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“Korean heiress” cons Hollywood

Lisette Lee claimed to be heiress to the Samsung fortune on her mother’s side, and connected to the Sony fortune on her father’s side. She flashed cash and hung out with Hollywood producers—at least until she was arrested for bringing 13 suitcases full of marijuana to Ohio.

Read Drug suspect’s facade of privilege begins to unravel on

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Ox Drover

In a show-biz culture which is based solely on who you know, and who you hang out with, and how much splash you have, it is no wonder it is easy enough to become an “accepted” insider with nothing but enough brass to push your way in.

This girl obviously had enough street smarts to pull it off, but also enough gang affiliation to rough someone up when they pithed her off.

I’m really even surprised this girl made the paper—probably the 500 pounds of grass and the private jet that did it.

I’ve flown in and out of Van Nuys airport many times, it is the largest “non-commercial” airport for private planes in the US and has been for many years and has a tremendous number of private planes including jets in and out of there every day. It would actually be a pretty good way to smuggle lots of things in and out of the LA area without a great deal of problems of being searched as carefully as on a commercial flight. I’m not sure (since I haven’t been there since 9/11, what the safety procedures there for keeping “suicide bombers” off private planes there would be. I’m sure there would be something in place though but maybe not as much searching of luggage as commercial planes. Who knows though?

LA CA is a good place though to FLASH cash and expensive cars to get you ADMITTED into the “IN CIRCLES” and little or no back ground checking done on your claims of where your bling comes from.

Oh, well, though, what goes up must come down, so I guess that little dynasty is crashing and burning—off to the federal pen for a LONG time now with the MINIMUM MANDATORY SENTENCES. She can play an ancient Korean woman in the movies if she still has “connections” when she gets , cause she will LOOK THAT PART!


Oxy, I’m leaning towards the 500 lbs of pot got her on the front paper. Planes are a dime a dozen in CA. Now the cops have the 500 lbs of pot. It then goes to the state laboratory for analysis … where Arnold and his stoner cronies will probably be a little tongue tied for the next few months. Hey, if he’s walking around with a bag of munchies, we’ll know why? (LOL).


This is exactly how the spath cons work!!!!!!!!!!
Weathly peeps….(he only needs one to start the process)…feeds off them……to get legitimized….(Oh, hes a friend of XX and UU), automatic ‘in’.
Borrows their fancy cars….to gather more supply…..more legitimization.
Fly’s in their planes…..more whoppidi doopidi and legitimaization…..and each person he targets while using his ‘time’ well (in the cars or planes or with yadahoohoo being ‘seen) he get’s the number and is automatically looked at as a money man! Peeps are attracted to ‘money men’.

Goes out to all the fancy restaurants……NEVER pays the bill…..peeps are so glad to be in his company, they don’t bat an eye at paying for HIM.
He invites peeps over to fancy houses…..he’s conned to stay at…….and cooks for them… no one ever thinks he’s not recipricting when he doesn’t pick up a restaurant tab.

He had BIG stories, people are so attracted to….LOVE his stories of wealth, name dropping and power…..and can’t wait to be in his presence again……

He’s got friends with planes who have flown him to Pot areas….. (ive got no proof they transported anything, but more than likely)……
And his ‘friends’ have also flown HIS other ‘friends’ around…..

It’s a viscious cycle of NO ONE CHECKING FACTS!!!!!!!

I can’t believe……this woman stole the spaths con…. 🙂

It would have been funny if the two of them were ‘business’ partners…..conning each other!

Ya know……when we tell our kids that they ‘can be anything they want to be’……..or….’do anything they want if they put their mind to it’…..
Some people just take that to the extreme….



You sure we weren’t involved with the same person?

The one thing I discovered about this particular game though — inevitably someone younger, cuter, etc comes on the scene and the former audience moves on and pays court to the new show.

My S-ex is 41, fat and flacid. He looks far older than that. The show has run its course and the audience is rapidly losing its interest. The last time I saw him in a bar he was trying to hustle toothless old codgers — for a drink. How pathetic.

Your S-ex will ultimately meet the same fate. When the planes fly away without them, they are forced to keep working the same turf over and over. Ultimately the show closes because everybody in the area has seen it way too many times.


Not surprising as this sort of thing probably happens more than what we know about, and it only came out because she was caught with the dope. This tale is similar to other sociopaths, and how they play the game. Andrew Cunanan worked in a similar fashion as well before going on his murdering spree. Too bad they couldn’t tie her to the robbing and kidnapping of her boyfriend which she did because they shouted on the phone. With these types you are safer as an outsider than as one of their “close” peeps. That is why no contact is shown to be a must. See I am learning something here.


I am loving this article!

“But some interactions with Lee were peculiar, the producer said. About 18 months ago, she called and asked him whether he had any large Louis Vuitton luggage she could borrow. She said she didn’t want to use her own because she didn’t want her parents to know she was taking a trip with Navarro.”

She was probably using her own luggage to haul 500 lbs (13 suitcases) of pot to Columbus.

When you are hauling 500 lbs of pot, you can’t have too many suitcases, I guess.


Wouldn’t it be exhausting to live like that? I can’t even imagine.


I’ve never thought of borrowing LV luggage?
How about….can I borrow some luggage…….yadayada…
No… must be the LV please!

THANK GOD I always packed the suitcases to/fro our trips……God nows what would have shown up in em otherwise.
According to friends he bragged about how he’d travel with us……
He shoved it up his butt to travel with…..SHIAT… much fits up there anyways? I don’t recon the over 9 lbs he was caught with!
Instead of an anal cavaty…..he had an anal CAVERN!



Where are you????

It’s Paris & Nicole 🙂 🙂 …. and we are looking 4U!


LMAO Paris who? Just got home from an out of town job. did ya’ll miss me? Whos been bad mouthing me? Between my puter trying to get a virus and not enuff amps to run the ac, puter, tv and hot water heater at the same time I am bought to throw it in the pond but I would miss you guys to much,, Matt good to see ya stranger – hows it going with you?

Ox Drover


I hate to tell you sweetums, but you ain’t no Paris Hilton! AND I’M SO GLAD!!!!!!!! ((((HUGS))))))



There you are! It’s lonely when you are not on here at night.

Is it your birthday yet???

I thought I read that it was coming up.

That’s right, OxDrover. I’m definitely NOT Paris Hilton.


hey Rosie – I quit havin birthdays…how have you been rosie?

Ox Drover

Actually,, Roisa, I COULD be THREE, or maybe 4 “Paris Hilton’s” sort of like I am still a size 8—a size 8 on the left side and a size 8 on the RIGHT SIDE!!!!! LOL ROTFLMAO BWAHAHAHAHA


I’m fine Henry.

OxDrover: I still remember that Larry King interview that Paris did right after she got out of jail.
She said she read the Bible or found God in jail or something like that.
So, Larry King asked her to quote her favorite scripture.
She was stumped…could NOT do it. I laughed.

Where did our Late Night Queen EB go??

She was on here not too long ago…

Ox Drover

Rosa, she is probably reading up on scripture to quote at the public hanging of her X when he goes to court again! LOL

I had forgotten that thing about Paris “finding Jesus” in jail.
I do remember too that TV show they had where she and that other rich kid went to live on some farm here in Arkansas and had to get their hands [email protected]! LOL

Yea, just about everyone finds either Jesus or Allah in prison, it is amazing! Funny thing though is that most of those conversions don’t seem to last right after they get out? LOL ROTFLMAO


Hey, i’m back!
Dang……Hens, I ran to the store, I had some coupons that expired today, so it got me out….$18.00 in free groceries! The moon tonight was really cool…..I saw you hanging on the edge of it…I laughed to myself looking up at the moon tonight.
Then when I got home, my gf called me and I went up to my bedroom to get away from all the kids roaming the house with friends (turned into Wed. night movie night at EB’s)…..and i was talking with her and a DANG BAT flew through my window and into my bedroom.
It was divebombing me and trying to fly out the window WITH the screen…….
Kids heard me screaming like a little girl…..(bats are freaky when they are stuck in a room) and came running up with the dog……so there are 12 teens in my bedroom with holly outside barking at us all screaming…..and the eldest got his air soft gun and was trying to scare it out……NOT!
About an hour later……it found it’s way out.
The kids suggested we leave and let it go out on it’s own….but there was no way I was leaving without making SURE it got out first!
I’m the one who sleeps in there.

I guess i’m not so animal friendly afterall!!!!!

I found God tonight! 🙂


Oh yeah….oxy….I have a decorative thingy with big, tall peacock feathers in it……that was MY weapon tonight!

See…..feathers have all sorts of use! Whodathunk???


ErinBrock, bats are our friends. He was probably pollinating the plants in your yard, flew in to watch the movie with the kids or just checking on you because you were away from the rest of the group.


hey erinb a bat fly’s in your window and you found God? lmaotb


Maybe he thought I was the batty one…..
I’m sure he was thinking we were a bunch of nuts, ducking and screaming each holding somethng funky as a weapon…..

Yea hens…..I’ve never sceamed so much…..Oh God, Oh God…….
If Paris can find him in Jail…..I can find him in my bedroom…..
Although, I think I’d rather be screaming those words under MUCH different circumstances in my bedroom!!!! 🙂

super chic

The whole thing is a scream!
12 kids, you and a bat!
Better than the movie!
I was freaked out just reading it!!


Yeah Chic….just think….only 9 hours from BATVILLE…you too could enjoy this show!

super chic

Damn, I missed it!
Someone should have
video taped with their phone!!!!!!!!
I’ll come up there and y’all
can do it again!!

Here’s your new man, not too original,
but it’s a no brainer!


You can come up…..but I ain’t doing that again!!!!

I was afraid he was gonna fly into my ceiling fan and get knocked out and land on my bed below!!!! Wrong batman in my bed dear!!!

The video cracked me up!!!! LOL!



Ox Drover

EB YUK! I think it was your X in his normal form sort of like Dracula is a BAT–get it! He was spying on you!!!!! Came to suck your blood!

Actually, probably was a sick bat. We had one fly in our window in South America years ago (no screens) and smack into the wall, then land on the bed… isn’t normal for them to not be able to avoid objects, so probably was not feeling well, Glad he is out and gone!

Like seeing a skunk in the daytime, they are probably sick….as they are night time creatures.

Just be glad the sucker didn’t bite you, then you got the SHOTS for rabies! Not 21 like they used to be, but still are 5 big ones.

Oh, well, put some screens up–0-bob war, screen war, two best inventions of man kind. Keeps yer livestock in and the bugs and bats out.

super chic

one, yeah, I heard the momma once on TV say she was proud of him, he could fly a plane and never had a lesson! What an amazing sweet barefoot little boy. NOT!! haha

Ox Drover

I’m sure glad his mama is so proud of him! Actually I’m not sure WHAT it “proves” but I don’t think all those folks whose planes he crashed or the folks he robbed are gonna be so “understanding” of his TALENTS!

Will be interesting to see just how much TIME he gets, or how much they will STACK it. I think he has if nothing else pithed off the law enforcement bunch by his giving them the finger so he may not get out for quite a while.

I think he has definitely proven he is smart, but also pretty darned arrogant….reminds me of my P-offspring. But you know, going to prison is NOT winning.


Did you see She’s a pornstar!!! hahaha


shes definatelty a love fraud!


Ooops!!! Hahaha!!! I went there, but I didn’t want to get a computer virus (my computer man says the internet is one giant STD!), so I didn’t watch her video. Whodathunkit???


ErinBrock and Matt, my exS did the same thing, rolled with high rollers when he was really broke. He almost talked me into getting him a house!!

My ex-S is in the entertainment industry, and i can tell you right now the biz enables them. when my exS would cheat on me then lie about it and blame me, people would tell me that his behavior was normal and typical for men in his position. When I talked to his ‘friends’ about his drug problem, they shrugged it off with the same attitude. I later found out he was involved in kiddy porn, bestiality and both male and female escorts. There were plenty of red flags on the surface but most people brushed them off, gave him a wink and let him get away with it.

Ox Drover

Massie, In some “circles” that kind of behavior is “normal” and “expected” so people get used to others acting like that and no eye brows are raised. What kind of behavior is considered “out of line” depends on if the community is Amish or Hollywood—-LOL

Mel’s only “sin” was getting caught on TAPE, my bet is this is NOT the first time he has acted like this. In spite of his private 28 Million dollar PRIVATE “church”–it is supposedly “Catholic” but the Catholic church doesn’t recognize the Church of Mel—LOL

My bet is that Mel is not and never has been a choir boy in how he behaved. His mask just slipped in PUBLIC. I would bet his wife and some of his kids, and probably employees have see this side of him before. This kind of behavior doesn’t rise out of a saint, that’s for sure. I’ve said some pretty tacky things in my life, but I don’t hold a candle to Mel.

Lots of times though, people with lots of money attract others who will tolerate this kind of abusive behavior in order to be around the glamor and the “high life” There may have been a time in my teen aged years I might have done just that, but not now, because I realize it isn’t worth it no matter what kind of gifts they bestow on you….or how “high the life is” or how big the house is. I’ll make my own way and that way I don’t have to put up with carp to keep a roof over my head. And no one can say to me what Mel said to her “I own you.”


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