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Kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro tries to justify his behavior

Ariel Castro, the Cleveland, Ohio man who kidnapped three women and held them prisoner for 10 years, made a statement in court yesterday, essentially claiming that he’s not a bad guy. “I’m not a monster,” he said. “I’m sick.”

Castro said he was never abusive until he met his wife. “I’m not a wife beater,” Castro claimed. “It happened because I couldn’t get her to quiet down.”

Castro then stated that he was not a violent person and he didn’t beat the three women. “I simply kept them there without them being able to leave,” he said. He followed that up by saying, “Most of the sex that went on in the house, practically all of it, was consensual.”

Oh, yeah, he also said there was “a lot of harmony in that home.”

Castro was convicted and sentenced life plus 1,000 years.

Ariel Castor: ‘I’m not a monster. I’m sick’, on


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The mind boggles!


He is using the garbled sociopathic language that we’re so very familiar with. And of course we are misjudging him, he’s not that bad. Sheesshhh, what garbage.

lost everything

This sounds just like the latespath. He justified everything he did, all of his behavior. ‘The wife chose to stopping having sex’, while absolutely true, he never said he got fired/was asked to leave (I was never able to find out which)from his 2nd job, just like the first, and was not actively looking for another one. Marriage is a total commitment, he wanted no real world responsibility for anything, I did not, nor to this day do I, believe he should have the privileges.

Castro uses the phrase: “a lot of harmony in that home.” The latespath said the ‘everything was wonderful’.

Castro says: “I’m not a wife beater. It happened because I couldn’t get her to quiet down.” The latespath always told me ‘you will never divorce me’, after he hit, slapped or threw something at me. Or as he would post “for a lot of reasons, I am not getting a divorce”(paraphrased)

Big difference, the latespath was fully aware of his crimes, although he never referred to his crimes. He texted to EscortC on June 1, 2008:”Okay. So in a nutsehll, my life has been crazy for the last 3 days – my “other” life. The mother-in-law hjas been in hospital. As I have often said, her kicking the bucket will affect “both” my lives I ways that I cannot fully imagine. Fortunatly, it does not look like that day has come yet. Whew!” (this is an exact cut and paste of the text) He was a fancy schmancy lawyer, at least at once upon a time, he was academically brilliant, he certainly knew exactly what would happen if my mom died; the lawyer for her estate would contact the brokerage and all of the latespath’s fraud and forgery would be exposed and he would spend a very long time in jail. I doubt the latespath would have ever said “I am sick”.


Hi everybody. Been too busy to post lately but catch as many articles and everyone’s comments as I can, so thanks to Donna and everyone here.
This guy is unreal. Classic sociopathic amoral rationalizing. I was able to pick up on some of the exact traits my Pseudowife exhibits – notice the language that he uses when referring to the things He Did. First he started by attempting to appear emotional then explained that He was a victim of childhood abuse, then that he is not a monster or an abusive person but rather a Sick one addicted to pornography. While he claims to not be trying to justify or make excuses that is what his entire speech is doing – rationalizing, minimizing, twisting, lying. Notice that instead of him saying, acknowledging I did this he instead says this Happened. I know this one well. Instead of her accepting her role and saying- I had sex with this guy, mine would say some things Happened. It didn’t happen to you. You did it. Spaths. Castro needed everyone to know what a normal, loving home that his daughter was raised in. Notice with his expression that ” the sex that went on in the house …” he again distances himself from the offensive behaviors. So no one could miss his point he made the connection for us that it was because of his addiction, just like an alcoholic cant control his addiction so poor addicted Castro can’t help himself. Again when supposedly apologizing it was for “What Happened” . I did get a good laugh somewhere around 12 min into the video when he had the audacity to blame the FBI during one of the searches, the cop sitting behind him made some great faces

Tea Light

You wonder why he went to all that trouble to hide the harmony and the consentual sex.

Yet despite all the horror he could throw at them the three ladies survived with their spirit and dignity intact. For their sake and the little girl’s I hope his name disappears from the media now.


So…..why do they let this guy speak? I think duct tape might get the right effect.


I don’t usually comment as much because I have been busy defending myself and children in this NEVER ENDING custody battle. It is so hard fighting a female Spath in Family court Especially when your representation is sub-par (Took care of that thing though). — I am having a hard time with getting the forensic evaluation she did as part of her probation.
I do check out all the post, but this one reminds me of how SPATHs operate, so much, that I had to comment.
@4Light2shine I had to chuckle to and say the NERVE of his man” Stating it was the FBI’s incompetence that led to his on-going abuse. With Spaths you have to read between the line to break down there testimony. I was thinking of doing that, but I just do not have the time. Still trying to break down my spath testimony.

This is why the world needs to be informed about the behavior and language. It is very scary.
This man is super scary. (as is the former)….. They do not want to be labeled as a monster, the former used to ask me that question frequently after all her bad behavior. “Do you think I am a monster?” Then in the argument She ALWAYS use to say she is “I’m JUST SICK” mommy has a problem. (feel sorry for me)
The man is so composed it is unreal, tells a story without missing a beat, shifts blame like no other and justify his action with unrealistic explanations. He even smirked at a few points (duping delight). However, guess what LOVE FRAUD readers————”..
If he wasn’t in the criminal justice system and just your average everyday person.




A master at rationalization and denial, he appears to believe the positive spin he’s placed upon his horrific crimes. He is able to effectively forgive and excuse himself. There is an effective defense mechanism at work that deflects the pain of guilt. I’ve seen this reasoning at work in my husband. His mind is always very busy as he talks his way around a problem. This works for him. He feels “victimized” and also feels excused and good about himself. It’s just a winning ticket, a free Get Out Of Jail card in the game of life. i may see through his verbal repertoire, but all those kids we share get pulled into excuse-making for dad. One last observation about Castro is that as he speaks there’s a general lack of tension in his lips. In my child birthing experience, my mantra was “Loose lips, loose bottom”. This guy has loose lips which means he’s basically relaxed, giving birth to one whopper of a lie!


Yep. Typical path, excusing his criminal actions with another criminal excuse.

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