Lies, and really dumb lies

Todd D. Blauvelt, 18, of the Rochester, New York area, invited his girlfriend and her family to move into the multi-million dollar lake house he had just inherited from his grandfather. The whole scheme fell apart when the real property owner showed up.

Read Man arrested for trying to move into someone else’s lake house on DemocratAndChronicle.com.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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I read a London newspaper every day and you know, this is VERY common in England apparently—actually if a house is “unoccupied” (one story talked about a man who went out to get his mail and walk his dog) and it is unlocked, ANYONE can move in and squat and it is hell to pay to get them out.

It is amazing though that this kid was gutsy enough to do this and even lie to the cops…yea, lies and DUMB LIES….psychopaths can tell the dumbest of the dumb ones, even in the face of evidence. Thanks for the laugh Donna! Made my day, and thanks to who ever sent this one in!

My spath actually DID this. He said he lived in a flat, but there was a vacant flat opposite, so he picked up his stuff and moved in!! He squatted there not paying any rent or anything. Talk about spaths and their thoughts of entitlement.

Wow, this is crazy. And did you see his mug shot? It’s the stare!

I live in London and My spath, who refused to pay any bills or rent told me that I could not kick him out as he was a squatter in my home and therefore had to be given 30 days notice. I finally called the police and they removed him-he WISHES he was a squatter! He was actually my parasitic husband who had no rights as his name was not on the lease or any bills.

Louise: Wow! I agree the guy’s got some really bugged out eyes. I’d say just the stare alone gives him away.
Often times I see that same look on mug shots in the paper with other criminals.
Oxy: I’ve heard about the squatter problem in England. I heard about a family that went away for vacation and gypsy’s took over the house. They went through hell to get them out and it was more than one family or one large extended family.


I love to read the London papers because their laws (or lack of them) AMAZE ME….like letting the criminal out of prison because depriving him of being with his children violated his human rights…..DUH?

They can’t throw out an illegal immigrant who is a criminal because he has kids in the country and that would violate their “human rights”—-

Just unbelievable laws like the one about the squatters who can’t be thrown out….(shaking head here) and I’m not sure what you have to do to get put in prison for LIFE….there are only like 30-40 people in all of UK that will never be let out, even serial killers get “life” but they parole them after 8 or 10 years….”life with no parole for 10 years” WTH? Is it life or is it 10 years?

Crazzzzzeeee! I love the British but I am puzzled by their justice systems and customs.

when I would get him backed into a corner where he couldnt think fast enough to lie he would say,”YEAH I TOOK ALL YOUR STUFF JUST TO DRIVE YOU CRAZY” ! admission without admission of guilt?
Like when I figured out he was sexually violating one of my laying hens he said””YEAH I F_____ YOUR HEN ARE YA HAPPY NOW??? I dont understand this. Why did he react this way. I have lab evidence to prove everything I accused him of

these reactions were usually followed by a particularily bad week of gaslighting and abuse of my animals. They would disappear for a few days and magically reappear days later,but only would they reappear when I would catch him putting them back. He would be surprised and say,YOU CRAZY BITCH SHE IS RIGHT HERE. I bought this a couple times,thinking maybe I did overlook 1 of my birds. But it kept happening & each time they reappeared he was there or he would be the 1 to “”find”” them

just stupid lies,I laughed at him 1 time for telling the most rediculas lie. He got furious. He tried to tell me the computer downloaded the child porn and saved it to a file with his name on it. Cab you believe he was trying to sell me this. It is still funny,come on now. Im not the brightest but geezzz.
He would lie about money he spent,if I had a reciept I wasnt seeing correctly what the date and place was. I was not only stupid but blind as well and couldnt read either. I was then told,you only have a high school diploma, I went to college.

Erin B I think your x spath just lost his rank as baddest xspath – oh my .

Although his ego may be hurt with the ‘demotion’ Hens…..I will gladly hand his title over….(but can I still keep the emerald TIARRA)?

This must be a psychopathic woman, i suppose? Or she could have another type of disorder? She has made a confession quite quickly. I suppose this is not typically psychopathic..
She killed an exhusband in 2008 and an exboyfriend in 2010. Cut them in pieces with an electric saw and left the pieces buried on cement in the basement of the cafeteria she ran and that had been initiated with the money of the first man, the exhusband.


EB – like anyone could wrestle you for it.


Eva – it’s too early in the morning for cement encased body parts at the bates cafeteria!

One joy, you’re right, it’s early there for reading about such a cold woman. She was living happily with the two bodies under her business. Must be something psychopathic in that woman, i think. ๐Ÿ˜€

onestep-I am who you think I am. I had to change my name again. I just get worried sometimes that wife of ex spath will find her way on here. All she would have to do is see my name and hear any part of my posts and it would take her all of 5 minutes to know it was me and then the harrassment would begin.

I picked Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice cuz she is one of the characters who reminds me of myself.

Here are my characters who give a good picture of who I am. I am a mix of the following:

Elizabeth Bennett-Pride and Prejudice
Olivia Benson
Jo March-Little Women
Karen Blixen-Out of Africa
Rory Gilmore-Gilmore Girls

Those people rolled up into one=ME

Elizabeth, I too worry about being discovered on this site, by what I say and when. SK

Me, too. I had to change mine. My other “name” was a dead giveaway to people who are familiar with it.

Oh Christ… Louise, I just read your post… I thought you were somewhat new, here, and that is why I am not familiar with you, your story. Now I wonder who you are. How do we figure it out, without you giving info to your detriment?


Ok, I think I figured it out… YAY! Good for you! Did we lose one eb, and again and additional EB? Hint Hint…

Much Love,

Eden-Louise used to share the same initials with one very super strong LF gal who’s name is the character from a Julia Roberts movie. Except Louise’s initials were lowercase letters followed by 5 numbers.

Let’s see if you can figure this one out. This super strong LF gal also has the same first real name of the person who used to be known as nolarn-before she became she became nolarn.
Louise’s prior name has the same initials as my screen name.

Yeah, we lost little eb and now have two big EB’s! ๐Ÿ™‚

No I called Lizzy for short

Hot! I figured it out. Hope you are both doing really well!


Thanks Eden and right back at ya!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing OK. I haven’t posted for a while, because I did slip up on NC a couple of times, but I continued to visit here and read. I knew better than to break NC, but I was lonely and figured I could just use him back, because he is so hot and so good at certain things! (I know, not very smart of me).

I have been NC for over a month now, and things are getting much better for me mentally. I had to comment on the title of this article, because the “dumb lies” that I constantly caught him in were so stupid and pointless, that they really did help make it easier for me to break away from him for good. After all, no matter how great their fake selves seem, none of us would ever be truly happy with a liar that we knew we could never trust. So I guess the really dumb lies are a blessing in disguise!


Way to go and good thinking!

I know who you are and I saw what you did ~!


No Louise, he’s Sherlock Hens ~

oops – I think it goes like this ‘I saw what you did and I know who you are.’ Does anybody remember that movie? It was like back in the ’70’s – skeeered the bejaysus out of me…

Hens ~ I just googled the line. It’s from a 1965 movie called: “I Saw What You Did”

It does sound SCARY!!!

H2h 65′? oh my I am old…well I remember going to a drive in theatre, the movie was in black and white “These to young girs were having a sleep over and they would pick a number out of the phone book and make ‘prank calls’ and say…I saw what you did and i know who you are and then hang up…well one guy they called had just killed his wife ~! – i dont remember how he found them but it one of the scariest movie I ever saw…..

Hens, I must have missed that one….wow, it does sound scary!

Okay guys, enough with the name changes now, you are confusing an old lady with CRS! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

I still don’t know who is whom? Nolarn/2 cop is now lizzy?


lizzy is dizzy – well I am stickin with ‘hens’ for today anyhow – no tellin who I mite be tomorrow tho ~!

Everybody changing names and i’ve just received critics to my “Hello Psycho” name…

Eva – can we just call you Norman B ?

How about we just quit changing our darned names? It is hard enough when you only know someone by a screen name and then they change it. At least Henry and Hens are not too far apart…..Eva and Hello Psycho are not even close LOL Now give this old woman with a bad memory a break guys! LOL

๐Ÿ˜€ Why Norman B, Sherlock Hens?
Norman Bates was the soft type of psychopath if i don’t remember badly. I’m not so soft, Hens, you have to think about another psycho.

It seemed to me hello psycho was funny, instead of hello kitty, hello psycho LOL. But yes i suppose it’s not very addecuate for a free spath space hahaha.
The problem is that they are out there and sometimes we have to deal with them. They are becoming sort of a plague, or people are more aware of them because a search on the net gives lots of complaints concerning these predators in organizations and in romantic relationships. Seems people start knowing about them, with lacks, slowly, but some understand psychopaths are not just that tiny fraction of them that kill and rape.


I am sorry I had to change my name ๐Ÿ™ It really was necessary, but I won’t do it again. Remember…I used to be little eb?

Louise, Yea, I remember, I t hought the “little eb” was confusing! LOL ROTFLMAO It’s okay, it is just that I get confused when everyone changes their name at once and that happened once before. LOL But I’lll let yer sllide this time, chickie! LOL (((Hugs)))

Eva, Yes, actually it was kind of funny, but I didn’t catch the Hello, Kitty versus Hello Psycho and there seemed no connection to the “Eva” I did know…If we had pictures up so we could know a face with the name it might be easier, but without that all we are is a “name” and if that changes it disconcerts us…especially when your short term memory is bad! LOL


I understand it’s hard to keep everyone straight to begin with let alone everyone changing names. I won’t have to do it again…I am safe with Louise! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah Hello Psycho was really heavy (little to do with Hello Kitty :D). I noticed people got a bit horrified at the name LOL so i changed it. It was quite heavy the name, wasn’t it? And it doesn’t suit me but as i had to deal with an unwanted one and in fact to say Hello to him.
Thank God it seems i’ve finally got rid of him.

what? you got rid of your spath professor? did I miss something?

Guess who?


silly boy, tricks are for kids!

Oh MY! I think you be handsome. Glad to see you here! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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