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Lawsuit alleges ‘prosperity gospel’ televangelists engaged in fraud

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), founded by Paul Crouch Sr. and his wife, Jan, has been  hit with a lawsuit alleging millions of dollars in fraud. The suit claims that TBN bought mansions, a luxury jet, and even a $100,000 motor home for Jan Crouch’s dogs. It was filed by Brittany Koper, Crouch’s granddaughter, who says she was fired for blowing the whistle. Read:

Suit alleges financial fraud at TBN ministry, on

Lawsuits bring scrutiny to Trinity Broadcasting, on

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Ox Drover

A year or so ago, I was standing in a long, slow line at the grocery store and I picked up a “National Enquirer” to read while I stood there and there was an article about the palatial homes of the televangelists like Joyce Meyers, and many others. The $25 million dollar estates tucked neatly back out of the line of fire of a camera man on the street, in large fenced estates and only accessible by helicopter. There were photographs made from the air of several of these “televangelists” who are hawking their books and tapes and sermons for a price on their television shows, and running their mega-million power ball donate to get into heaven scams to get little old gray haired ladies to send in money for the starving children the church supposedly helps and to get prayer cloths especially blessed by the minister and his big haired wife. Tammy Faye and Jim what’s his name all over again.

Back in the days of the “camp meetings” and the “tent revivals” there were lots of legitimate traveling ministers and circuit riding ministers trying to bring the gospel as they believed it to the unwashed masses…but there were also lots of hucksters who came under the guise of the black coats and the white collars to relive the masses of their extra coin at cotton picking time. Unfortunately, my great grandfather was one of those hucksters. He had at least four wives and at least two at the same time. LOL

It doesn’t surprise me that this “ministry” is crooked as a dog’s hind leg, what does surprise me is that one of their own was who turned them in! Their granddaughter, so maybe they did really in truly instill Christian virtues in at least one person. Good for her!


Interesting article, and not surprising, at all.

I remember growing up near the tiny broadcasting station that became the Christian Broadcasting Network mega corporation. Back in those days, Jim & Tammy Bakker were unknown except locally. Pat Robertson was also beginning his climb to international notoriety. When they all became obscenely wealthy, I had to question the validity of what they were doing. Why spend such extravagant sums on themselves when there were so many, many people in dire need of housing, jobs, food, and clothing?

It takes a very strong and self-assured human being to blow the whistle on one or more people who are actively bilking millions out of people in the name of God, especially when that person is a relative. Bravo, and what these people are doing does not represent what the message boils down to, IMHO.


Bravo for her I grew up under those shadows watching my mom watch them and even as a kid it turned my stomach and I lost my conviction and faith because I could see through the Hoax. I also grew up watching those same religious cons almost steal my families inheritance via my grandmother who had alzhiemers. They even drew up a new will for her having her leave them 10% of a house my dead grandfather work his fingers to the bone to pay for and build himself and he would have never allowed that. If one wishes to make a voluntary donation to their church that is fine but it should not hurt the rest of their family or take from them in any way. There is No Reason Any religious leader needs so much money. If your going to donate make sure your money is going to a Real Cause to help those your religious faction claims to help and not to put fancy clothes on their backs, or huge estates or cars in their possession. Why not give the money to a Real Charity instead let it serve those who Really Need it instead of those who Really WANT It. Bravo the the only Real Christian in that family for standing by her religious convictions.


Somebody at work tried to get me interested in a female evangelist that she swore by, Joyce Meyers. I had never heard of her name before, so I googled her to see if her name came. Did it ever.

She’s on Wikipedia. She has the cars, mansions, and all the luxury money can buy. She bought her four children a $2 million house each.

When I read Wikipedia back in January, there were statements that she justified it as “deserving” the luxuries for all the good work that she does. They’re her reward for a job well done and why shouldn’t she be rewarded? Those statements are now gone.

She faced federal investigation into her monies, but at this point, the Wikipedia tone changes. She comes out looking like a saint.

However, whoever revised her page missed something. Under “Senate Investigation,” there is the statement, “citing such expenses as the $23,000 commode mentioned earlier.” There was more about the $23,000 commode when I read the page in January. Now, the only mention of it is what I just quoted.

Ox Drover

I have no problem with a “minister of the gospel” being paid a reasonable salary, but way too many of them live like “kings” to preach the gospel of a man who owned nothing. Something is wrong there. Jim and Tammy Faye were only two of the swarm of parasitic leeches who stole from the poor to enrich themselves.

That is one reason the only religious org I give a dime to is the Salvation Army whose ministers truly are MINISTERS and not parasites.

It isn’t only fake churches, but many “charity” orgs pay their CEOs huge 6-figure or 7 figure sums. I don’t donate to them either. I don’t see that my withholding donations has hurt any of them too badly but it makes me feel better. LOL

Ox Drover

One of Joyce Meyer’s body guards was involved in a love triangle. I can’t remember what for sure but I think he killed his wife. Too tired tonight to look it up but of course that wasn’t “her” but G1S’s information about her living “extremely well” is true.


OxD, huge salaries, indeed! I knew someone who worked for a non-profit “charitable” agency (like March of Dimes, or something), and the regional Director made a six-figure income and this was back in the ’80’s!


I forget which health insurance company it is, but one of the really big ones pays its CEO something like $160 million annually. Maybe United Healthcare? But don’t quote me on that.

Many years ago, right after my son was born, I applied for a job as a consultant as a domestic violence organization. The person running it was gloating when she told me to put in any amount I wanted for a salary because they never look at those things and nobody cares.

It always angers me that these rich evangelists never mention the Bible verses like “to whom much is given, much is expected,” “what you do to the least of my children you do to me,” or “it is more difficult for a rich man to enter Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.”

Ox Drover

United Way, which every hospital I ever workd at pressured us to donate part of our salary to them. I refused because the CEO is paid a huge amount. Same with Red Cross. Sure they do some good but think how much good they could do with the CEO taking a reasonable salary and that money being used for good.

I used to donate livestock to Heifer Project (now called Heifer International) but now they don’t want your livestock, they want your $$$$ and their CEO has his personal jet plane and a big 6 figure salary, so no more donations for me. Oh, well, I bet they still keep going even if I boycott them. LOL

I hope that this particular evangilitical scam goes down and that they go to prison like Jim and Tammy and their million dollar homes get sold and the money given to a real charity.


My ex-husband was a follower of prosperity ministries; especially Kenneth Copeland. When my ex met me he thought I was his reward for successful sowing of his seed..and that he was reaping his prosperity. I had no idea..I thought the loved me..But once he realized that I needed him to protect and provide for a family;it appeared to be against his version of his prosperity.

Ox Drover

macbethpissed, welcome to lovefraud. Sorry you have the qualifiications for our club. But there is lots of support, knowledge and healing here so stick around. God bless.

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