Knockout King: a game of random violence

Young thugs are proving how tough they are by attacking people chosen at random, then posting videos of the attacks on YouTube. Some of the victims don’t survive.

Read Police aim to crack down on violent new trend, ‘Knock Out,’ on FoxNews.com.

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Ox Drover,

Happy New Year! I’m sorry, I had too much going on to get on here. But I saw your post and wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.


Thank you for your encouraging words. I definitely eat up all of the single mom support I can get 🙂 Happy New Year, and thanks for reaching out to me 🙂

As usual, I have no time to read all the info on the blog. The babysitter comments were of great interest to me. As a single 22yr old mother of two (in the days) there was no mandatory child support and I had to work (I don’t think they had food stamps, WIC, or welfare, or I was not aware). After rent, utilities and gas there was little left for the sitter or for food. My kids ended up with little food and lousy, affordable, sitters. How lousy just came out 35 years later because they had nothing to compare it to then. Their “christian” father was never heard from again even that many attempts were made over the years by the kids to connect with him. He just can’t figure out to send a birthday card or dial that phone when it comes to the kids. My sons have a lot of woundedness because of the rejection and abandonment.
I don’t know how I ever get clean on the sitter situation. It’s as hard for me as it was not to blame myself for being held hostage by the spath.

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