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Kidnapper sues hostages

And now—for the ultimate in entitlement and blaming others:

Kidnapper sues former hostages, says they broke promise, on

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Ox Drover

This has got to be the biggest NARCISSISTIC CREEP I have ever seen! LOL Well, actually, OJ Simpson and his team of lawyers were pretty much the same but OJ finally got his anyway.

This guy has absolutely got to be the MOST STUPID to think that because he had a weapon and they were “nice to him” and agreed with anything he said while he was there that he believed they made an agreement with them.

Under normal circumstances I don’t think anyone, unless they were SEVERELY mentally retarded or were very young, would even consider that these people were agreeing with him for any other reason than FEAR.

The fact that I do think this guy BELIEVES his claims that they broke a bargain they made with him sure underscores Bob Hare’s claim that psychopaths just learn the words, but they can’t the tune. Some of them TRULY have NO concept of how others would see a situation.

My son Patrick didn’t sue me after I turned him in to the cops for stealing my car in the middle of the night to haul the loot he stole from our friend’s business (taking the computers effectively shut the business down for a while) but he has NEVER forgiven me. I asked him once what I should have done to have kept him from stealing (he was in prison for murder when we were having this conversation) and he said “well, I don’t know, but you SHOULDN’T have called the cops.” LOL The girl he murdered had turned him in to the cops for some credit card fraud and since he was on parole at the time for another robbery (not the one I turned him in on) he would have gone back to prison, so he killed her.

Blaming others for the consequences of their bad behavior is so TYPICALLY psychopathic that this guy almost “self diagnoses” himself just by that one thing. It wouldn’t be funny if he didn’t actually BELIEVE it though.


ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!! And he found a lawyer that will take this seriously? This is actually going to go into court? UNBELIEVABLE! I can so see my ex spath trying to pull something like this! This makes me soooo angry!


It’s been filed… whether it will be accepted by the court is another thing. I doubt it will come to that, since agreements made under duress can never be regarded as legal contracts. I’m sorry for the couple. I’m sure this will trigger them and upset them. But that spath is being totally ridiculous.

Ox Drover

I think he hand wrote this case himself, so he hasn’t found an attorney…don’t think he will, but sometimes there are attorneys that are that greedy and low….the guy who owned the pasture in which the plane my husband was in crashed into sued me for $50,000 for HIS OWN MENTAL SUFFERING, which only money would make better! HE HAD AN ATTORNEY, and after the deposition in which case he had made a total ass of himself (his answers were funnier than this guys!) his attorney wrote this letter to my attorney and said, “Well, let’s just settle this for $15,000 to get it over with quickly.” and my attorney wrote back “There is not a jury in X county that would give this man a dime after what this family has suffered, in fact, I actually think that the jury might tar and feather your client on his way out of court. NO settlement so if you think your client has a chance in court, we’ll see you there.” LOL ROTFLMAO

Actually my son and I had joked about getting some of our living history friends to dress up like fur trappers and buckskinners and set up a big iron kettle with tar and feathers on the court house lawn as the jerk went inside for court! LOL but the visions in my head of him being tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail kept me from going under when all this was going on. What a piece of shiat! They just do NOT get how normal people think.


Kinda reminds me of Joran Van Der Sloot suing Natalie Holloway’s parents for $10 mil.


Considering your son rationalized Killing some girl for ratting him out, it’s pretty scary to me to see how much danger you were in from your P son before you even realized the level of danger. Think you had some divine protection until you got up to speed. I know my husband is capable of murder if he thinks it necessary, that’s enough that I never want to see or communicate with him ever again. (ps He signed and returned the divorce papers!)


Great news!!!! Shalom


Yeah I made the deal he could keep all the money he defrauded from me but I wanted a divorce. Has Been three years of stalling and claiming to not receive mail and emails but FINALLY… well, he has a girlfriend who has money so with that new bird in his hand I think he’s confident enough with her to let me go.

Ox Drover

Dear Katy, Yep, I KNOW I HAD DIVINE PROTECTION it was the only thing that could have saved me. My son D “got it” before I did, and bless his heart, he secretly stayed up all night guarding me….and I didn’t know why he was wanting to sleep all day. I just couldn’t figure out why he was like a zombie…but when I found out what he was doing, I realized that we could not defend this house like a fort being stalked or attacked by Indians. We had to get out and go, but secretly. That was when I bought the RV trailer and asked a friend to let me park it next to his house on a near by lake where RVs are common and no one takes any notice when a new one moves in or leaves as they are coming and going all the time.

I had thought about buying a piece of property, but realized that that is STICKING OUT of the scenery and you need to BLEND in to the scenery in order to “hide in plain sight”—so if and when I have to hide, I will do it “in plain sight” using the environment to hide my tracks, no utilities in my name, no paper trail that will lead to where I am physically located. Bank on line…and whatever else it takes to NOT show up on the radar of paper trails that mark our whereabouts….including a cell phone that is trackable. Or Photos posted on Facebook with a GPS marker implanted. LOL

Of course being retired is much easier for me, I don’t have to have a professional license in my name, or kids who have to be registered for school, but if I had to do so I would find a way around it, given just how dangerous my son Patrick is. Fortunately most of the psychopaths are not as dangerous as my son is.


That kidnapping happened just outside of my town.


This story is unreal. I have thought to myself that this disorder can make the afflicted person incredibly stupid – they do the unthinkable, the ridiculous (creating untold headaches for their victims). I’m glad the couple that he kidnapped outwitted him, getting free of the spath, living through the awful, horrible experience.

Ox Drover

Don’t know if you guys saw this one, but it is just about as bad, I may have posted it before…CRS…can’t remember.–pay-HIM-1-000-month-alimony-divorce.html


O M G….*falls out of chair*

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