“Korean heiress” cons Hollywood

Lisette Lee claimed to be heiress to the Samsung fortune on her mother’s side, and connected to the Sony fortune on her father’s side. She flashed cash and hung out with Hollywood producers—at least until she was arrested for bringing 13 suitcases full of marijuana to Ohio.

Read Drug suspect’s facade of privilege begins to unravel on

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Did you see She’s a pornstar!!! hahaha

shes definatelty a love fraud!

Ooops!!! Hahaha!!! I went there, but I didn’t want to get a computer virus (my computer man says the internet is one giant STD!), so I didn’t watch her video. Whodathunkit???

ErinBrock and Matt, my exS did the same thing, rolled with high rollers when he was really broke. He almost talked me into getting him a house!!

My ex-S is in the entertainment industry, and i can tell you right now the biz enables them. when my exS would cheat on me then lie about it and blame me, people would tell me that his behavior was normal and typical for men in his position. When I talked to his ‘friends’ about his drug problem, they shrugged it off with the same attitude. I later found out he was involved in kiddy porn, bestiality and both male and female escorts. There were plenty of red flags on the surface but most people brushed them off, gave him a wink and let him get away with it.

Massie, In some “circles” that kind of behavior is “normal” and “expected” so people get used to others acting like that and no eye brows are raised. What kind of behavior is considered “out of line” depends on if the community is Amish or Hollywood—-LOL

Mel’s only “sin” was getting caught on TAPE, my bet is this is NOT the first time he has acted like this. In spite of his private 28 Million dollar PRIVATE “church”–it is supposedly “Catholic” but the Catholic church doesn’t recognize the Church of Mel—LOL

My bet is that Mel is not and never has been a choir boy in how he behaved. His mask just slipped in PUBLIC. I would bet his wife and some of his kids, and probably employees have see this side of him before. This kind of behavior doesn’t rise out of a saint, that’s for sure. I’ve said some pretty tacky things in my life, but I don’t hold a candle to Mel.

Lots of times though, people with lots of money attract others who will tolerate this kind of abusive behavior in order to be around the glamor and the “high life” There may have been a time in my teen aged years I might have done just that, but not now, because I realize it isn’t worth it no matter what kind of gifts they bestow on you….or how “high the life is” or how big the house is. I’ll make my own way and that way I don’t have to put up with carp to keep a roof over my head. And no one can say to me what Mel said to her “I own you.”

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