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Kidnapped or accomplice? The Bobbi Parker story

Randolph Dial was a convicted killer serving time in prison. Bobbi Parker was the deputy warden’s wife. On August 30, 1994, they both went missing. More than 10 years later, they were discovered and arrested. Was Bobbi Parker kidnapped or an accomplice?

Watch the Dateline show: The Devil and Bobbi Parker, on

Read ‘I stayed with him out of fear, not love’: Prison warden’s wife reveals for first time why she helped convicted killer escape before living with him in hiding for 11 years, on

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Ox Drover

Dateline did a story on them last night which I watched…she was sentenced to one year in prison for her part in the escape…her husband stands by her.

I listened to her and she sounded “genuine” victim…but she did SMILE INAPPROPRIATELY at times I thought.

The warden (her husband was assistant warden) I think was a total arsehole….he had received word of where they were twice just a year or so after the escape and chose not to investigate….he was very narcissistic, hateful, etc. and was proven to be a BAD warden. He ignored the psych report that the convict was DANGEROUS and dangerous to women.

One of the employers of them (on a chicken farm, the lowest of the low in farm work conditions) said that she saw him beating her and told him he could not do it on HER farm, but he siad “she’s my wife I can beat her if I want to”)

There were love letters from her to him, and other inconsistencies…but in the end, if I had been on the jury, I could not have voted to convict her, but I can also say I am not sure she was a Stockholm syndrome victim either. I just DO NOT KNOW….AM NOT SURE.

It is an odd case for sure….and what is odder still is that her husband waited for her, took her back 100% etc.

I will be shaking my head over this one for a long time.


OxD, yeah….it’s difficult to read this one and the only people that “know” the truth are Dial and Parker. Dial’s not talking, anymore, on account of he’s dead and buried.

The whole thing is as odd as the day is long and CREEPY as it can be!

Ox Drover

Yea, that Warden was really CREEPY….not her husband, his boss. Coming back with all the sarcastic remarks to the interviewer when he was asked about why when he had been told TWICE where they were he didn’t send someone out to look, or contact the FBI or some one. His “so, you’re blaming this on me?” LOL Then several others said that “the warden should have been on trial as well”

Yea, it is true, only 2 people know the truth, and one of them is dead so I guess it is like that “you can keep a secret when only two people know it, and one of them is dead.”


I saw the same program and I don’t believe she was kidnapped. As far as the abuse a neighbor reported seeing: abusive women stay with men all the time but I believe it was one of many concocted stories they had in place because they knew of the possibility of being caught. Bobbi was not some young naive woman with no family support so it’s hard for me to believe in her so called “fear” for her family and of Randolph. What was his old ass going to do? The man had a heart attack for gòodness sakes. They fell in love and even after they were caught Randolph protected her. And her husband is saving face.

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