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Lights. Camera. Con. Richard John Taylor makes promises he doesn’t keep

The rather lengthy financial “tales” of Richard John Taylor are chronicled through the interviews of three people claimed to have been conned by Taylor. Tina Renton, author of the book You Can’t Hide, Niall Long (not his real name), a successful London business man in his 50s, and Robin Stone (not his real name), a retired building project manager, all reveal how Taylor managed to charm money out of them to  invest in his films.

Light-Camera-ConRichard John Taylor’s cons for film investors worked because he flashed a business card that claimed he was chief editor on the BBC’s flagship soap, EastEnders (which he wasn’t), claimed alliance with countless respected industry people whose names were printed in glossy, professional brochures as being involved in his next production (who never heard of him), and who could actually show some films (bad ones) that he made.

According to Simon Hattenstone of The Guardian, Taylor’s actions have been reported to authorities, who have chosen not to take action against him. Taylor denies any wrong-doing, promises to pay back some of the money he received from investors, and lies about money he says he has already returned yet hasn’t. And since Tina Renton has been blowing the whistle on him in the film community, it appears he may be dropping the “film scam” in place of a restaurant scam.

On the trail of a con man, from the Guardian

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This story shows how important it is to fully heal from an involvement with a sociopath.

Tina Renton wrote, “You can’t hide – how I brought my rapist stepfather to justice.”

I haven’t read the book, but my guess is that the stepfather was a sociopath.

And who does Tina meet? Another sociopath!

Until we fully heal from the emotional and energetic damage, we are still vulnerable.

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