Lawyer: He held the gun, but she pulled the trigger

Hemy Newman of Georgia was convicted yesterday of shooting his female employee’s husband. But was the woman the instigator?

Read Hemy Neuman guilty but mentally ill, sentenced to life in prison, on

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I saw the 20/20 program. OMG!
Her eyes…..your so right. Freaky.
Also how she hugged her bestie after she testified against her…..and what was reported she said to the bestie out of eyes of the camera. The threat.
What ‘grieving widow’ get’s banned from her husbands killers murder trial for threats?
Ok…..I guess if she was threatening the defendant…..I’m going to kill you, you killed my husband……but that wasn’t the case….she threatened a witness….her BFF.
She had so much anger and sarcasm on the stand,definately hostile with the questions….not helpful in convicting her husbands killer… was hard to follow WHY she was so angry…..lot’s of WTF moments. She wasn’t ‘sad’, but angry. makes a person ask……what’s up with that. More interested in defending her ‘good name’ with convincing/denying to everyone she didn’t have an affair with this bafoon.
Well…..I think we all know that answer!
She definately sang the me, me, me, me, me, me, me song…….
No apparant grief towards the death of her husband.
Nothing mentioned about the loss of her childrens father…..

When the prosecuter was interviewed in the end…..I think it was a tell. He said….I believe she is guilty…..but I can’t prove it.
I think the investigation will continue, even with her outlandish claims…..even more heat will be placed on her.
I think this DA will go until they dig up something on her that will stick. They will go the length until she is down.
I believe she struck a nerve in the authorities….and they will persue her to prove they were not wrong about her.
For now…..she’s getting away with it. The perfect murder.
Interesting that she stayed in the Atlanta area……and not took her 2m and went to Mexico or somewhere a spath could nestle in.

She is a freak and wreaks of Sociopath……a dangerous woman indeed!

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