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Kenyan con man trolls bars to find info on rich, single women

African womanThe Star in Kenya reported the sad but familiar story of a con man who preyed on rich, young women.

This guy visited clubs looking for women who were driving luxury cars and buying expensive liquor. Then he befriended bartenders to learn more about the women, and made himself into the Prince Charming that they were looking for.

One woman, called “Alice,” met him in church which he joined after she posted pictures of her church meetings on Facebook. He slowly ingratiated himself.

And then he disappeared, taking Sh5 million of her money (5 million Kenyan shillings, or almost $49,000).

Love fraud: How women get conned in the name of love, on

These con men are everywhere.



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Rosie Jackson

They only go to church to PREY!
God will judge them.


A note of warning to any single woman who travels. In other poorer cultures, it is very common for men to prey on older single women and vice-versa. It is part of their culture. So be careful when you travel. If you choose to give in the attention of the attractive young men, that’s totally fine. Just know that although they may sincerely like you, they usually want your money, too. I don’t know if I would consider them sociopaths, because it is such an integral part of their society. I am heading out to Cuba tomorrow and I hear this is even different than Central America. Most everyone there is educated because education is free. But they are still poor, and many become “hineteros” or “hustlers” to make ends meet. I hear it is nearly impossible to tell who is really your friend there and who is a hinetero.

still waiting to get my lifeback


I see all is well with you, enjoy your time in Cuba. Your statement is so true about the culture of the men in poorer continents. I befriended a few on Facebook and both finished graduate school and are pursuing their masters degrees. I don’t think neither one of them are sociopath but they do look for women in the USA based on their profile and seek to gain money or things.. I can tell it is cultural also when you visit they will ask for money but want harass you. Have wishes

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