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Lawrence O’Donnell asks Anthony Weiner: ‘What is wrong with you?’

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All of us here at Lovefraud know the answer to the question that Lawrence O’Donnell asked Anthony Weiner, “What is wrong with you?” The answer we know, however, never surfaced.

Watch Lawrence O’Donnell vs. Anthony Weiner: ”˜What is wrong with you?’ (VIDEO), on

Weiner came in fifth in New York City’s Democratic primary race.

Anthony Weiner concedes in Democratic mayoral primary race, on

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Frankly, what I saw in the video was one sociopath (O’Donnell) attempting to impose his will on another sociopath (Weiner). Neither are sympathetic figures but O’Donnell may have pushed many to sympathize with Weiner because of his (O’Donnell’s) treatment of him. It was an obvious ambush, never intended to be an interview but merely used to showcase O’Donnell’s righteous position. I wouldn’t want to spend five minutes with either of them.

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