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Lance Armstrong admits to doping, lying, bullying

Last night, CNN aired part one of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with American cyclist Lance Armstrong. Here’s an excerpt:

Oprah Winfrey: Did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance?
Lance Armstrong: “Yes.”
Was one of those banned substances EPO?
Did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance?
Did you ever use any other banned substances such as testosterone, cortisone or Human Growth Hormone?
In all seven of your Tour de France victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope?

Armstrong critics say he is still spinning the story, and only made a partial confession. From the interview, it was apparent that Armstrong was still blaming others. He was doping, he said, because everyone was doing it.

In fact, he said that he developed a “ruthless and relentless” attitude when he was diagnosed at cancer at age 25. My guess is that Armstrong’s ruthlessness and relentlessness, along with his lying and bullying, are not the result of cancer.

For extensive coverage on CNN, see:

‘Deeply flawed’ Lance Armstrong admits using performance-enhancing drugs

The second part of the Oprah Winfrey interview airs tonight on CNN.


Thanks to the Lovefraud reader Aeylah for finding this great article by sportswriter Dan Wetzel. He says:

It’s not about the bike, indeed. This was about Lance’s sociopathic spectacle.

Read Lance Armstrong, arrogant and unaware, did little to repair his image in mea culpa with Oprah, on



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I think we saw glimpses into the real Lance Armstrong, and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

He can’t remember how many people his lawyers sued on his behalf. Keep in mind that the wide majority of these people were part of his “inner circle” and he set out to destroy them with litigation and smear campaigns if they crossed him in any way.

The part discussing Betsy Andreu is particularly galling. “At least I didn’t call her fat…” is what he said, or something close to that. Hahaha, funny, right? Except Betsy Andreu spent YEARS defending herself from smears that she was a “liar”, “crazy”, “bitch”, “jealous”, etc. etc. He tried to destroy the Andreus’, and mostly succeeded. I suppose to Betsy Andreu being called fat would have been an improvement compared to what she had been getting.


“I said ‘listen, I called you crazy. I called you a bitch. I called you all these things, but I never called you fat’.”

There’s the exact Lance Armstrong quote from the Oprah interview.


DawnG, the whole Armstrong thing is thoroughly disturbing on so many levels. And, I wasn’t aware that he had sued people in a vain attempt to protect the illusion. What a vile and wormy skank he is!

I’ve never been a fan of Armstrong’s because he was flagged a number of times for test results and NOBODY can be flagged that many times without there being something behind the results – like…..ACCURACY?!

So, I’m just vaguely interested in seeing just how many people are going to file Civil suits against HIM. His level of sociopathy is the most dangerous because he honestly views himself as invicible and way, way above ANY rules, boundaries, guidelines, Laws, or consequences. The damages that he has deliberately wrought go across the board from fans to cancer survivors, and it is absolutely apalling at how he’s STILL deflecting the truths.



DawnG….no wonder so many people were intimidated by Armstrong if he could wield such hateful verbage with impunity!

He’s an absolute colostomy bag that’s finally leaking.

ICK, just…………….ICK


Truthspeak, he didn’t only sue private individuals, he also sued journalists and other writers.

He has two suits against him pending, possibly a third coming soon. The US government is probably going to jump in Floyd Landis’ (former teammate) qui tam whistleblower lawsuit against Armstrong, et al, very soon.


I read the USADA report and they had such elaborate schemes to get and use PEDs. He and teammates, plus all of these peripheral people, learned how to work the system when it came to testing. He had a doctor who would write backdated prescription containing a substance he was going to get caught for, and then they passed it off as treatment for saddle sores. He was busted, just absolutely busted, when they went back and re-tested old samples. But those samples were disregarded because of improper handling and/or storage, I can’t remember which. Everyone knew he was doping but they couldn’t catch him in the act.

mo mac

Brilliant! Expose ALL of these lying, self serving, manipulative, opportunistic, heartless bastards. Superb to see truth and justice….for any one of these low life scum bag bottom feeders who use and abuse others for gratification and advancement. Bravo!

Ox Drover

I wish I could have seen the interview…but yea “I didn’t call her fat” HOW TYPICAL PSYCHOPATH. UGH!!! But I am glad to see him maybe start to get what is coming to him, stripped of all medals, all glory and all financial gains. I hope he ends up on welfare and food stamps.

mo mac

Here here! Evil thieves they are one and all. what goes around, comes around 🙂


OxD, it would be fitting, wouldn’t it? The one word in the article that sums up his current status is: “Disgraced.”

I don’t care if Armstrong was able to produce wine and roses out of his backside, NOTHING he can say or do will repair the damages that his choices and actions have caused. Not to cycling enthusiasts, not to fans and supporters, not to his victims, and not to those who BELIEVED IN HIM and his foundation. There is no amount of money or blood that would remedy the damages that this one lying, manipulative, bullying, false, and deceitful bastard has wrought.

SHAME on him for the rest of his life. SHAME.


I read the whole excerpt of the interview, and yup… it has all the hallmarks of it. His “joke” about Betsy is not funny at all.

He blames the era, the culture of bikers then, and he denies of having bullied anyone out of the team for not joining the epo-use. It’s a misunderstanding in his eyes, though one he “understands” might have been perceived that way because he was the best rider, an example and the group leader.

So basically he only admits to having used.

As for the damage he did to others by suing them and slandering them… He still tries to ‘explain’ that.

He admits though that winning has been the most important all of his life, to fight and attack since he was teen, as well as having control over everything and everyone.


I LOVE the classic spath use of the third person. He is asked if Betsy and Frankie would be able to forgive him and he says, “No because of how badly they’ve been hurt.”

They’ve been hurt? What about saying, “because of how badly I’ve hurt them.” Spaths can never use the “I” word when it comes to taking responsibility. It’s never “I’ve hurt you”, instead it’s, “YOU’VE been hurt.

kim frederick

Yeah, that’s known as the passive voice.



Good point!

First of all, who sues everyone around them when they KNOW they are lying?? We all know he’s an ultimate P, but that takes the cake.

Regarding the fat comment, it goes further than that. Oprah then says to him something like Oh, OK…so you said two of those things, she was crazy, she was a bitch, but not that she was fat…so that’s how you operate? That’s what she said…haha, I loved it! Then she said in other words, because you didn’t call her fat, none of it was true? You didn’t call her any of the other things? Then I think that’s when she said so that’s how you operate. She got it!! She saw that if he just said he didn’t call her one thing, he didn’t really call her anything!

kim frederick

Another way of saying,(or not saying) mistakes were made, but not by me. ROTFLMAO.

Louise, You asked, “who sues everyone around them when they KNOW they are lying??” A spath does!! It’s classic spath strategy to trade places with the victim and declare yourself victimized.

It’s all in the 180 rule. Flip the truth, confuse everyone.

thanks for clarifying the passive voice, I knew there was a grammatical term for it!

We find an overabundance of the passive voice in sentences created by self-protective business interests, magniloquent educators, and bombastic military writers (who must get weary of this accusation), who use the passive voice to avoid responsibility for actions taken. Thus “Cigarette ads were designed to appeal especially to children” places the burden on the ads as opposed to “We designed the cigarette ads to appeal especially to children,” in which “we” accepts responsibility.

Ox Drover

I think his whole confession is somehow to TRY to do DAMAGE control because there is no way to continue to cover up and continue to try to tough it out. It is DIFFICULT for a psychopath to admit the truth even when evidence is in front of them, but there is SOME form of gain he thinks he can get out of this, it may not yet be apparent to anyone else, or may not even be real, but Lance thinks there is gain to “confess.”

I wonder what Lance was like before his cancer.

Since he lost his testicles he must be getting testosterone supplements. That hormone is known to create aggression in people. I wonder what would happen to his personality if the testosterone was removed.

I’m not saying that his spathyness is due solely to testosterone, but I do think his drive to win, particularly, is enhanced by it.

It would be a curious experiment to remove the testosterone and observe him….


Louise wrote,

“Oprah then says to him something like Oh, OK”so you said two of those things, she was crazy, she was a bitch, but not that she was fat”so that’s how you operate? That’s what she said”haha, I loved it! Then she said in other words, because you didn’t call her fat, none of it was true? You didn’t call her any of the other things? Then I think that’s when she said so that’s how you operate. She got it!! She saw that if he just said he didn’t call her one thing, he didn’t really call her anything! ”

Oprah–she’s a good lady and she can be very sharp and concise. Still, she’s not known for her journalistic toughness. There’s a reason why Armstrong wanted her to interview him. I think he was shopping for the least hostile environment in order to do his ‘admitting’, and he got it.


Lance still has one testicle. He fathered his children naturally, even after chemo and radiation.


Good point Oxy!

I’m betting that Armstrong’s “confession” will turn him into a celeberty by a future autobiography book written by someone else were in the end, he will be laughing all the way to the bank.

I’m also betting that some poor un informed woman will take up with him because she feels sorry for him, and feels she can “help” him. The X sociopath in my life had a saying on his refrigirator….”Revenge is living the good life, despite what you’ve been accused of”…and I might add he has a new GF that once told me(when I tried to warn her) that he “needs” someone in his court to help him get better.

thanks for clarifying Dawn.

Here’s a link to the entire interview, I think:



He admitted he had a control issue and has been a fighter all of his life, even in childhood. He blames the ‘winner’ attitude on the testosteron, but the ‘all control’ and ‘fighter’ mentality was already present.


Yes, he admitted he already had that attitude before the cancer…he said ever since childhood.

The fact that he has five children is scary to me…passing on the P gene.



He already has a woman…she is the mother of his latest two children. The youngest is only two.



I feel so sorry for that poor woman, not to mention all his kids!
Cherryl Crow who was married to him in the past must have figured him out. She’s one of the lucky ones!



He wasn’t married to Sheryl…they broke off the engagement. He was married to a woman before her and had three children. I believe two of the children are twins. And now he has two more children with his latest girlfriend who he has not married, but that’s probably for the best. I wonder how long he will stay with her or I wonder how long SHE will put up with him! Maybe she feels sorry for him and thinks she can fix him.

Ox Drover

He used the S-word

“It’s not about the bike, indeed. This was about Lance’s sociopathic spectacle. ”

HIP, HIP HOORAY!!!! The S-word in print about someone besides a serial killer….or, wait a minute, how many people did Lance KILL their lives, their careers, their names? But he didn’t call them “fat” so I guess it is okay.


I would love to hear what his ex-wife and current girlfriend have to say about how he personally treats or treated them. Can only imagine!


I hope that the girlfriend dumps him because Lance is going down. She does not want to go with him. He will never comprehend how much suffering he has caused others, family and non-family members.



Thanks to you and this web site that I can recognize these monsters and have been able to heal from my exposure to them! I’m glad I was able to contribute something.




Aeylah, thanks for that link… yup, that journalist GOT IT to a T

I couldn’t help but think about my husband while reading about Lance’s interview….although my husband has never been an athlete!

It was the fact that Lance showed aggressive traits from childhood.And his arrogance.Oh my!Just stab those friends and helpers in the back!

I feel like Mike Anderson.If I could avoid my husband’s face and voice,I would be happy.But I have my children,grandchildren and friends here.Why should I let my husband chase me from here so that he can have it all and have the satisfaction of knowing he has once again deprived me of something that means so much to me?!


Over at there is this headline:

Lance Armstrong outs himself as a sociopathic liar in a staged Oprah ‘confession’ that smacks of yet more public image manipulation

and from the article these wonderful paragraphs-
Lance Armstrong, may you go down in history as cycling’s most insidious, sociopathic liar
Lance Armstrong represents everything that’s wrong with society today. He lied his way to the top, he collected hundreds of millions of dollars by cheating, he bullied and threatened anyone who got in his way, and now he stages a public relations “confession” on Oprah that smacks of yet more manipulation of the public eye. It’s all so pathetic it makes me want to vomit. No doubt Armstrong has calculated that confessing would somehow salvage his image and work to his benefit.


Just another sociopathic liar
I don’t know you personally, Lance, but I know your kind: You are part of a class of manipulative, sociopathic, overpaid lying bastards who think they run our world. We find your kind in politics, in banking and in the world of corporate medicine — a world you know all about, as you were a paid spokesperson for one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world. You are the kind of person who thinks you win by cheating — a person who doesn’t mind how many other people you have to hurt, threaten, lie to or betray as long as YOU are climbing to the top!

Thought I’d share how naming it is becoming more common and the description of what he is – the article goes on about lying – which to me is the hallmark sign…

Anyway – ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST (of course he will find some way to try and make this a win for himself… Barf)


If anyone watched the second part of the interview, I think I picked up on something. The only time in the two nights when he got emotional is when he talked about his oldest son defending him to his friends. He got really choked up and said that is when he knew he had to tell his son the truth. Oprah asked him what he told him and he basically told him that I know I have denied all along taking these drugs, but it’s true. Don’t defend me. When Oprah asked him what his son’s reaction was, he said that Luke said, OK. He was calm, he never got angry, etc. My very first reaction to that was it was because in his heart, that boy already knew his dad had been lying. He knew that his dad was doping. I think if Luke had truly thought his dad was telling the truth and then was told he had been lying, he would have been really angry, disappointed, etc., but because the boy probably already believed deep down his dad was a liar, he just accepted it. I was waiting for Oprah to say something to that affect, but she didn’t.


I read an opinion article on CNN about “loss for Armstrong, win for Oprah”. Interesting was how the journalist wrote that TV is not an easy podium anymore for the mea culpas of celibrities.Good!


I did not watch Mr Armstrong’s interview. I happen to think Oprah has a personality problem herself, just my opinion. So kinda hypocritical of her to interview the devil.

That said, did anyone ask Lance about his behavior towards his wife? He did the same ol’ smear, dump, and discard. She was supposedly the most wonderful supportive wife ever, must have had her kids via implants, but was smeared as a gold digger, stupid, etc. I remember watching an old interview of her, she was stunned how one day she was married, and the next day, it was over and he wasn’t taking her calls, refused to see/talk with her. I wondered…. was she really a groupie, or was she done the same as many of us?


I feel badly for his children, especially his three kids from his marriage, being school-aged. They are living with the fall-out of their dad’s ways – it’s got to be overwhelming for them. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

Ox Drover

It is always bad for kids of people who are in the news, but denial is a protective mechanism so they may not believe what is being spun, even what he has copped to.

Ox Drover

OK here is what he wants….”another opportunity to compete” and he thinks if he does this oprah thing he can get “another chance” YEA RIGHT!

What you’re saying about my dad is not true’: Lance Armstrong FINALLY gets emotional as he talks about the impact of his cheating on his young children

* With tears welling up in his eyes, Armstrong spoke about telling his young son not to defend him anymore at school
* He also told Oprah that he deserves another opportunity to compete


KatyDid you hit the nail on the head. I have only read the articles and I watched one clip of the Oprah thing online. One narcisstic sociopath aiding and abetting another in my honest opinion.

I cannot stand Oprah. She is a sham. She is highly abusive of the people around her in her private life – not at all gracious, grateful and warm person she likes you to think she is with the success she has achieved. She is very racist. A good friend of mine manages high end properties in Hawaii and Oprah came for a visit – wanted special privileges to bring her dogs in and flung all kinds of fits about their quarantine rules. Additionally when she took a helicopter tour of the islands and the owner of the company (these are all small companies…) flew her and he was a native Hawaiian she grilled him on the flight as to why she was not being flown by a black pilot and why did he not have any on his staff… His answer was “Ms. Winfrey if a black pilot had ever applied for a job I am sure we would have one employed now but we have never had one apply for a job…” (or along those lines as repeated to me by my friend who knows the pilot – as she had arranged the tour…) Apparently over and over she was upset that she was not being served by black people. Crazy.

Ox Drover

Breck girl, for years my husband, a professional corporate pilot, flew “Hollywood rich and famous” and the stories he could tell about how the “public ” persona versus the “private” one was 180 degrees off. I could personally tell you some about some former Arkansas politicians who went to Washington too…

I just finished reading a book about Teddy Roosevelt, and what a FAKE and a RACIST he was…not just a smear book, but HISTORICAL FACT…sad, made me ashamed to be white and American. The book is “The Imperial Cruise” by James Bradley if anyone is interested.

Many people in show business and politics are high in P traits, arrogant and demanding.

Don’t know if anyone saw the article though about the waiter in Texas who refused to serve a man who demanded to be moved away from a child with down’s syndrome (said child was NOT misbehaving) and the waiter wouldn’t serve him. Told him to leave. The waiter might have lost his job but he DID WHAT WAS RIGHT..fortunately the eatery backed him up. Good news of people doing what is RIGHT is nice once in a while.

Ox Drover

REDEMPTION is the KEY my arse! This is not a Southern Baptist Reviival for goodness sakes this is BUSINESS.

‘Redemption is the key’: Lance Armstrong’s former Olympics teammate says disgraced cyclist deserves a chance to repair his reputation

* Scott Mercier teamed with Armstrong in the 1992 Olympics and the 1994 World Championships
* Armstrong also told Oprah that he deserves another opportunity to compete
* ‘I deserve to be punished. I’m not sure that I deserve a death penalty’
* Described his sponsors dropping him as ‘a $75-million dollar day’
* Lowest moment was being forced to cut ties with his Livestrong charity
* Armstrong indicated that his ex-wife Kristin knew about his doping, but no mention was made of ex-fiancée Sheryl Crow
* Said he regretted posting Twitter picture of him with his seven yellow jerseys
* Also confirmed he has been undergoing therapy to deal with his demons

By David Mccormack and Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 16:35 EST, 19 January 2013 | UPDATED: 16:35 EST, 19 January 2013

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Lance Armstrong’s confessional interview with Oprah has convinced at least one former teammate that the disgraced cyclist deserves another chance.

Scott Mercier, who rode alongside Armstrong in the 1992 Olympics and in the 1994 World Championships, says Armstrong should be given an opportunity to repair his reputation.

‘Redemption is the key thing to focus on,’ said Mercier speaking with Lester Holt on TODAY Saturday. ‘Everybody is worthy of redemption. I think it’s what you do to earn that. Whether (Armstrong) does the right things to earn that is really not for me to say, but I think everybody at some point can earn redemption.’



You might like this article

Nicole Cooke, a female cyclist champion, has just retired from cycling. She cycled the past 11 years, and thus the “dark ages” of cycline with regards to drugs. In her retirement statement she describes how female cycling got some promotion when she started (and through her pressure), but also how Lance and other’s abuse has robbed the honest cyclists not just from ‘wins’ but earnings and a cycling future. She comments how in the end it is about moral values and doing what is right over winning.

Very touching statement.


I am waiting on Cheryl Crow’s tell all book ” How to divorce a Sociopath””

Ox Drover

Darwin’s mom,

This sums it up:”

Tyler Hamilton will make more money from his book describing how he cheated than Bessette or I will make in all our years of our honest labour. The situation requires the very basics of morality. Please don’t reward people like Hamilton with money. That is the last thing he needs. Donate his literary prize and subsequent earnings from such publications to a charity. There are many places infinitely more deserving than the filthy hands of Hamilton. I am happy to offer some ideas!

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