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Ken Boyer, 60, cheats with multiple women while claiming to have cancer

Ken Boyer, who claimed to have cancer. (Facebook)

You need a score card to keep track of all the women Ken Boyer, 60, has targeted, seduced and defrauded — all while claiming to be dying of cancer.

Boyer recently reconnected with his “long lost love,” Michelle Kimbrell, and married her — despite the fact that he had also proposed to Karen Hagerty, Cheryl Alvarez and Barbara Jones.

Barbara Jones is suing him to get back the $22,000 of her money that he allegedly blew on dental work, a customized Harley Davidson and shady investments.

One of his four ex-wives said Boyer has been claiming to have stage 4 liver cancer since 2010.

 EXCLUSIVE: ‘He has a mental illness, not caner’: Jilted exes of the ‘cancer conman’ who faked hospital visits so he could disappear and chase other women claim he’s pretended to have terminal illness for SEVEN years, on

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I hope anyone who follows up these news stories takes the trouble to study other readers’ comments as well. I often find them instructive, in countless different ways.

In this instance it’s simply that a reader hit the nail on the head. The Daily Mail’s headline quotes this Boyer jerk’s ex-wife Sharon Hubenthal as saying ”I think he has a mental illness, not cancer.” No doubt we can all sympathize with Sharon, but in the readers’ comments dated “4 days ago” (at the time of writing that’s Saturday the twentieth of May, folks—I HATE “relative” dating!), a reader named Devon Rémy from “Orange, United States,” writes:

That’s not mental illness. That’s a character defect.

Damn right, Devon!

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