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Last words of Rhonda Casto: ‘He is either going to give me a ring or throw me off a cliff’

Rhonda Casto (Facebook)

Rhonda Castro fell to her death while hiking on the Eagle Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon on March 16, 2009 with her boyfriend, Stephen Nichols.

Her last words to her grandmother and aunt were, “He is either going to give me a ring or throw me off a cliff.”

Nichols was originally charged with murder, but eventually pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and coercion in May 2017. He was sentenced to three years of probation, with credit for 19 months of jail time.

The case will be featured on The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas, which will air Monday at 10 pm ET on Investigation Discovery.

‘He is either going to give me a ring or throw me off a cliff’: The last words woman said to family before dying on a hike with her boyfriend who pleaded guilty to homicide and coercion, on

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He is a pure pure evil psychopath!! He has no emotions in his face or in his voice. He knows how to calmly manipulate with his specific word choice & trying to change the subject with this reporter. Very cunning on his part & incredibly scary.

How devastating for her family. Rhonda was no doubt emotional & mentally abused by this guy throughout their relationship and toyed with, like a cat playing with a mouse by this cunning lowlife. And her young sister, was no doubt manipulated into sleeping with him. What a nightmare of a tornado path of distraction this family is now suffers, especially her young child, because of this evil person. Heart wrenching!! đź’”

When he talks about woman are like “tissue paper”, that just sends shivers up the spin. He just wants to tear woman apart until he destroys them like “tissue paper”. Such a dark minded empty soul. He should be on death row!! 3 years probation?!?!?! WHAT the HELL was the jury thinking or the judge!! How many more women will he destroy?!?! This makes me sick to my stomach thinking he his walking freely. I can only think that there were sociopaths on the jury that let him go or the judge is one.

I know my ex is absolutely capable of this same type of murder. I fear for the women who ever they are that are caught up in his tornado of destruction. No doubt this guy will do this again.

Sad world we live in.

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