Kardashian wedding nothing but a publicity stunt

So, 72 days after the big, televised wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, she has filed for divorce. That was bad enough. But Hollywood sources are saying that the entire wedding was a hoax and a publicity stunt. Oh, and it was also a money maker—Kardashian and Humphries reportedly made $17.9 million on the fake wedding. Read:

Kim Karsashian’s wedding was a ‘hoax,’ sources say, on

Kim Kardashian to file for divorce from Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage, on

Kim Kardashian set to make $17.9 million on nuptials, on

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Milo and Strong,
Little house on the prairie is what got me through many many years with the spath. It was on nick at nite, when I couldn’t sleep. It gave me hope, somehow.

Sky, yep love that too. But the woman who ran the store……can’t remember her name. Oof …… spath tendencies. O dear I’m seeing them everywhere

Panther and Redwald, I went for 7 years without a TV when my kids were little. Actually we HAD ONE perched in the living room, but it didn’t work, and if the kids said they wanted a working TV I just said, “Oh, I’ll get it fixed when I can AFFORD IT” and they accepted that as a viable excuse. If I had said “I don’t want you to have one” they would have argued til hell froze over. Instead my kids stayed outside riding horses, making rockets out of 2-L soda bottles and compressed air and other things like READING.

Now I have a set and watch a few hours a week (less than most people watch in 1 day.) Can’t get PBS with the I have now (darn it!) but do get a few channels that have something I will watch and we watch DVDs some. I have a place I can buy them for $2 each. We read books and read newspapers and articles and blogs online, though my internet set up won’t let me watch movies or many u-tube videos but we make do.

I used to like the Waltons too, but they are a fictional family, and all problems are not solved in one hour, but I guess you can suspend belief for a while and enjoy the fiction.

Hi Strong ~ thanks so much, glad I can make you chuckle. I do love the Waltons, especially when they all say goodnite at the end. While my grandparents didn’t live with us, they lived right next door on the family farm and were always deeply involved with my life, just like on the show.

Sorry you don’t get Hillbilly Hand Fishing and the newest one about shooting wild hogs in the UK. I don’t know where they come up with these crazy shows. I call it “brain dead TV”.

Sky ~ something about watching shows like Little House make your mind go to a simpler time where people were kind to each other. It does help to pretend for awhile.

Oxy ~ I refuse to have any TV in the place where we spend most of the summer. No internet either, although we do run down the mountain a couple times a week to check our e-mail at the neighbors. We didn’t have a phone for the first few years and cell phone won’t work unless you hang by your feet over the side of the deck. It is GREAT. Drives hubby nuts – no news. It is funny to watch him try to wire up the radio to get a channel to come in. Do men actually think they can DO SOMETHING about the news. What is it??

Oh, wow, Donna!!! I just do not understand why people watch these reality shows as anything other than “theater of the absurd.” I watched one show of “Jackass” with the son of a friend when it first came out, and I was disgusted completely. I have never watched a complete episode of any of the reality shows on broadcast or cable TV, but the few seconds of the shows I have seen while flipping channels disgust me entirely.

I don’t understand why Paris Hilton is a star? What TALENT does she have—being born rich?

What is the deal about spending millions of dollars (even if you have it to throw away) on a party/wedding when there are people without clean water or food? Okay, so she spent more money on her wedding than they did for Kate and William…so what? Why would anyone not invited even care? Why do people stare at the “idiot box” as my step father called it and think that is THEIR lives, or that what comes across it is LIFE?

I guess something must be wrong with me that I don’t get what is so important about Kim’s life, did she invent a new vaccine for cancer? She is just rich ” trash” as far as I can see, and all the money in the world or the dresses or the ratings won’t cover up that stink! Just like former governor James McGreevey can call himself a “gay american” and go to theology school all he wants and he is still just a psychopathic creep, neither gay nor straight. Just a dishonest lying piece of carp!

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