Knockout King: a game of random violence

Young thugs are proving how tough they are by attacking people chosen at random, then posting videos of the attacks on YouTube. Some of the victims don’t survive.

Read Police aim to crack down on violent new trend, ‘Knock Out,’ on

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Ox Drover,

Wow, I didn’t know you had PTSD as well. I understand completely about the memory issues. I came back from Iraq some years ago and enrolled back in school. I started doing poorly in school after several years of being a 4.0 student. My professors noticed right away, as they knew me before my deployment. My information retention and comprehension were really shot. I struggled to get though the rest of my degree, with panic attacks before every test, etc. I had one professor who totally understood what was happening to me. He would come up to me and whisper some encouraging words and tell me to breathe before the test! Somehow, and with the help of wonderful people such as that professor, I got through.

It took me a really long time to get the treatment I needed, first because I was medicating myself, and then after I stopped that nonsense, it was just a lot of red tape to access the care I needed. Unfortunately, I acquired Spathy in that time period, waiting to get into a trauma recovery program. I remind myself that I have a treasure in my child. And while I wouldn’t have chosen the abuse or destruction to me and my life, I am so thrilled with my daughter. She is the best silver lining out of that cloud!

I will look at the articles you mentioned. I force myself to exercise most days just to ward off depression and manage the stress. And it’s really been wonderful for me.


Happy New Year to you and all the other LF’s as well. Here’s to a Spath free 2012!

I just love this site and the folks on here!

Yes Marie I identify. Vulnerability is the spaths way in. It certainly was in my case.
Don’t look back in anger …. Oasis sang. And so here’s to you and your lovely babe.

Dupey! Cheers darlin


It was really difficult for me to be on the “wrong side of the clip board”–I was used to giving advice not taking it! In fact I never took my own advice! LOL That is typical of medical personnel. My current doctor laughed at me because I AM compliant now! I take my own advice…I am on a low sodium diet, losing some weight, quit smoking…yea, I know, nurses are the worst about smoking!

It has been a difficult road to working on taking care of ME. If you were in the service and over seas, I am sure you understand what trauma (either big trauma or small traumas for a long period of time) can have effects that don’t show up clearly, especially to the person who is experiencing PTSD.

Just admitting that I needed help was a big hurdle for me. Fortunately, nicotine was the “worst” drug I self medicated with…but I have kicked the USE of it, but not sure I will ever kick the desire for it….but it is something I can handle now, so that is all that matters. Kicking my salt habit was about as difficult as the nicotine. LOL

Having a REASON to get up in the morning is a good thing too. Your Peanut is a really good reason to get up and to take care of you. Focus on that little girl and on taking care of the both of you!

You mentioned that while you were “down” with the PTSD you hooked up with the psychopath…that is very common, when we are down from this or that, that seems to be when the psychopath can sense our weakness, sort of like a lion can pick out the one animal in a herd of thousands that doesn’t feel good that day or has a thorn in its foot. They look for the easy prey, or the challenging ones sometimes….but in any case, we must avoid entanglements with them when we are vulnerable or under stress. Too many times I have seen women (and I did it too after my husband died) I felt so lonely, alone, pooooor me! No man will ever love me again!!! WAH!!!! poor me! and of course a psychopath on the prowl heard me and rushed to my side to “comfort” me! Duh! It was a cheater who’d gotten caught cheating by his wife of 32 years and she kicked him out, so he was looking for another “respectable” wife—and for some reason he liked nurses. I think every woman he cheated on his wife with was a nurse, and after I kicked him to the curb, he married another nurse. LOL I feel sorry for her.

I realize now that I was “needy” and didn’t feel like I could go on without a partner….but you know, I’m not the first or the last wo/man who was vulnerable to a psychopath because they were lonely/needy etc. I did realize though that becoming OK as a single person is important, then you can find another single person who is OK and SHARE YOUR happiness, but no one else can MAKE YOU HAPPY. We have to make ourselves happy.

If I find another partner that’s fine, but if I never do that’s fine too. I am really picky about who I would date. Not that there is a line outside my door! LOL But at the first sign of any kind of “foolishness” dishonesty or irresponsibility, it is, as Lady Macbeth said, “out, damned spot!”

Well, happy new year to you and your Peanut, Marie! Love Fraud is a wonderful place and I credit it with saving my sanity!

Moveing on,

Have been watching BBC adaptation of Dickens Great Expectations …..oooh the evil machinations of a disordered persona. Miss Haversham, what a spath if ever there was one.

Really enjoyed it all the same. Good ol fashioned tale of good overcoming evil. Hurrah!!!!

Marie13 ~

I want to give you a Grandma’s high five and a big hug on New Years.

It does my heart so much good to hear the way you talk about your precious daughter and to hear how you put her # 1 in your life. You are a great Mom and don’t you forget it!!!

Both in my professional and personal life, unfortunately I see the opposite way too often. Thank God for young, single Moms like you and many others here on LF.

COPING ~ Where are you? Is everything alright with Jr.?

Love & Hugs

Ox Drover,

Happy New Year! I’m sorry, I had too much going on to get on here. But I saw your post and wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.


Thank you for your encouraging words. I definitely eat up all of the single mom support I can get 🙂 Happy New Year, and thanks for reaching out to me 🙂

As usual, I have no time to read all the info on the blog. The babysitter comments were of great interest to me. As a single 22yr old mother of two (in the days) there was no mandatory child support and I had to work (I don’t think they had food stamps, WIC, or welfare, or I was not aware). After rent, utilities and gas there was little left for the sitter or for food. My kids ended up with little food and lousy, affordable, sitters. How lousy just came out 35 years later because they had nothing to compare it to then. Their “christian” father was never heard from again even that many attempts were made over the years by the kids to connect with him. He just can’t figure out to send a birthday card or dial that phone when it comes to the kids. My sons have a lot of woundedness because of the rejection and abandonment.
I don’t know how I ever get clean on the sitter situation. It’s as hard for me as it was not to blame myself for being held hostage by the spath.

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