Lies, and really dumb lies

Todd D. Blauvelt, 18, of the Rochester, New York area, invited his girlfriend and her family to move into the multi-million dollar lake house he had just inherited from his grandfather. The whole scheme fell apart when the real property owner showed up.

Read Man arrested for trying to move into someone else’s lake house on

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Foolme2wice ~ You can do it!! Just don’t let “IT” come back, they really don’t deserve the title of he or she, but “IT” sure works! 🙂

Ha ha! You are so right, Hope!

“It” is how I will refer to the Spath from now on, though my goal is to not talk about “It” to friends in person anymore. I can sense their patience has expired on listening to that topic. Thank God I found this site! Have a great day!

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