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Local news: murder of a 12-year-old and sex slavery

This morning I was greeted by two horrible local stories on the front page of the Atlantic City Press.

Autumn Pasquale, age 12, disappeared Saturday while riding her BMX bike in the next county. Police have charged two teenage neighbors with luring her with the promise of bike parts and then murdering her.

Police charge teenage boys in slaying of Clayton girl, 12, after getting tip from their mother

The town of Ventnor is only a few blocks away from me the idea that a man was engaging in human trafficking there is just mind-boggling.

Ventnor male prostitution arrest puts focus on human trafficking

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Thank you for posting these horrific articles, Donna.

What the hell has happened to humanity? Seriously. I mean, sure…..there have always been “bad people.” But, what I mean to say is that it seems that the worst in Human Nature is at a fevered pitch.

It’s almost as if mankind has reached the end of its humanity and we’re simply de-evolving into thugs, murderers, and predators.

Ox Drover

You know we tend to think that “slavery” went out in the 1860s when Lincoln freed the slaves…but slavery is still alive and well in the world and in the US and not just “sexual” slavery. There are people here in the good old US of A who are forced to work for slave masters…and in India and Europe, Asia, and Africa, and in fact, all over the world.

There are people in this country and other countries who are there illegally and work for “slave” wages or literally as slaves locked up in factories and others held captive by their own addictions who don’t think of themselves as victims or slaves at all.

I have followed the story of the little girl since she first came up missing and my heart is broken…both for the parents and family but also the community…and for the parents of the killers as well.

Slavery is basically a spaths creed. What is a slave owner but someone who dehumanizes another? Someone who uses other people for their own ends and robs the slave of their own potential except as a source of supply?

It is great that slavery was abolished as an institution, but it only came into being because of spaths, and they have not YET been abolished. But hopefully soon.


It’s a loss of virtue and compassion and caring.
Somewhere along the line, in just MY lifetime,
all of the important and special things about life,
like manners; respect, etc., has almost disappeared,
it seems.

Just in MY lifetime, I have seen a complete change
in not only morality but the devaluing of human life.

I have seen the psychopaths but never really knew
‘what’ they were. Until I LEARNED what they were.
Firsthand. I am finding myself again, in the peace
and quiet. I am HEALING. Inside and out.

Slavery exists with chains and handcuffs but it can also
exist in someone’s mind. This nightmare has been burned
into my subconscious for the rest of my life. I know my
mortality. I am not afraid because I trust the protection
about me – but the thoughts are always there in the back
of my mind. If I had deserved this reaction, I could at
least tell myself: “Well, you know what? I messed up.”
But I haven’t. I have had a very sick person stalking
me for the last 13 years and I kept him at arms length
for a very long time until I gave in….felt sorry for it.
From that point on, it was like I have had some kind of
pox or curse on my life. It was UGLY, all of it.

Sure…there were good memories but they are hard to
remember for all the ugly parts.

It is a sign of the times.
It is very sad.
It makes me worry for the
future of the children.



Our governments – all governments in fact endorse slavery.
They use force and coercion to make citizens comply – and it is a natural attraction for sociopaths and psychopaths to gravitate to positions of power and then abuse the citizenry.

Lincoln called taking the value of another man’s labor slavery. That is in fact what slavery is – the using of another human being whether it be their body for sex or for free labor.

Taxation is in fact a form of slavery – when government figures spend more than we can possibly pay off they put us all into bondage.

This is cultural. Along with the culture of death that has grown with the disposable sense/attitude towards life and God’s creation.

I know I sound like a whack but really – the lack of respect and dignity for life allows two boy – men to kill a young girl for bike parts. I have to say I am in total admiration of their mother for reporting whatever it was she reported – God bless her soul.

you are absolutely right on.
The need to control is slavery. unfortunately, because of spaths, there needs to be a certain amount of protection and usually that means paying other spaths to do the protecting.

It’s like a mafia racket where businesses have to pay protection money so that the mafia doesn’t hurt them.

It’s spathalogical.


lol: spathological
should be in the dictionary



Truthspeak wrote:
“What the hell has happened to humanity? Seriously. I mean, sure”..there have always been “bad people.” But, what I mean to say is that it seems that the worst in Human Nature is at a fevered pitch.

It’s almost as if mankind has reached the end of its humanity and we’re simply de-evolving into thugs, murderers, and predators.”

Ask anyone under 40 what the ‘Emancipation Proclamation” is or, what the “Bill of Rights” is. You will most likely get a blank stare. But, they will probably know all about the latest outrageous TV sitcom portraying the new ‘normal’ (dysfunctional). And in politics and government sleazy behaviour, lying to and the robbing the taxpayers seems to get rewarded. Young people are being taught and shown by example that “Winning is everything” and “the ends justifies the means”. Process and Principles? What’s that? Being the height of the political season – look at how the big political machines, Dems and Repubs, operate. All we can do is select the less ‘spathic’ politician, I guess. They all exploit the emotions and resources of the electorate with the end goal of self-aggrandizement. I pick the ones that will leave me and my wallet alone.

Some of the most disgusting examples of human trafficking that I have known about involve government officials…i.e. people with money and power. I have travelled alot (overseas) and I know what I am talking about.

Also – the murder case reminds me of the Jeffrey Curley murder in Massachusetts- where a little boy was lured away by two men promising him a bicycle


Fixerupper, there was a case in Pennsylvania about 4 years ago that involved Juvenile Judges that were involved in one of the most horrific collective abuses of power that I’d heard about, up to that point.

It seems that the Juvenile Detention program was privatized and run by a corporate business. These judges owned STOCKS in these detention corporations. Consequently, some of these judges would sentence juveniles to the detention center for offenses that actually didn’t warrant detention. So, when these kids were sent to the centers, their parent(s) were charged thousands of dollars for having to house the juveniles – whether it was the juveniles’ fines or some sort of “fee,” I don’t know.

This happened to hundreds of juveniles. Instead of performing community services or having the opportunity to apologize for their actions, these kids were incarcerated, illegally. It finally came out that the judges involved were taking cash kickbacks as well as healthy dividend returns.

I have no idea whatever happened to these judges, if anything. For the hundreds of children that were “enslaved” in a thoroughly corrupt juvenile court system, there’s no amount of money that could be awarded to them that will buy back what they lost.

Sometimes, when I read some of these articles, I am so dumbfounded by the details that I just cannot process the facts. I understand and accept that these facts are true. I just cannot grasp what the heck is wrong with people.


breckgirl, you don’t sound like a whack to me. You are making perfect sense.

Ox Drover

There are many kinds of “slavery” which is defined by Webster as

: a person held in servitude as the chattel of another
: one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence
: drudge, toiler

While the chattel servitude where one person “owns” (illegally) another person, still exists, the second definition of “one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence” defines, I think, the relationships between psychopaths and their victims.

Just as most chattel slaves may have desired freedom and resented their state of being “owned” or being considered less than human, few actually tried to escape. They were held there by their love for their relatives, friends and children.

Many people who are “slaves” of psychopaths stay for the same reason….or like Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard, are “trauma bonded” to their masters.

Rising up, a rebellion of one, is difficult to do, especially considering the consequences in most cases, even if the person rebelling “wins” and gets away, the back lash from the psychopath when their “property” gets away can be horrific, as most of us can attest to.

God bless those who have escaped and give courage to those who are still not free of the control of the psychopaths in their lives.

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