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Looking for love online? Watch out for the Yahoo Boys!

Yahoo Boys were arrested for love scams.

In Nigeria, perpetrators of online fraud are called “Yahoo Boys.” They do very well for themselves.

Three men who specialized in love scams were arrested Monday by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). They were found with cars, laptops, mobile phones, and other property, all purchased with the money they scammed from unwitting romantic partners.

And a couple of weeks ago, a group of Yahoo boys abandoned their exotic cars at a nightclub to escape a raid by the EFCC.

If you still want to try online dating, know that the Internet is infested with predators, and be very careful.


Masters of love scams arrested by EFCC

Yahoo Boys abandon exotic cars at Club 57 to escape EFCC raid





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This is great advice, and also goes for LGBT online dating! Had a Lesbian friend that lost THOUSANDS, and despite my warnings and her acknowledgement that I was right, always came back for MORE! In the end, she lost TENS OF THOUSANDS, and almost lost her home and car! Later, I found out she had several TIA “mini-strokes,” which I think contributed to her inability to resist. She started doing this in her 60’s and into her 70’s. She loved the beautiful pictures of women 20 – 25 years younger than her that were “interested in her.”

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