the prairie is what got me through many many years with the spath. It was on nick at nite, when I couldn’t sleep. It gave me hope, somehow.


Sky, yep love that too. But the woman who ran the store……can’t remember her name. Oof …… spath tendencies. O dear I’m seeing them everywhere

Ox Drover

Panther and Redwald, I went for 7 years without a TV when my kids were little. Actually we HAD ONE perched in the living room, but it didn’t work, and if the kids said they wanted a working TV I just said, “Oh, I’ll get it fixed when I can AFFORD IT” and they accepted that as a viable excuse. If I had said “I don’t want you to have one” they would have argued til hell froze over. Instead my kids stayed outside riding horses, making rockets out of 2-L soda bottles and compressed air and other things like READING.

Now I have a set and watch a few hours a week (less than most people watch in 1 day.) Can’t get PBS with the I have now (darn it!) but do get a few channels that have something I will watch and we watch DVDs some. I have a place I can buy them for $2 each. We read books and read newspapers and articles and blogs online, though my internet set up won’t let me watch movies or many u-tube videos but we make do.

I used to like the Waltons too, but they are a fictional family, and all problems are not solved in one hour, but I guess you can suspend belief for a while and enjoy the fiction.


Hi Strong ~ thanks so much, glad I can make you chuckle. I do love the Waltons, especially when they all say goodnite at the end. While my grandparents didn’t live with us, they lived right next door on the family farm and were always deeply involved with my life, just like on the show.

Sorry you don’t get Hillbilly Hand Fishing and the newest one about shooting wild hogs in the UK. I don’t know where they come up with these crazy shows. I call it “brain dead TV”.

Sky ~ something about watching shows like Little House make your mind go to a simpler time where people were kind to each other. It does help to pretend for awhile.

Oxy ~ I refuse to have any TV in the place where we spend most of the summer. No internet either, although we do run down the mountain a couple times a week to check our e-mail at the neighbors. We didn’t have a phone for the first few years and cell phone won’t work unless you hang by your feet over the side of the deck. It is GREAT. Drives hubby nuts – no news. It is funny to watch him try to wire up the radio to get a channel to come in. Do men actually think they can DO SOMETHING about the news. What is it??

Ox Drover

Oh, wow, Donna!!! I just do not understand why people watch these reality shows as anything other than “theater of the absurd.” I watched one show of “Jackass” with the son of a friend when it first came out, and I was disgusted completely. I have never watched a complete episode of any of the reality shows on broadcast or cable TV, but the few seconds of the shows I have seen while flipping channels disgust me entirely.

I don’t understand why Paris Hilton is a star? What TALENT does she have—being born rich?

What is the deal about spending millions of dollars (even if you have it to throw away) on a party/wedding when there are people without clean water or food? Okay, so she spent more money on her wedding than they did for Kate and William…so what? Why would anyone not invited even care? Why do people stare at the “idiot box” as my step father called it and think that is THEIR lives, or that what comes across it is LIFE?

I guess something must be wrong with me that I don’t get what is so important about Kim’s life, did she invent a new vaccine for cancer? She is just rich ” trash” as far as I can see, and all the money in the world or the dresses or the ratings won’t cover up that stink! Just like former governor James McGreevey can call himself a “gay american” and go to theology school all he wants and he is still just a psychopathic creep, neither gay nor straight. Just a dishonest lying piece of carp!

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